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Chris Scullion has been a video games journalist for over a decade, and he's managed to do all this while being Scottish. Join him for a regular look at the world of gaming with special guests, news analysis, terrible jokes and an ongoing attempt to decipher his thick bassy accent.

  • TOH Podcast 46 – Kate with a K, Gray with an A
    In this special bumper two-hour bastard of a podcast, I’m finally joined again by the brilliant Kate Gray, who returns due to popular demand. EngageContinue reading
  • TOH Podcast 45 – Back to business
    It's back! Chris is joined by Louise to mark the return of regular Tired Old Hack podcasts, but unfortunately the big discussion topics are NFTs and console wars so... yeah.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 44 – It’s Only Bloody Dominik Diamond!
    The podcast is back with a bang as yer man Scullion talks to Dominik Diamond, the legendary host of GamesMaster, about the upcoming book GamesMaster: An Oral History.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 43 – Talky Tallarico
    In this special episode, yer man Scullion has an hour-long interview with Intellivision president Tommy Tallarico to discuss his upcoming Amico console and why you should be keeping an eye on it.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 42 – X Gon’ Represent Expected Quality To Ya
    The first Xbox Series X 'gameplay' has been revealed, so yer man Scullion breaks down all 13 games shown during the latest Inside Xbox presentation.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 41 – Going Viral
    As yer man Scullion recovers from an undefined illness, there's time for a short podcast to start bringing things back up to speed.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 40 – It’s Tired Old Back
    It's back! After a six-month downtime writing the SNES Encyclopedia, yer man Scullion is on the airwaves again. Or whatever the podcast equivalent is.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 39 – E3 2019 Special
    In this bumper E3 special, yer man Scullion breaks down every conference and decides who he thinks 'won' this year's E3.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 38 – The Making of the NES Encyclopedia
    An hour-long special breaking down the planning and writing process behind the NES Encyclopedia.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 37 – Stadia Another Dadia
    Google has announced its Stadia game streaming platform, but will it do what it promises? Yer man Scullion gives his initial views.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 36 – My Reggie is Stomach
    Louise is back on the podcast! She and Chris discuss the upcoming departure of Reggie Fils-Aime, and whether those rumours of a Microsoft and Nintendo love-in are legit.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 35 – The Awakening
    The Tired Old Hack Podcast is back! Yer man Scullion breaks down the latest Nintendo Direct, including that surprise Link's Awakening remake.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 34 – Finger-hackin’ good
    While recovering from a hedge-trimming accident, Chris gives his views on the Switch 2.0 rumours, the Telltale closure and which dormant Nintendo series he'd like to see on Switch.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 33 – 2K and Sony talk a load of old sack
    2K Sports are saying microtransactions are "unfortunate", while Sony's trying to defend its crossplay-blocking shenanigans. Time for yer man Scullion to stick his oar in. Also: the best games to play when you have a newborn.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 32 – Taking the words out of my mouth
    Chris addresses the recent story of the IGN plagiariser, and gives his thoughts on his own work being stolen by him. Before that, there's a breakdown of the Smash Bros Direct.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 31 – Nintendo E3 2018 conference analysis
    In the fifth of six E3 podcasts, it's time for Nintendo's conference to get the analysis treatment from yer man Scullion and Louise. Was this Smash Bros-heavy presentation a smash or a hash?Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 30 – Sony PlayStation E3 2018 conference analysis
    In the fourth of Chris's E3 specials it's time to break down the Sony conference, which was very much a show of two halves.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 29 – Ubisoft E3 2018 conference analysis
    In the third E3 2018 podcast, Chris recaps the Ubisoft conference and picks apart each of its announcements: what worked, what didn't and what plastic toys he's going to have to buy now.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 28 – Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 conference analysis
    In the second of five E3 2018 reaction podcasts, yer man Scullion looks at Microsoft's epic 100-minute conference and breaks down every game shown.Continue reading
  • TOH Podcast 27 – EA Play E3 2018 analysis
    It's E3 time again! In the first of five conference reaction podcasts, Chris and Louise look at EA's conference and discuss whether Anthem, Battlefield V and Unravel Two were enough to improve on last year's affair.Continue reading