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  • DC1169 Mortuary Moon
    Some great tunes from Lucifer, The Anix, Spiritbox and more. … Continue readingDC1169 Mortuary Moon
  • DC1168 In the Red
    Some great tracks from Lyrre, Lynch Mob, Cirith Ungol and more... … Continue readingDC1168 In the Red
  • DC1167 Grapevine Moonsplitter
    A long track show, with tracks from Kind, Frogg, End of Age and more. … Continue readingDC1167 Grapevine Moonsplitter
  • DC1165 The Old Bananaconda
    Latest show has some great new classic rock tunes from Thrill City, and lots of progressive metal from Omnivortex. … Continue readingDC1165 The Old Bananaconda
  • DC1163 Today Worms
    New music from Ignescent, Aviana, Mört, Bazooka Troopaz and more … Continue readingDC1163 Today Worms
  • DC1162 Fire Be
    New music from Freakstorm, Asidie, Pryma and Colour Haze this week. … Continue readingDC1162 Fire Be