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Pamela BarkerComedy
Pamela BarkerComedy


Join me and my sometimes "pop-in" partner, Gaz, as we talk about a wide range of topics and interests, plus special guests.

  • Heavy Ted Lasso, Cheesy Win, Ryan IS Ken
    Those crazy English.
  • Not Their Receipt, Carts, Glam, Skiplag
    Return those grocery carts, yes or no?
  • Doggone, First Class Food, Midnight Crumbl
    Riding the rails in style.
  • Tina Forever, Yikes IQ, Prison Born To Harvard
    Plus: Lady, our car is not a purse rack.
  • Wings On Hotel, QR No, No Sashaying Girls
    Making food selections on your phone not on the menu.
  • Battery Up, AI Ay-Yi-Yi, Sea Sliding
    Take your own personal road service with you.
  • Cars, Giant Donuts, Travel People
    Discovering the rewards of seeing the world.
  • Uranium in the House? Grab a Geiger Counter
    That telltale glow could be worth $$$
  • Tap It, Pop It, Erupt It and Get Spacey
    There's more to a toast than you may think.
  • Cruising Is Back in a Big Way
    Cruise industry, advisors come together at Cruise360
  • Blue Eye Mutation, Adult Milkshakes And Rock ON
    Ann, you're an inspiration.
  • A.I. Nude, Get Alright With McConaughey, GA. Wine
    Plus a unique musical instrument.
  • Renner, Brian Cox, Austin Bacon
    And don't forget to smile.
  • Rum Talk and Barbados Minister
    Cruising is back in this Caribbean island nation.
  • Three Adventurers Talk Travel
    Making global connections at Seatrade
  • Ron Weasley, Toilet Talk, Rent Louis, Moon Walk
    New use for pumice stone.
  • Mimi And Zach, Hourglass Men, Swift Scream
    Plus go ahead and crunch it.
  • Cooking Giada, Talking Ted, Heavenly Helen
    Plus: Gertrude's Kitties
  • Ides, Willie 90, Oscar Whining, Wedding Woes
    Look for the magic. It's all around.
  • Washed, Spin, Biked and Bubble
    Praise for the woman who invented the dishwasher.