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  • The Battle is Won in The Moments - a guided meditation for shaking off doubt and frustration
    Getting unstuck by shaking off frustration.If a situation or a thought = moodthen not giving up = not giving in to the moodA meditation to encourage you to cast off those doubts and moods that pop up.
  • Startup Interview: Mentoring Platform My2Be
    Interview with Adam Mitcheson and Damien Shiells of my2be.com my2be.com automate and scale mentoring with their intelligent platform. Their clients include: Box, Nextdoor, Next-Up, and FreelanceHer 100. In this conversation we talk about: - Adam's
  • Startup Interview: with Joshua Mitcham from Audemic
    I chat with Joshua Mitcham of Audemic.io In this chat we discuss; - how Audemic is making research papers more accessible. - how making information easier to digest is good for the world. - how spoken word can be made more easy to remember. - the
  • Anxiety And You'll Be.. In A World of Pure Imagination
    Some thoughts on Willy Wonka and how anxiety drives thoughts. ‘Come with me and you’ll be In a world of pure imagination Take a look and you’ll see Into your imagination’ Recorded while I was on holiday a few weeks ago. I couldn’t resist the soun
  • Thoughts Are Fantasy - The Mindfulness of Labelling Thoughts
    Thoughts on the mindfulness practice of labelling thoughts and feelings. Labelling any planning, memories and fantasy. But what is fantasy?
  • Interview: 'A week in a coma' - Tom shares his experience
    After an unexpected aneurysm at only 37 years old, Tom spent 2 months in intensive care and a week in a coma. In this episode he tells us about that week and how he held on to life itself.
  • Gary's Ayahuasca experiences and the 'just do it' energy for pushing ahead with ideas
    In this episode I'm very pleased to meet with my friend Gary who I met on an Ayahuasca retreat in March 2020 just before the world shutdown due to covid. We talk about his ceremony experiences, how the learnings helped give him a 'just do it' energy i
  • Jay Simpson - Mindfulness, compassion and the story of how dream premonitions led him to Buddhism.
    In this episode I chat with Jay Simpson house manager and trustee of Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds. We discuss Jay's path to Buddhism, starting when he found some books as an 8 year old via dreams that foretold the future to building helping build the fut
  • Metta Meditation - Use When Stuck Worrying & Trying to Solve A Problem Over And Over
    This loving kindness or Metta meditation is for when you find yourself stuck in frustrated problem solving and can’t move through. You were taught to solve. Maybe you were taught you could solve it. But the energy underneath the problem should not be
  • Meditation: Grounding Meditation - 'a yawn is the final rattle of ideas released'
    WHEN TO USE: overthinking, after work, before sleep. Close your eyes and reconnect with the infinite depth you have within... [Only use when safe to do so. Not while driving or operating machinery]
  • Be Heard - An Audio Essay on Overthinking and Ruminating
    Thoughts have no distinguishing terrain. It is the emotions that give them relief (in a geography sense of the word). If you can hear them there’s power to be gained from accepting this energy is yours.
  • You Can't Fail Now Affirmations
    'You started on this path a long time ago and those energies are in motion. You can't fail now!' Close your eyes and listen to these positive affirmations.. You CAN do this!
  • The Inner Critic and The Magician - Intro and Hypnotic Meditation
    Rather than fighting or trying to remove the inner critic, repurpose that energy by seeing the Inner Critic as part of the inner guide or the Magician archetype. [Hypnotic meditation begins at 1m50s] [Only use when safe to do so. Not while driving or op