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Pamela BarkerComedy
Pamela BarkerComedy


Join me and my sometimes "pop-in" partner, Gaz, as we talk about a wide range of topics and interests, plus special guests.

  • Glimmer It, Muselet Wear It, Swear It
    New two-in-one shoe.
  • Get Blue, Eat A Sandwich, Laugh It Up
    Laughter, spices the best medicine.
  • Rizz It, Pierce It, Talk It
    Do you know your slang?
  • Key Hacks, Advil Zits, Umbrella Rolls
    Did you know?
  • Reims Bubbles, The Widow Clicquot
    A magical visit to the Mothership.
  • France Fun, No Kids Whining, No White Shoes
    Two Americans in Paris.
  • Spray Dress, Man-Dog, Man-Bear, Royal Barbies
    Presenting Camilla as a collectible.
  • G Talks Toads, Cheap Wine Is Fine, White Works
    What has horns and shoots blood?
  • Pickle It, Broken Shark, Salty Donuts
    Are we gonna need a bigger play?
  • Fart Vac, Twinkie Mash-Up, Barbie Insanity
    What happens when snacks collide.
  • Donuts, Wine, Shoes, Emmy Awards, Clean House
    Can the Ted cast "Lasso" the awards?
  • I Whine, Rainn Whines, S. Korea Asks, Daisy DUDES
    If you got it, flaunt it, or not.
  • Bye Melba, Ice Box Baby, J-Delola, Betty Booze
    Retiring after 74 years on the job.
  • Fly That Car, Roasted Earth, Buc-ee’s Builds
    If you think traffic is bad now!
  • Backward Beach, Bye Michael K, Scream Lady
    Plus a new concert venue in Florida.
  • Food, Man Belly Tees, Bar Shampoo, Pawnix Ears
    Plus heat fells guards in Britain.
  • Not So Dead Birds, Not So Wedding Wear
    Plus sugar in my Coke, please.
  • Forever Rose, Flawed Father, Life Meaning
    Plus the best time to go to the beach.
  • Inter-Gen, Apple Cook, Tip-It, Docs, Sans-Air
    Go outdoors for a mind cleanse.
  • Immerse In Sex And City, Red Ran, Mask Mother
    Saluting the greatest racehorse of all time.