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with Edin xo

  • #210: Behind The Velvet Rope with Toasty Cakes
    Photographer and pop-culture historian, Steven Meiers AKA Toasty Cakes, tells Eden about growing up in New Mexico with a poster of Carmen Elektra on his wall.
  • #209: Caught in a Bad Beau-mance
    Beau Bokan (Bless The Fall) and street artist ThankYouX (Ryan Wilson) reminisce on the early days.
  • #208: “The American Dream” with Walid Azami
    Walid Azami has quite the tale to tell on this week's Artists Arguing.
  • #206: Cumplex News and Other Silly Tangs ft Cam Tang
    The creatives get silly and dive deeper into Cam Tang’s off beat ideas and how they’ve paid off for him.
  • #205: It’s All Love with Tony Rodini
    Eden and Tony analyze what actually goes into being successful in Hollywood and how people afford their Instagram lives.
  • #204: In A World Star World With Nick Nukem
    Nick Nuken and Eden xo discuss G.O.A.T rappers and the effects of the internet on youth culture.
  • #203: Pizza Club Kid ft. Caroline D’Amore
    Eden and Caroline D’Amore take a trip around the globe recalling some very surreal memories.
  • #202: And the Fake Grammy Goes to… ft. Sam Lansky
    Eden catches up with prestigious author Sam Lansky about love, life, and music.
  • #201: A Sea Change ft Molly Mcaleer
    Molly Mcaleer is a writer, podcaster, actress, and comedian, and she's kicking off the new season of Artists Arguing with Eden XO.
  • #010: He’s An Eggo Waffle featuring Madmaven
    The girls talk style, give critique on The Met Gala, and recap a little bit on their Coachella experiences.
  • #009: Platinum Baby featuring Bonnie McKee
    Bonnie McKee is a hit songwriter who has co-written #1 records for artists like Katy Perry and Britney Spears, but before her star took off life wasn't so glamorous.
  • #008: Snatched featuring Lola Blanc
    Eden and Lola Blanc have a therapeutic conversation about what it feels like to be a woman in the music industry and why they both gravitated towards tinsel town as teenagers.
  • #007: Rhino Skin ft. musician Austin Brown
    Eden and Austin Brown chat about their favorite Grammy performances and musical influences as well as their upcoming collaboration.
  • #006: Hot Cheetos and Topics ft. Babs Szabo
    Babs Szabo (co-creator of Emo Nite) and Eden open up a bag of flaming hot nostalgia and spend most of the conversation snacking on emo-culture.
  • #005: Show Me The Receipts ft. Johnny Wujek
    Johnny Wujek talks about inspo for creating some of his most iconic moments (like Katy Perry's whip cream convulsive bustier).
  • #004: O.G. Instagram ft. Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter
    Eden and Mark take a trip down memory lane of days when they met on tour and a time when Mark was Sheppard Ferry's assistant.
  • #003: To Squat or Not To Squat ft. ADVNTRS
    Underground NYC street artist and comic illustrator ADVNTRS dives into her germaphobia and deal breakers with men.
  • #002: Panties Intact ft. Anjulie
    Juno Award winning songwriter, Anjulie makes her case for why she doesn't believe in wearing underwear.
  • #001: Your Nail Beds Suck ft. Molly Tarlov (MTV’s Awkward)
    Actress Molly Tarlov (MTV's Awkward) and Eden try and take their minds off of the election by focusing on more important things, like acrylic nails vs gel nails of course!