Tim SmalArts, Music
Tim SmalArts, Music


Epic conversations with awesome musicians.

  • Maya Spector – Honey & Heartache
    Tim chats with Maya Spector about her album Honey & Heartache.
  • Gary Thomas (Moodship) – Incandescent
    Tim chats with Gary Thomas of Moodship about his EP Incandescent.
  • Brittany Dilkes – Walking In A Storm
    Tim chats with Brittany Dilkes about her album Walking In A Storm.
  • James Acker (Yndian Mynah) – The Boys Scribbled Like Mad
    Tim chats with James Acker of Yndian Mynah about their album The Boys Scribbled Like Mad.
  • Sarah Blake – Food For Thought
    Tim chats with Sarah Blake about her album Food For Thought.
  • Sarah Blake – Food For Thought
    Tim chats to Sarah Blake about her album Food For Thought (Zennez Records).
  • Wren Hinds – A Child’s Chant For The New Millennium
    Tim chats with Wren Hinds about his album A Child’s Chant For The New Millennium.
  • Werner Bekker – In My Cluttered Head
    Tim chats with Werner Bekker about his EP In My Cluttered Head.
  • Stanley Sibande – Hopeless Dreams
    Tim chats with Stanley Sibande about his album Hopeless Dreams.
  • Matt Langston (Eleventyseven) – Basic Glitches
    Tim chats with Matt Langston of Eleventyseven about their album Basic Glitches.
  • Katie Lyon – Some Things Take Time
    Tim chats with Katie Lyon about her EP Some Things Take Time.
  • Kristina Murray – Southern Ambrosia
    Tim chats with Kristina Murray about her album Southern Ambrosia.
  • Nibs van der Spuy – Live in Lisbon with Guy Buttery
    Tim chats to Nibs van der Spuy about his album Live in Lisbon with Guy Buttery.
  • Gavin Gold – From Cape Town to New York City
    Gavin Gold, a singer-songwriter, talks about moving from Cape Town to New York City.
  • Doug Keith – Pony
    Tim chats to Doug Keith talks about his album Pony.
  • Simon van Gend – Suffer Well
    Tim chats to Simon van Gend about his album Suffer Well.
  • Sam McTrusty (Twin Atlantic) – Great Divide
    Tim chats to Sam McTrusty of Twin Atlantic about their record Great Divide.
  • Pete Uhlenbruch (Owls of the Swamp) – Atlas
    Tim chats to Pete Uhlenbruch of Owls of the Swamp about their album Atlas.
  • Chloe Clark – In Between
    Tim chats to Chloe Clark about her EP In Between.
  • Tim Millar (Protest The Hero) – Volition
    Tim chats to Tim Millar of Protest The Hero about their album Volition.