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Join me and my sometimes "pop-in" partner, Gaz, as we talk about a wide range of topics and interests, plus special guests.

  • Stay With Me, Oscar, Babe and Age
    Plus screen writing for beginners.
  • Travel Bistro: Travel Appropriately. Behave Appropriately
    Remember to pack something just in case.
  • Dodge It, Jump It, Korea Called
    Remember the games we played?
  • Declutter 365 Group, Keep or Toss a Ton
    It's time to let it go.
  • Arresting Librarians, Ban Nancy Drew
    Let readers decide for themselves.
  • Travel Bistro :Sweet Embassy Suites, Travel Near
    Staycations may be just the ticket.
  • Travel Bistro: Iconic Birdy, Stress To Travel or Not
    Tips for keeping travel fun.
  • My Podcast 101, Minimal Pressure, Respect
    Plus, ever had a sandwich cake?
  • Travel Bistro: Champagne Flights, Cheap Food
    What airlines offer in the way of bubbly.
  • Sideways Is 20; Payne Gives Thumbs Up To Merlot
    The movie that put Napa Valley on the map.
  • Travel Bistro: Tahiti, Part Two: Adventuring Done Right
    A guide to shore excursions.
  • Travel Bistro: Dreams of Tahiti in French Polynesia, Part One
    An adventure in French Polynesia.
  • Kingii Floats You, Black Tattoos, Substack It Up
    That's gotta hurt.
  • Ships With Wings, Cow Feet, Burgers and Donuts
    Plus the end of Dollar Tree?
  • Myths and Dragons
    How's your plant IQ?
  • Stop That, Do This, Green Flags
    Does your kitchen measure up?
  • Travel Bistro: Hop To It, Obscure Travel
    Book a ticket on a seaplane.
  • Dad, 3Dog, A Park, Magical Music
    The beat goes on.
  • The Pea-nuttiest, Fake Feet Shoes, Barbie Snub
    How many PB&Js have you eaten?
  • Travel Bistro: No Go Travel, Traveling Closet
    Take these places off your bucket list.