The only non-pedophile podcast focused on uncovering the truth of the Epstein conspiracy. Join unlicensed private investigators Liz Franczak, Brace Belden, & @yung-chomsky in their journey digging through the Ep-Files. Perverts: Your Pizza Order (Small Cheese) has been cancelled
To hear the full episode, subscribe at We’re back with pt two of our re-telling of the famous San Francisco Dog Mauling case, with appearances from Kamala Harris, the Dog Lobby, Good Morning America and landmark gay and lesbian civil rights legislation.

Part 2 coming soon

The TrueAnon Team is joined by Jack Williams of the MIT Election Lab (non-Epstein) to discuss the holes he dug in the OAS report on "fraud" in the October 2019 Bolivian elections that led to the coup against Morales, and what that means for the election happening there today.

It’s Dog Sex Week at TrueAnon—We take a hecking big ass first bite out of a story that’s got it all: Large, tumescent dogs, Jewish-Nazi polyamory (with an adopted son), Kamala Harris and Kimberly Guilfoyle, cartels and Mormons, drug smuggling and landmark gay civil rights legislation. Part 1 of our series on the San Francisco Dog Mauling

To hear the full episode, subscribe at Noah Kulwin is back for part two of our exploration into the mind of Peter Thiel. In this episode we get into the dark and twisted history of Thiel's ideological projects, his political motivations and scream and yell about what the hell happened to Gawker.

Liz and Brace go long to offer critical support to Julian Assange, explicate the ridiculous showtrial of the political prisoner, the war crimes of the United States and the curious media blackout surrounding Wikileaks. Support the independent journalists covering the trial:

To hear the full episode, subscribe at With Palantir going public, we bring Noah Kulwin from Blowback into the Command Bunker to lay out just what Peter Thiel is up to

Legendary author and activist Mike Davis joins us to talk about the California wildfires, real estate developers, climate change, evangelicalism and so much more

Liz and Brace get together and go deep into the history and present of our most difficult subject yet: KPOP

We're joined by historian and author Aaron Leonard to discuss his book The Folk Singers and the Bureau, which details the rise of the Communist-adjacent folk scene in America alongside the CPUSA, and the intense (and underreported) repression that followed. Link to buy the book: Companion playlist by Aaron: Songs: "Root Hog and Die" -- Woody Guthrie "You've Got to Go Down and Join the Union" -- Pete Seeger "Song of Choice" -- Peggy Seeger

To hear the full episode, subscribe at We’re joined by Moss Robeson ( of the Bandera Lobby blog ( and talk about the less-known aspect of the Spider Network: followers of Nazi-aligned Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera and their growing influence in Ukraine—and America.

UNLOCKED SUBSCRIBER EPISODE 81 We are joined by the legal galaxy brains from the ALAB podcast to disrobe the criminals on the Supreme Court, shed light on the dark ecosystem of legislation mills and demystify the perverted institutions of Big Law

For our very special 100th episode we go into the new Paris Hilton documentary, which leads us to a discussion on the murders, suicides, rapes and disappearances frequently found in the Troubled Teen Industry, and Brace's experience with the same. Thanks to all you gumshoes for listening -- stay to the end for the full TrueAnon theme music!!!

To hear the full episode, subscribe at Independent researcher Ben ( joins us once more for the fifth installment in our 9/11 series. In this episode we take a look at the history of false flag attacks and the NATO supported anti-communist stay behind networks in post-war Europe, and de-memeify GLADIO.

We are once again joined by independent researcher extraordinaire Ben ( for a brand new installment of our 9/11 series, focusing on Kissinger, AIG, and the history of the shadowy parapolitical organization Le Cercle.

TrueAnon’s 9/11 Week continues with a re-upload of the third episode in the series. Stay tuned for more episodes through Friday. ---------- We welcome back to review the timeline of events on September 11th 2001, Liz gets accused of being a ‘no-planer’ and we try to answer one of the most pressing questions: just where was Dick Cheney THE NEW PEARL HARBOR:…& 9/11 Timeline:…e&day_of_9/11

TrueAnon’s 9/11 Week continues with a re-upload of the second episode in the series. Stay tuned for more episodes through Friday. ---------- Part two of our explosive investigation into the events surrounding 9/11/2001. Joined by truther king, we goad the pony of truth through the murky swamp of corruption.

Welcome to TrueAnon’s 9/11 Week. We’re kicking it off with a re-upload of our first episode in the series. We’ll be making the rest of this series public and adding more episodes through Friday. ---------- TrueAnon rides a horse into the Afghanistan of the mind in search of 9/11. Joined by truther extraordinaire we take a look at the history of of Afghanistan in the 20th century, the Bush-Saudi nexus and what the hell is up with the CIA & Central Asia.

To hear the full episode, subscribe at We talk to Danica Rodarmel about outbreaks in CA prisons, overcrowding at San Quentin, and the effort to get inmates released. ----------- Piece by Danica and her husband Miguel: Info on current case against San Quentin: Editorial by Danica:

We are joined by Julian Feeld and Travis View from QAnonAnonymous ( to discuss the recent path of Save the Children rallies, the diffusion of Qanon through seemingly unaffiliated social media, TikTok QTeens, and what this means for the future.