Becky Foster, Marc Foster & Ian LoringArts
Becky Foster, Marc Foster & Ian LoringArts
Becky Foster, Marc Foster & Ian LoringArts
Becky Foster, Marc Foster & Ian LoringArts


Weekly film chat with reviews, discussion of the latest film news and the occasional bickering of a married couple as their friend listens somewhat nervously.

  • Episode 509 - Dumb Money, Expend4bles, A Haunting In Venice
    On this week's show, we take it to Wall Street with Dumb Money, call someone a silly little sausage with Expend4bles and admire Poirot's moustache in A Haunting In Venice.
  • Drunk Commentary - 80 For Brady
    On Saturday 16th September, Ian Loring embarked on a mission up a mountain with friends of the show Noel Mellor and Adam Lowes. For 5 and a half hours they went up Snowdon and back down again. To prepare for this ordeal they watched 80 For Brady and recorded their thoughts. Join them on their perilous quest.
  • Episode 508 - The Nun 2, The Boogeyman, The Last Voyage of the Demeter
    On this week's show we get spooky a couple weeks early with that cheeky Nun, a boney Dracula and a sneaky Boogeyman
  • Episode 507 - Equalizer 3, Vacation Friends 2, Meg 2
    This week, we escape to a weirdly dreary looking Italy with The Equalizer 3 and take a tropical trip with both Vacation Friends and a Meg!
  • Episode 506 - Strays
    On this week's show, we sniff some butts with Strays
  • Episode 505 - Gran Turismo, Sympathy For The Devil, Joy Ride
    On this week's show, our Ginger Spice correspondent Noel Mellor returns to go vroom vroom with Gran Turismo, full Cage with Sympathy For The Devil and full meh with Joy Ride
  • Episode 504 - TMNT: Mutant Mayhem
    On this week's show we get gross with the Turtles
  • Episode 503 - Talk To Me
    On this week's show we ask an embalmed hand to Talk To Me and somehow expect a response.
  • Episode 502 - Oppenheimer, Barbie, They Cloned Tyrone
    Our good friend Admiral Arthouse himself Jordan Mcgrath joins us to witness the cinematic event of the year as we tackle Barbenheimer and also don't sleep on They Cloned Tyrone. PLUS more strike talk and discussion of the latest trailers including the first look at The Exorcist Believer.
  • Episode 501 - Beau Is Afraid, Master Gardener
    Before Barbenheimer, enjoy some catch up review action as Beau and the Master Gardener disappoint everyone expecting Barbenheimer!
  • Episode 500 - Mission Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part 1, Insidious - The Red Door
    Holy crap its episode 500! We celebrate with a real Becky-ass show with a new Mission we accept as we open The Red Door... AND FEEDBACK!
  • Episode 499 - Indiana Jones & The Dial of Destiny, Asteroid City, Nimona
    On this week's episode we crank our Dials and embrace Destiny as we visit Asteroid City with Nimona.
  • Episode 498 - No Hard Feelings, Extraction 2, Blackberry, The Covenant
    On this week's bumper show, apparently there's No Hard Feelings, we talk about how much we like the Blackberry... phone, ask what war's good for with The Covenant and then find out with Extraction 2.
  • Episode 497 - The Flash, Transformers Rise of the Beasts
    On a chaotic show, we enter the speed force with The Flash and get wild with Rise of the Beasts.
  • Episode 496 - Spiderman: Across The Spiderverse
    On this week's episode we head into the multi-verse once a bloody gain with Spiderman: Across The Spiderverse.
  • Episode 495 - Hypnotic
    On this week's show we watch as the Rodriquez Family make great food and a bad movie with Hypnotic.
  • Episode 494 - Fast X
    On this week's show we rev up and embrace madness with a look at Fast X.
  • Episode 493 - 65, Infinity Pool, The Score
    On this week's show we take a look at some films we missed with Adam Driver dinosaur action flick 65 and Brandon Cronenberg's latest bit of sicko stuff with Infinity Pool.
  • Episode 492 - Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3
    On this week's show we watch small animals die in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3
  • Episode 491 - Peter Pan & Wendy, Ghosted
    On this week's show, we watch Peter Pan have an existential crisis, y'know for kids, with Peter Pan & Wendy and listen to Ian have an existential crisis while reviewing Ghosted.