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On today's episode the guys catch up with The Bronx's very own @SILKDURAG aka Manny from The Last Stop podcast. He speaks on his humble beginnings, the things he loves, and the process of his platform becoming a global phenomenon. Sit back and enjoy as the guys dive into topics like Dababy's fighting record, Drake's internship at Orchids of Asia, and much more!find him on ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS EXCEPT SOUNDCLOUD (fuck soundcloud)

What if I told you that Liam Neeson was a cocksman?

How are you suppose to behave in a strip club? Can you make direct eye contact?

8's aren't just wild, they're outright CRAZY !



the lucky one

Being alone and on Henny is a crazy mix.

The guys welcome 4Cast Pal Dvnte Musik to the show.

Nel & Steve give Soulja Boy his flowers & light the frauds on FYRE

Nel & Steve welcome 2019 with a candid convo about toxic masculinity.

Nel & Steve dive into the deep blackhole that is Kanye West twitter account

Season 4 is here, strap in tight. Hmph!

The guys are back to end season 3 with a bang!The cast recalls some of their best moments in the season, their recent trip to Brickell Florida, they review iOS 12, and their plans for the next season! enjoy!

This episode we recap our past week: attending Smooth Tings @ Baby's Alright, Hosting Escape2NY, eating empanadas at Empanology and much more.DRINKING GAME (take a shot anytime)-the guys mention time or watches-Steve has a flawless segue -Kids laugh-Nelson mentions his hate for bicyclist-Cow moo-ing-the guys say "Up and up"

SATURDAY AUGUST 11thBRONX BREWERY THE 4CAST hosts ESCAPE2NYJOIN US AS WE CELEBRATE FUN, ART, AND CREATIVITY On this episode, we have our long time friend Saso join us and talk about his recent 6 track ep Diaspora. We brush upon growing up with Saso in the Bronx, our first impressions of each other, Saso getting too smacked! (inebriated),and Saso's intro to baile funk and his family lineage.-Enjoi!DIASPORA EP TRACKS USEDSazon- 16:57Pink- 19:45Don Dada-26:00Nut Crackers-27:18 Waters Run Deep- 1:05:31Where you can find Saso- ya momma's crib eating Sancocho- and Instagram:OriginalSaso

The guys are back this week after a brief hiatus and they're talking about their summers thus far. Best of the WeekNel: Wild Boars Thailand Soccer team Rescued (23:51) Steve: MTA turning Longwood Station into an Amazon habitat (19:15)Worst of the WeekNel: MTA having no air conditioning on its trains (16:47)Steve: Papa Johns for saying “N****” (29:10)If Shiggy isn't dancing to your music, is it really popping? (39:25)DRINKING GAME DISCLAIMER(If you want to drink during this episode and make things interesting, here are some rules)Anytime the guys mention a song, say "feel,"or hear a Drake drop take a sip!EXPERT LEVEL: Take a shot whenever: Steve say's "ouuu"Nel says "i’m not a big toe guy" or does a deep sigh We tried to do the challenge and couldn't make it past the first 15 minutes! Enjoy

This week the guys are all in on cleanliness, proper hygiene, keeping it real, and good manners. Nel and Steve reminisce on playing board games competitively with family members and the consequences that follow (1:18). They then shift focus to defending man purses (5:37) only to ironically admit that they have been inside their bags since the last episode (13:08). Steve gives his best of the week recognition to Giancarlo Stanton for hitting a game winning home-run against the Seattle Mariners (15:08), while Nelson believes Disney deserves the limelight for a proposed deal with 21st Century Fox, valued at a total $71.3 billion(15:48). You know we are all about yin and yang here at the 4cast, the worst of week for Steve: Melania Trump (19:45), Nelson: Parents of the child who contracted a case of the bubonic plague (23:23). LIVE IN THE MOMENT (26:23). Petty or Justified: Jay-z and Beyonce dropping a surprise album the same day Nas officially drops his album (30:46). Steve expresses his distaste for being toyed with (36:36) while Nelson is pulling in a different direction and expresses his distaste for people who don't express themselves (haha) (38:18) and much more.

In light of all the tragedies this week we decided to speak on mental health and all its various forms. Enjoy.