ESPN, Tony Kornheiser, Michael WilbonNews, Sports
ESPN, Tony Kornheiser, Michael WilbonNews, Sports
ESPN, Tony Kornheiser, Michael WilbonNews, Sports
ESPN, Tony Kornheiser, Michael WilbonNews, Sports


Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon face off in the nation's capital on the day's hottest topics.

  • MLB Madness
    PTI: Big MLB series are starting on both coasts and should the Rams be concerned about Mathew Stafford?
  • LIV's Lawsuit
    PTI: Brittney Griner is sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison and LIV Tour golfers are suing the PGA Tour.
  • Sayonara, Soto
    PTI: The NFL is appealing Deshaun Watson's suspension and Juan Soto is traded to the Padres.
  • Lasting Impact
    PTI: Remembering The Lasting Impact Of Bill Russell, Reaction To Watson's Suspension
  • Contract Controversy
    PTI: Kyler's "independent study" gets scrapped from his contract and is DK's new extension a good deal for both sides?
  • New York's Addition
    PTI: Dan Snyder testifies today and what does the addition of Benintendi mean for New York?
  • Is Ohtani Out?
    PTI: The Mets have inquired about trading for Ohtani and does college football need an intervention?
  • An Unusual Clause
    PTI: If the Dodgers should trade for Juan Soto and Theo Epstein joins the show.
  • KD To Boston?
    PTI: The Celtics and Nets talking a trade for Durant and Draymond's comments on the 1996 Bulls.
  • Double-Headed Loss
    PTI: The Yankees lose a double header to the Astros and should the Nationals trade Juan Soto?
  • Murray's Money
    PTI: Kyler Murray gets the extension he's been waiting on and how should the Sixers feel about Harden's contract?
  • Minor Rejection
    PTI: MLB All-Star Week comes to a close and Manfred's comments on Minor Leaguers.
  • Tiger's Last Ride?
    PTI: Takeaways from the 2nd round of The Open and will Ayton's reunion with the Suns be awkward?
  • Pacers Offer A(y) Ton
    PTI: The Pacers offer Deandre Ayton 133 Million and is it time to take the Oriels and Mariners seriously?
  • The Jazz Are Listening
    PTI: The Jazz are open to Donovan Mitchell trades and is the "Pie Slice Rule" the future of baseball?
  • Tiger Talks
    PTI: Tiger Woods comments on LIV Golf and what did last nights Mets win mean?
  • Djokovic Dominates
    PTI: What Djokovic's Wimbledon win means and Greg Norman doesn't get an invite.
  • New York Stays Hot
    PTI: Should The Timberwolves Have Rejected A Trade With The Nets For KD?
  • Wimbledon's Withdraw
    PTI: Nadal withdraws from Wimbledon and is Otani the A.L. MVP favorite?
  • Traded For Nothing
    PTI: Baker Mayfield traded to the Panthers and what should Notre Dame Do?