Daring To Leap is about daring to bet on yourself, step into your brilliance, and leap into your career, in the direction that you choose. It’s for women who want a successful career but want to do it on their terms. We are letting go of old thinking, breaking down barriers, bringing forward our strengths, and becoming more intentional about our careers. This podcast was a vision I had after leaving my corporate career of 16 years to follow my heart. I bet on myself and took a leap. Now, I want to support other women to go for what they want in their careers while having the self-trust and confidence to stay true to themselves. Join me each week if you want a successful career and want to do it with more ease, purpose, and authenticity. I'll be here to support you every step of the way. I can't wait to see your brilliance shine. Loree is a certified career empowerment coach who works with professional women to re-imagine what is possible for their career and gain the confidence to make it happen. Visit http://www.wesparkcoaching.com to learn more.