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On today's episode the guys catch up with The Bronx's very own @SILKDURAG aka Manny from The Last Stop podcast. He speaks on his humble beginnings, the things he loves, and the process of his platform becoming a global phenomenon. Sit back and enjoy as the guys dive into topics like Dababy's fighting record, Drake's internship at Orchids of Asia, and much more!find him on ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS EXCEPT SOUNDCLOUD (fuck soundcloud)

What if I told you that Liam Neeson was a cocksman?

How are you suppose to behave in a strip club? Can you make direct eye contact?

8's aren't just wild, they're outright CRAZY !



the lucky one

Being alone and on Henny is a crazy mix.

The guys welcome 4Cast Pal Dvnte Musik to the show.

Nel & Steve give Soulja Boy his flowers & light the frauds on FYRE

Nel & Steve welcome 2019 with a candid convo about toxic masculinity.

Nel & Steve dive into the deep blackhole that is Kanye West twitter account

Season 4 is here, strap in tight. Hmph!

The guys are back to end season 3 with a bang!The cast recalls some of their best moments in the season, their recent trip to Brickell Florida, they review iOS 12, and their plans for the next season! enjoy!

This episode we recap our past week: attending Smooth Tings @ Baby's Alright, Hosting Escape2NY, eating empanadas at Empanology and much more.DRINKING GAME (take a shot anytime)-the guys mention time or watches-Steve has a flawless segue -Kids laugh-Nelson mentions his hate for bicyclist-Cow moo-ing-the guys say "Up and up"

SATURDAY AUGUST 11thBRONX BREWERY THE 4CAST hosts ESCAPE2NYJOIN US AS WE CELEBRATE FUN, ART, AND CREATIVITY On this episode, we have our long time friend Saso join us and talk about his recent 6 track ep Diaspora. We brush upon growing up with Saso in the Bronx, our first impressions of each other, Saso getting too smacked! (inebriated),and Saso's intro to baile funk and his family lineage.-Enjoi!DIASPORA EP TRACKS USEDSazon- 16:57Pink- 19:45Don Dada-26:00Nut Crackers-27:18 Waters Run Deep- 1:05:31Where you can find Saso- ya momma's crib eating Sancocho- and Instagram:OriginalSaso

The guys are back this week after a brief hiatus and they're talking about their summers thus far. Best of the WeekNel: Wild Boars Thailand Soccer team Rescued (23:51) Steve: MTA turning Longwood Station into an Amazon habitat (19:15)Worst of the WeekNel: MTA having no air conditioning on its trains (16:47)Steve: Papa Johns for saying “N****” (29:10)If Shiggy isn't dancing to your music, is it really popping? (39:25)DRINKING GAME DISCLAIMER(If you want to drink during this episode and make things interesting, here are some rules)Anytime the guys mention a song, say "feel,"or hear a Drake drop take a sip!EXPERT LEVEL: Take a shot whenever: Steve say's "ouuu"Nel says "i’m not a big toe guy" or does a deep sigh We tried to do the challenge and couldn't make it past the first 15 minutes! Enjoy

This week the guys are all in on cleanliness, proper hygiene, keeping it real, and good manners. Nel and Steve reminisce on playing board games competitively with family members and the consequences that follow (1:18). They then shift focus to defending man purses (5:37) only to ironically admit that they have been inside their bags since the last episode (13:08). Steve gives his best of the week recognition to Giancarlo Stanton for hitting a game winning home-run against the Seattle Mariners (15:08), while Nelson believes Disney deserves the limelight for a proposed deal with 21st Century Fox, valued at a total $71.3 billion(15:48). You know we are all about yin and yang here at the 4cast, the worst of week for Steve: Melania Trump (19:45), Nelson: Parents of the child who contracted a case of the bubonic plague (23:23). LIVE IN THE MOMENT (26:23). Petty or Justified: Jay-z and Beyonce dropping a surprise album the same day Nas officially drops his album (30:46). Steve expresses his distaste for being toyed with (36:36) while Nelson is pulling in a different direction and expresses his distaste for people who don't express themselves (haha) (38:18) and much more.

In light of all the tragedies this week we decided to speak on mental health and all its various forms. Enjoy.

You can tell by the title someone’s leaving. If you haven’t heard already, Rob’s leaving! This week, Nel(03:30) & Steve(05:55) share their feelings on Robs upcoming departure. Rob explains his reasons for moving on from the podcast(08:34) and what it means for the future of the podcast(13:20). Rob talks about his recent feature in the NY Times(19:25), Nel is talking about his trip to Jamaica(22:00) and almost being kidnapped buying weed out there(22:52). The guys breakdown how the 161st McDonalds is like the second Bronx Zoo(33:20), Steve tells a tale about judging a book by its cover(36:41) and why listening to freestyle music in the summer is so right(38:32). Of course the gang covers the Pusha T / Drake beef(40:26), including if they had a problem with Drake posing in black face(42:56), whether it was fair to judge Drake on his response to the blackface photo(42:56) and people not keeping the same energy with all rap feuds(49:07). Steve tells a story about him and his dad playing croquette(53:55) and Nel tells a story about his dad getting beat up(55:16). We miss Rob already.

Just listen to my press conference. Wrestling Twitter and Hood Vernacular aren't a good mix, well to the white wrestling fans.

We're back for another installment of the 4Cast. Kanye turned super mega ultra Heel on the nation, do you hit up your friends to check in on them, and we speak on Infinity War! Sit back, enjoy, and tell Kanye to Eat A D.

Heaven is what you make it, right? So, there's totally a possibility that there's reg deg Heaven and Community Heaven, right?Whatever, we try to figure out who's Raymond Felton's lawyer, what if your girl wanted an open relationship, we're tired of being inconsistent, the F Word, Young M.A. directed a porn, and more!It's a wild one.

Sooooo, yeah. We had to take a month off 'cause life is type wild my pals. They Boys are back from NOLA/WrestleMania and we get into Shitty Shows, Nel becoming a Little League Coach, Tristan Thompson is BUGGIN', and much more!

We're back and we have our pals Jeff and Eric of ItsTheReal! We linked to talk about their eventful 2017, their upcoming 2018, we shoot our shot on trying to become guests come the holiday season, RIP Combat Jack, and more!

We're back and we brought guests!Joining us on the show is none other than Meelz and Carlos a.k.a 2BELTZ! We were on their show, so it was only a matter of time before they swam through to ours. We talk 2BELTZ Beginnings, XFL is back, Royal Rumble predictions, Amazon is on some NEXT shit, and way much more. Enjoy! Be sure to subscribe/follow to the guys at: @2beltzpodcast

2 Weeks into January and it's been BRICK. Mother Earth is dying and we have to save her before we die. On this week's ep, we take a personality test to get to know who we really are, Somehow the guys have never seen Fern Gully, the levels of dirty you are if you eat on the train and more!

Wow, 2017 flew past us wild brazy!B joins us as we reflect on the year we had, Steve is the Lord of Gimps, Gay Parodies are running hip hop, we throw feelers out for a new TV Show and more!It's been a weird yet fun year. Here's to 2017, we barely knew yah.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to you all! The gang is back to bask in the Christmas spirit, answer some questions, share some stories, sing some songs, and have a little laughs over our non-existent yule log.It's on Netflix, so we really don't NEED the real deal. Feel me?

Rob's back! After being gone for like 69 episodes the bands back together. We recap Roast and Chill, Steve has some kind words for Bernie Mac, We air some people out, we have no clue what race Aang was, and way much more!

To hold you off for the thanksgiving season, here's a .5 before we drop the newest full episode soon. This was supposed to be ep 11, but nah things happen.China vs. A Big Baller, Thanksgiving talk, Louie CK got caught up, 280 limit on twitter, and more!

Wow, we made it to 3yrs of the 4cast! We've done a lot in 3yrs, got bigger, got better, met cool people, had cool people on the show and more! On today's episode Kenny returns as does our Intern (But, not really) Felix! Hollywood is buggin' the fuck out, AROD won with J. Lo, Co-workers and more!

Elvin joins the gang to talk about #SmoothTings, how he began DJ'ing, upcoming venue change & shows, Benzino wilding in his mentions, and Rob calls in!

I mean, of course you gotta respect the shawties, if not then wateryoudoing my boy? But, then again....what happens if she doesn't want respect? Where was Lil B's Task Force when he got jumped by a Bronx Man in a Hoodie? 4DX movies became the wave? This and more on Episode 8!

Alright, so boom, peep game my pals:Trump out here free-throwing paper towels, The Yankees made it to the ALCS, Scientology, Princess Nokia tossing soup on Racists, Wild relationship stories, Nel doesn't like pollo guisado, and way much more!

We're byke and we're hypeWe show love to Lil Wayne and Will Smith. We get a lil freaky with the vocals too. We learn how Steve gets dressed, Donald Trump ignoring Puerto Rican and other Caribbean Islands (We won't), WW3 about to pop off and more!

We're back and we have more fan questions! But, that's later in the show. We take today to focus on our whackest dates, our coolest dates, and dates in general. Is Rob single? Who will buy us Tinder Gold?? Who's on the BX Mount Rushmore???Find out on Episode 5!

Our pal Drew returns from LA finally, Chavy makes a cameo, and we answer some fan questions! Enjoy, and hopefully by EP5, we can premier Chavy's diss to himself

Here's episode 3, Nel and Steve are back off their vacations, we talk about the VMA's, we've got 2 special guests, and hopefully by the time you get Episode 4, Rob has frosted tips on his hair.

Episode 2 of The Butterfly Effect is here! On this episode Erin & Nelson tackle personality types. They took a personality test and run through the results. They also dive into the story on how the name of the podcast came to be. Dive in and enjoy this episode that is surely packed with personality.If you'd like to take the same test we took find it here: US GET RANKED! If you like us or hate us, let us know. Subsribe to us on ApplePodcast. Dont be afraid to rate us and leave comments. Enjoy. Follow us on social media if you like what you heard:Nelson:Twitter - @NoslenisNelsonTumblr - @NoslenisNelsonErin:Twitter - @mylifesajokethoTumblr - @aintnosuchthingastoothick

Some of us are headed overseas, so we had to put out an episode before all of us split ways for a bit.North Korea buggin', would you get tight if your girl proposes to you, The Pickle Lady, are all Who's connected, and more!

The 4cast own Nelson & Vital Informations Erin have come together to give you the Butterfly Effect. Sit back and listen as these two shoot the breeze about humans and what makes them unique. On this episode, the duo focuses on pet peeves. Find out what pet peeves they find annoying, some they find tolerable, and some they just flat out accept.Follow these two on social media if you like what you heard:Nelson:Twitter - @NoslenisNelsonTumblr - @NoslenisNelsonErin:Twitter - @mylifesajokethoTumblr - @aintnosuchthingastoothick

WOW! We made it to Season 3, it's gonna be a wild ride. On the comeback, we speak on R. Kelly buggin' out, Urrshurr got the herps, A$AP Mobb is weird, HOV is back, and we speak on whats to come this season! Get ready, we gettin' spicy.

Took us way too long, but here we are ending season 2, and resting for Season 3 later this summer (not really but you feel us)We speak on The Race War, Skinny Jonah Hill vs. Fat Jonah Hill , We're probably Frank Ocean fans now, whats to come in S3, and way much more. Enjoy, share with your pals, and see you for S3!

A year in the making, we finally have the guys from @bitchesiscrazy on the show! We talk beginnings, why the Bronx is on everyone's radar, the impact they've left and will continue to leave and more!Check out their newest tape "#LOOSIES" and their shop at

It's a new episode and we have a guest host with us! The lovely SlikNikTheRuler! She fills in for Steve as we discuss, Her beef with Joe Budden, We speak Music Festivals, EhJulz and way much more!This episode is also dedicated to our friend Jules, who's mother has passed away. Link is the go-fund me page to help our brother in his time of need. Thank you and enjoy the episode!

Nel is back! Fresh off WrestleMania, we get into how his first time at the event was, the recent Pepsi ad, Uber Drivers being framed, United Flights from Hell, Kinks and more!

We're back! On this show, Nel is gone this time as he was in Florida for WrestleMania weekend. But, we have our boy Caleb with us. If you've ever seen rappers on pillows...that's Caleb's work. He was even featured on Hypebeast/IG for a pair of custom kicks. We get into his past, future, and more. We still tryna get signed to OVO too.Check his work at: calebthomas.usIG's: softassrappers & caleb.thomas

We're back after a bit of a Hiatus 'cause we suck with timing. Rob couldn't make it this episode, but that's okay 'cause we had our pal Kenny fill his shoes. We go in on have you ever had friend's hit on you, Chavy's Overwatch addiction, sex robots, and waaay much more.Enjoy!