Justin HarveyCareers, Business
Justin HarveyCareers, Business


Anesthesia & Pain Management Success is a non-clinical exploration of the most interesting facets of pain management and anesthesiology, and includes career insights, unique stories, and groundbreaking endeavors. This interview-driven show brings expert perspectives from MD practitioners and administrators, consultants, financial planners, entrepreneurs and others in an entertaining format. Get savvy about your career opportunities, learn about some of the industry's movers-and-shakers, and hear the things that med school didn't teach you about how to have a successful career as an anesthesiologist or pain management physician.

  • E215 Evaluating The Shifting Landscape For Physician Disability Insurance w. Larry Keller
    Explore the latest trends and expert insights in physician disability insurance with Larry Keller.
  • E214 Important Student Loan Policy Updates w. Meagan McGuire
    Navigate student loan challenges with expert insights on repayment, forgiveness, and financial stability.
  • E213 Digital Health In Interventional Pain w. Dr. Bryan Marascalchi
    Data-driven strategies and accessibility innovations in healthcare.
  • E212 A Common Misconception About Spousal Life Insurance
    Discover how to avoid common pitfalls and ensure lasting financial security for your family's future.
  • E211 Tax Brief - Asset Sale Vs. Stock Sale In Selling Your Practice Or ASC w. Evgeni Ivanov
    Discover the nuanced choice between stock and asset sales for practice owners—beyond taxes.
  • E210 Tax Brief - Exploring Installment Sales w. Evgeni Ivanov
    Uncover the process and advantages of installment sales.
  • E209 High-Volume Fellowship As A Foundation For Practice Launch w. Dr. Jay Kumar
    Building the skills needed for private practice.
  • E208 Use These Two Key Variables To Assess Pain Practice Viability & Profitability
    Learn how to optimize your pain practice launch with patient volume strategies and reimbursement expertise.
  • E207 Remote Patient Monitoring, Patient-Centered Medical Conferences, & Smart Career Moves w. Dr. Krishnan Chakravarthy
    Learn about pain management start-ups, digital connectivity in healthcare, and the power of patient education.
  • E206 Another Tax Idea For Practice Owners - Introducing, The Augusta Rule!
    Learn about the intriguing Augusta Rule.
  • E205 A Couple Quick Announcements For The APM Community
    Several exciting announcements for the coming months.
  • E204 Shocked By Your Homeowners And Auto Premium Renewal Rates? Shop Around!
    The value of coordinating property and casualty coverage and the role of insurance brokers.
  • E203 Assessing The Value Of Partnership In An Anesthesia Company
    Learn the importance of understanding how decisions are made in the business, how compensation differs between partners and non-partners, and the business risks inherent in any group.
  • E202 How A Business Owner Can Reduce Taxes And Make Their Kid A Millionaire (Eventually)
    The benefits of employing your children in your business and the opportunities provided by the IRS, such as decreased household taxes due to the lower tax rates applicable to children.
  • E201 Remote Therapeutic Monitoring As An Opportunity For Pain Practices w. Rachel Trobman
    Rachel highlights how Upside Health supports physicians in simplifying their processes while maintaining open lines of communication for necessary modifications.
  • E200 Reflecting On Five Years Of Driving Society Innovation At ASPN w. Dr. Tim Deer
    Dr. Tim Deer shares insights on improving education, fostering scientific curiosity, and prioritizing patient-centered care for breakthrough advancements.
  • E199 Considering Adjustable Rate Mortgages With Rates Coming Up
    Learn how to make informed decisions in this changing landscape of mortgage financing.
  • E198 Exploring 457 Plans For Academic & Government Employees
    Learn what a 457 plan is and how it differs from a 401(k) to tailor your retirement savings strategy effectively.
  • E197 Academic Year-End Roundup - Financial Tips For Graduating Residents & Fellows
    We'll explore five key planning considerations for those who are wrapping up their academic year and moving on to the next phase of their medical career.
  • E196 Why You Should Never Change Jobs Without Getting Multiple Offers
    The advantages of securing multiple job offers and how it can positively impact your career trajectory.