Mason FrenchReligion & Spirituality
Mason FrenchReligion & Spirituality


Preaching and teaching

  • Christ - The Key To God's People
    Christ is key to identifying God's People
  • What Did Christ Build?
    Christ built people, the church.
  • God's Purpose For Man
    What purpose does man have in God's eternal plan
  • Become Like ALittle Child
    Characteristics of a child that Christians need to learn
  • Begin With End In Mind
    Always have a starting point with goal in mind.
  • Foundational Guides
    The basics every Christian should know
  • Grow Up!
    Christians need to grow up.
  • Don't Covet Neighbors Anything
    Don't want what others have that you have no right to have
  • Loving The Family
    How to love the church family
  • Don't Steal
    More than one way to steal
  • God's Name In Vain
    The sanctity of God's name
  • The Sabbath Day
    Our Sabbath Rest
  • A Home With God At Center
    A home where 10 commandments taught in spiritual way, and living in the family.
  • Family Worship
    Part of the 10 commandments. How to worship God as a family.
  • Six Ways To Encourage Others
    Encourage cothers
  • The Paradox Of Prayer
    When prayer is or is not answered
  • Wisdom For Trials
    When trials in life overwhelm you, what to do in life.
  • Does Prayer Really Help?
    Does Prayer Help? much of this is a sermon Mason heard
  • The Leper
    The Leper is healed, and we are like the leper and need the touch of Jesus
  • Attitudes
    The right attitudes for life.