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Barstool Politics
A podcast devoted to helping you make sense of the world around you several craft beers at a time. Barstool regulars include Nick McGuire, Bill Muck and Phil Barker but we are often joined by smarter and more well informed special guests. If you like discussions of good beer and bad politics, this is the podcast for you.
The boys are joined by Professor of Theology, Dr. Justin Klassen, to discuss the nation's response to the murder of George Floyd, differing views on the protests and looking at Trump's recent walk to St. John's Church through a religious lens.

The boys are joined by original super guest, Dr. Suzanne Chod, to discuss how the presidential race is shaping up, whether national conventions are necessary anymore, Trump being an unmanly president, Senate races up for grabs and calls for Twitter to ban the president.

Senior Legal Analyst Professor Tom Cavenagh joins the boys to discuss recent Supreme Court updates, a deep dive on the Michael Flynn decision, Wisconsin liberating their bars and everything else, Congress potentially providing liability immunity for businesses dealing with coronavirus lawsuits, Trump taking hydroxychloroquine, and the infamous SCOTUS toilet flush.

Former Assistant Director of Biotechnology at the DoD, Dr. Alexander Titus, joins the boys to discuss advances in synthetic biology, thoughts on the domestic response to Covid-19, whether our global lifestyle choices contribute to global pandemics, the scary things that keep an expert in biotechnology up at night, and what globalization could look like post-Covid.

The boys discuss the growing tensions between the US and China, how the global order will look post-COVID, how Americans view freedom during the pandemic, the return of Michael Flynn, Sweden's unique approach to the coronavirus, and whether it matters that Trump refers to it as the "1917 flu".

The boys look into Trump's light and disinfectant comments during the coronavirus briefings, the role of the media during the pandemic, the US trying to get back into the Iran nuclear deal (kind of), bipartisan efforts to combat the coronavirus, the Biden sexual assault allegations, political deepfakes, and what authoritarian governments have been up to in the age of COVID.

The boys look at the lockdown protests popping up in several states, the president temporarily halting all immigration, figuring our whether Kim Jong Un is dead or alive, U.S. warships challenging China in the South China Sea, whether "war" is the right metaphor when dealing with a pandemic, and the UK moving to remote debate and voting.

The boys are joined by Senior Legal Analyst Professor Tom Cavenagh to discuss the state of the constitution and individual rights during the coronavirus pandemic, Trump's unconventional pandemic press conference approach, a deeper dive on the Wisconsin election decision, Google and Apple collecting coronavirus data, an interesting fourth amendment case and who should be part of the council to re-open America (wrong answers only).

The boys look at the tense Wisconsin election standoff, Trump firing Inspectors General left and right, Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly resigning after his coronavirus-related snafu, a temporary end to the imperial presidency, and whether a potentially coronavirus infested Wrestlemania or a cougar-filled Santiago, Chile is more dangerous.

The boys look at the confusing nature of the White House coronavirus briefings, what the pandemic means for U.S.-China relations, Hungary's prime minister gaining absolute power, dictatorial leadership in Brazil and Turkmenistan, and a game of "What's more stupid" feature stimulus check signatures and a $400,000 toilet flush.

Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh joins to look at the role of government during a crisis, SCOTUS clamping down on the insanity defense, "emergency" powers for the DOJ, Comcast and racial discrimination and whether Rand Paul or spring breakers are the bigger boneheads during the coronavirus outbreak.

The boys are quarantined but still able to talk about the wild week in coronavirus developments, effects on the economy, Biden pledging to pick a woman for VP, primary voting during a pandemic, the possibility of temporary universal basic income, and the changing tone of Fox News as the crisis rolls on.

The boys panic about coronavirus, whether Biden is unstoppable, Facebook not letting Trump mess with the census, a federal judge taking Bill Barr to task, Chuck Schumer threatening SCOTUS, and whether Trump or Putin will stay in power longer.

Nick, Billy Jo Bob and COVID-19 tackle the surprising Super Tuesday results, the less than successful Taliban peace deal in Afghanistan, the government's handling of the coronavirus outbreak, Trump's new choice for Director of National Intelligence, the president's hug flagging and Jill Biden trying out for the secret service during a rally for her husband.

The boys are joined by Senior Legal Analyst professor Tom Cavenagh to discuss updates on Supreme Court cases, the spread of the coronavirus, Trump lashing out at liberal Supreme Court justices, Bernie's continued ascendance, whether a trail is actually land or a philosophical construct, and the potential insult of broccoli samosas.

The boys pay their respects to Mike Bloomberg after untimely demise in last night's debate, the state of the Justice Department under Bill Barr, everyone getting a presidential pardon, the possibility of a brokered convention for the Democrats, Democratic candidates adopting Trumpian tactics, Rush Limbaugh having a problem with Pete Buttigieg kissing his husband and the president's obsession with badgers.

The boys bid a fond farewell to Phil's Campaign Corner, Trump's vengeance against all who have wronged him, the Justice Department being told to treat Roger Stone with kid gloves, making federal buildings beautiful again, and Larry David giving the MAGA crowd what they want.

Bill, Nick, Phil and Tom break down the finale of the impeachment saga, the meltdown at the Iowa Caucuses, the extremely contentious State of the Union, and a pizza related constitutional crisis.

The boys are joined by Jake Lahut of the Keene Sentinel/Business Insider to discuss this week in the impeachment trial, the question of calling John Bolton and other witnesses, and updates from the Democratic primary.

The boys delve into the first two days of the impeachment trial, Hillary Clinton blasting Bernie Sanders, new torture testimony, Bloomberg dominating political ads, and another round of "Who Had the Worst Week?"

The boys go over week two of the Iran crisis, Democrats transmitting the articles of impeachment, Bernie and Elizabeth fighting, the lack of press briefings during the Trump administration, the influence of China in American cinema with a Star Wars diatribe from Nick, and the most ludicrous story of the week featuring snow, vultures and dishwashers.

The boys are back to discuss World War III and tensions with Iran. They break down Qassem Soleimani's killing, attacking Iranian cultural sites, the War Powers Act, Iraq sort of asking US troops to leave and a little impeachment talk featuring John Bolton.

Nick is out while Bill and Phil tackle the mess that was 2019. They discuss the Democratic primary, monumental changes in international politics, the effects of the Mueller Report, the continuing advance of identity politics, the major political events that have occurred during the 2010's, and predictions for the future.

Bill, Nick, Phil and Tom discuss Impeachapaooza, Boris Johnson winning big in Britain, SCOTUS deciding Trump's tax case, India's new citizenship bill, updating the Civil Rights Act to take anti-Semitism into account, and awarding the Oscar for best use of athletic propaganda.

Phil is out so Bill and Nick tackle the recently unveiled impeachment articles, the Inspector General report on the origins of the Russia investigation, the scathing report on the US war in Afghanistan, Biden's "No Malarkey" tour, Myanmar at the ICJ and another spirited round of "What's More Problematic?"

The boys are joined by Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh to go over the first day of the House Judiciary Committee impeachment proceedings, Trump's intervention in a Navy SEAL case, a 2nd Amendment case going before the Supreme Court, presidential NATO controversy, and congress reauthorizing the Patriot Act.

The entire BSP crew assembles for a live taping where they discuss testimony in the impeachment inquiry, more from Phil's Campaign Corner, disturbing information regarding China's treatment of Muslims and Hong Kong protesters, political campaigns being able to geofence potential voters, and a contentious round of "What's More Problematic?" followed by audience questions.

The boys look at the first day of public impeachment hearings, Nikki Haley outing John Kelly and Rex Tillerson, Bolivia's president being overthrown in a military coup, DACA being heard at the Supreme Court, and the 30 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The boys look at the presidential landscape t-minus one year until election day, the influence of early polling, Mike Pompeo taking heat at the State Department, off-year elections in Kentucky and Virginia, Phil's Campaign Corner featuring a grumpy Bernie Sanders, and regime cleavage in today's America.

The boys are joined by Dr. Suzanne Chod to go over updates from the impeachment inquiry, the death of ISIS's leader, the state of the Democratic primary, Trump being booed during the World Series, and the anonymous Administration insider writing a book.

The boys discuss new impeachment information coming out of the congressional inquiry, the administration's shifting explanations of the president's actions, Phil's campaign corner featuring Corey Booker, movement towards a new Brexit deal, Putin and Erdogan consolidating power in Syria, the stupid phony emoluments clause, and war-monger Hillary vs Russia asset Tulsi.

The boys discuss the president removing troops from Syria, Turkey attacking the Kurds, the backlash against the NBA's willingness to censor content to save Chinese investment, Rudy "the hand grenade" Giuliani, Trump's many, many, many lies according to the Washington Post, and a scary (or not so scary) violent parody video being shown to Trump supporters at his Miami resort.

The boys are joined by Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh to discuss Rudy Giuliani's breakdown, impeachment inquiries, the administration stonewalling, challenging the definition of discrimination, a new challenge to abortion rights, and a connection to 2nd amendment rights in New York.

The boys break down the whistleblower complaint and the Ukraine transcript developments, Rudy Giuliani going on the offensive, Phil's Campaign Corner featuring Elizabeth Warren, celebrating 70 years of Communist party rule in China, what could be on the super secret server, William Barr flying around the world, and stupid behavior from the president and Justin Trudeau.

Emergency impeachment episode! The boys do a deep dive on the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower scandal, reactions from Democrats and Republicans, and what this means for the likelihood of impeachment in the future.

The boys talk about the recent drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities, escalating tensions with Iran, the reemergence of the Brett Kavanaugh controversy, the fate of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel's latest general election, Corey Lewandowski testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, Joe Biden introducing us to his chain-totin', bathing cap-wearin' younger days, and guessing which bizarre Trump statements are actually true.

The boys reminisce on the effects of 9/11 18 years later, John Bolton being fired, the Taliban almost coming to Camp David, Sharpiegate and altering scientific data, the return of Phil's campaign corner with a deep dive on Beto O'Rourke, swearing during the presidential campaign, and whether Air Force flight crews using a Trump property in Scotland is considered okay.

The boys discuss the worsening Brexit situation in Britain, the shrinking presidential electoral map, John Bolton's waning influence in the Trump administration, Iowa's virtual caucuses, the one year anniversary of the "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration" article, and a spirited bout of "What's More Problematic?"

The boys discuss the president's litany of "interesting" tweets and proclamations over the past week, the return of Phil's Campaign Corner, Trump wanting Russia to rejoin the G7, fires in the Amazon, Emmanuel Macron championing liberal democracy, and the legacy of Obama's tan suit scandal.

The boys are joined by Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh to discuss recent Supreme Court cases, Trump trying to buy Greenland, negotiating with the Taliban and leaving Afghanistan, the norms of the UK's informal constitution, California requiring presidential candidates to release their tax records, and what music playlists say about presidential candidates.

The boys discuss Jeffrey Epstein's death and Trump's love of conspiracy theories, Russia covering up another nuclear mishap, more mixed messages with North Korea, the Mooch reemerging to bash Trump, and ramping up the culture wars with paper straws.

The boys discuss multiple mass shootings over the past week, the president and the media's rhetoric, China devaluing their currency, India cracking down in Kashmir, more Republicans deciding to not seek reelection, protests in Hong Kong escalating, and deciding whether Rand Paul or a mask-wearing gang leader had the worst week.

The boys discuss race and racism in the era of Trump, the even more recent Democratic debates, Dan Coats stepping down as Director of National Intelligence, the return of the death penalty, protests and poisoning in Russia and California approving legislation forcing presidential candidates to submit their taxes.

The boys discuss Mueller's lengthy (sleepy?) testimony before congress, Bill's experience at Trump's salute to America, trashy TV officially making us dumber, the president saying he could kill 10 million people to win a war, Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister, and the genuine horror that is the Beijing Bikini.

The boys are joined by Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh to discuss gerrymandering, the census citizenship question, Trump's twitter rant directed at the Squad, the Peace Cross staying because it's old, the bizarre behavior of John Roberts, and the ongoing slide to a no-deal Brexit.

The boys are joined by special guest Jake Lahut from the Keene Sentinel to discuss the recent Democratic debates, which candidates came out ahead (or fell behind), Trump's impromptu visit to North Korea, the geopolitical effects of nuclear weapons, and Ivanka horning into every conversation she possibly could during the G20 conference.

The boys discuss escalating tensions with Iran, the Democrats' student loan debt forgiveness plans, the U.N. report pointing the finger at Saudia Arabia for the Jamal Khashoggi killing, new sexual assault allegations against Trump, state Republican senators walking out, and New Hampshire being the most patriotic state.

The boys discuss Trump's recent interview with George Stephanopoulos, whether "dirt" is illegal, Sarah Huckabee Sanders resigning, escalating tensions with Iran, Kellyanne Conway potentially violating the Hatch Act, massive protests in Hong Kong, and some "fresh thinking" on human rights.

The boys delve into Trump's foreign policy updates on North Korea and Mexico, the president trailing in reelection polls in Texas, the growing China-Russia alliance, Elizabeth Warren surging ahead of Bernie, partinsanship running rampant in state legislatures, and the lessons learned from the Chernobyl disaster.

The boys are joined by Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh to talk about Mueller breaking his silence, new evidence on the census citizenship question, changing the structure of the Supreme Court, Trump's contentious visit to Britain, and what libertarians think about the recent measles outbreaks.

The boys discuss Trump's rekindled love affair with North Korea, populism in the recent EU elections, the Attorney General being able to declassify intelligence documents, Theresa May's Brexit legacy as she resigns, the doctored Nancy Pelosi video on social media and the extreme positivity and negativity of the president's language.

The boys discuss the increasing tensions between the US and Iran, the Democrat's lack of strategy on impeachment, pardoning war criminals, Trump calling out members of the intelligence community as treasonous, the "American Taliban" getting paroled, and the final Game of Thrones discussion regarding women and their role in Westeros.

Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh joins to discuss the escalating battle between congress and the president, the legality of sanctuary cities, overturning precedent in the Supreme Court, China not playing by global trade rules and the "just war doctrine" in relation to Game of Thrones and the pursuit of power.

The boys get an update from Phil's Campaign Corner before going over Attorney General William Barr's testimony, reactions from the Trump administration, whether it's time for war with Iran, free speech on social media, a mess of foreign policies issues hitting all at once and whether Daenerys Targaryen would actually make a good leader.

The boys get an inside look into the Democratic primary candidates thanks to Phil, Joe Biden announcing his candidacy for president, Gitmo turning into a very expensive nursing home, Rod Rosenstein resigning, more Trump officials ignoring the president's orders, Stephen Moore potentially running the Fed, and dragons in Game of Thrones being like nuclear weapons.

It's all Mueller all the time as the boys pick apart the redacted Mueller report, the president's recent reactions, what Congress could potentially do going forward, Barr's super special summary, and legal challenges that the administration is opposing. Watch out for the murderous clown, Phil!

The boys and Dr. Suzanne Chod go over the ever-widening field of Democratic presidential contenders as well as late breaking news regarding Sudan and the arrest of Julian Assange. **Excuse the edit at the very end. Loud noises needed to be removed.**

The boys are joined by senior legal analyst Tom Cavenagh to discuss the firing of Kirstjen Nielsen, challenges to Trump's immigration reforms, the upcoming US census, the president's free speech on campus executive order, a strange death penalty challenge, potential changes to the Supreme Court, and whether we'll see Trump's tax returns or Claence Thomas stepping down in the next year.

The boys are finally back to discuss the Mueller report, the ever-increasing Brexit dumpster fire, Trump threatening to close the southern border, dismantling Obamacare, Russians in Venezuela and Mussolini's granddaughter duking it our with Jim Carrey.

On this very special episode, the boys are joined by senior legal analyst Tom Cavenagh to discuss what amendments they'd like to see added to the US constitution.

The boys take a somber look at the New Zealand mass shooting, the US's strange response to Boeing 737 Max 8 scandal, Beto O'Rourke flailing into the race for president, Congress challenging Trump on a number of issues, Brexit becoming even more stupid, and the president's record-setting Twitter rant.

The boys take a look at new policy discussions in the Democratic party, Manafort finally getting sentenced, Dick Cheney and Mike Pence having a very awkward conversation, Nancy Pelosi not being in favor of impeachment, whether drug cartels are terrorist organizations, and one of the assassins of Kim Jong Un's brother being acquitted.

The boys break down Trump's long/slightly bizarre CPAC speech, the North Korea summit breaking down, Democrats launching new investigations into the Trump administration, India and Pakistan on the brink of war, Fox News being in control of the White House, and Sebastian Gorka warning Americans about the Communists coming to take your hamburgers.

Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh joins the boys to break down Michael Cohen's congressional testimony, updates from the new North Korea summit, legal aspects of Trump's national emergency, the male-only draft being unconstitutional, and the citizenship rights of ISIS brides.

The boys discuss Trump's national emergency declaration for the southern border, Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein's book tour/coup discussion, Bernie Sanders being old hat, Iran being worse than North Korea, the ongoing Venezuela crisis, and a rethinking of libel laws thanks to Clarence Thomas.

Senior legal analyst Tom Cavenagh joins the boys to discuss updates from SCOTUS, Jeff Bezos going after the National Inquirer, Ilhan Omar's "potentially problematic" AIPAC comments, the complete lack of Senate confirmations, and the Louisiana abortion supreme court ruling.

The boys dissect the State of the Union, the Virginia governor-black face scandal, the US withdrawing from the longstanding INF nuclear treaty with Russia, Trump's extensive executive time, American troops staying in Iraq to keep an eye on Iran, and the secret of the president's amazing tan.

The boys brave the polar vortex to take some listener questions, Roger Stone (who's a fan of The Godfather) getting indicted by Mueller, winners and losers from the government shutdown, a potential end to the war in Afghanistan, Trump taking aim at the intelligence community, and John Bolton being very careless with his notepad.

The boys delve into the social media abyss to talk about the Buzzfeed-Cohen story controversy, the Covington Catholic social media backlash, not having a State of the Union, Trump recognizing a new president in Venezuela, the transgender military ban staying in place, not having regular press briefings, and Rudy Giuliani being really bad at lying.

The boys discuss the FBI investigating whether Trump is a Russian agent, potentially pulling out of NATO, bombing Iran, Tucker Carlson ragging on capitalism (but not really), the UK being in deep trouble with Brexit, Steve King being racist, the president serving a buffet of fast food and Ivanka Trump possibly becoming the head of the World Bank.

The boys discuss Trump's primetime address and its effects on the shutdown, the Soviet Union becoming Russia because of Afghanistan(?), the administration backpedaling on the Syria withdrawal, Paul Manafort's attorneys being really bad at copying and pasting, Ruth Bader Ginsburg missing another day of work, and a spy story that's still too bizarre to figure out completely.

The boys are back to discuss Trump's Syria withdrawal, James Mattis leaving the administration, the ongoing government shutdown, Mitt Romney comes out swinging, Elizabeth Warren announcing her candidacy for 2020, Kim Jung-Un's nice leather chair, and the nude selfie that's stirring up the Mueller investigation.

Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh joins the boys to discuss a number of interesting Supreme Court cases, Michael Cohen continuing to be a rat, Phil gets to weigh in on Brexit, Obamacare going on life support, and "justice" being the word of the year.

Nick, Bill and Suzanne discuss Trump's ever worsening legal situation, the grandstanding meeting between Trump, Schumer and Pelosi, Gary Busey being the next Chief of Staff, Theresa May's Brexit woes, France going up in flames, and all of the apps gathering all of your information all of the time.

The boys discuss new developments in the Mueller investigation, the death of George H. W. Bush, Trump loving tariffs, Saudi Arabia and potential congressional backlash, international institutions being for losers according to Mike Pompeo, and lawmakers in Wisconsin trying to curtail the power of the incoming Democratic governor.

The boys are back for their 100th episode with senior legal analyst Tom Cavenagh to discuss John Roberts rebuking Trump, the recent climate change report, Jim Acosta and free speech, Putin testing the waters in Ukraine, Manafort potentially lying to Mueller and Trump clearly looking exactly like Elvis (or old Biff Tannen).

The boys are joined by Will Jennings to talk about PredictIt and the midterms. Speed rounds include Democrats stealing more elections, North Korea lying about having more missile sites, whether Matthew Whitaker should be acting Attorney General and Trump changing the rules for accepting asylum seekers.

The boys and Suzanne break down the all the midterm elections news including Democrats regaining control of the House, whether Trump truly ended up winning or losing, how the Democrats are going to utilize their newfound power, Jeff Sessions "resigning", Florida restoring voting rights to felons, and whether Beto should run for president in 2020.

Spooky scary Halloween episode! The boys discuss an extremely trying week in political violence and how the president has responded, Brazil embracing authoritarianism, Trump sending 5,200 troops to the southern border to help stop the refugee caravan, a potential end to birthright citizenship, Angela Merkel stepping down in Germany and what the PredictIt markets are saying about next week's midterms.

Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh joins the boys to discuss the refugee caravan heading towards the US from Central America, whether the Supreme Court is tainted after the Kavanaugh fiasco, explosive devices being sent to Democratic figures, the U.S. pulling out of a nuclear weapons treaty with Russia, and the supremely complex question of gender and sex in America.

All speed rounds for this episode! The boys discuss Saudi Arabia most likely killing/dismembering a journalist in Turkey, the president being unsure of how the Federal Reserve works, Georgia reviewing tens of thousands of registered voters, China coming clean on re-education centers for the Uighur population, Elizabeth Warren falling for Trump's Pocahontas bait, and the most bizarre portrait to every grace the walls of the White House.

The boys take a break from the domestic dumpster fires and focus on the rise of authoritarianism around the globe, Nikki Haley resigning as UN ambassador, Trump characterizing the Democrats as an "angry mob", climate change becoming very real, and whether the Senate needs to be reformed.

The boys breakdown the spectacle that was last week's Supreme Court hearings, Trump and Kim Jong-Un being in love, the shiny new NAFTA replacement deal, the New York Times bursting Trump's self-made-man bubble, the administration making immigration difficult for same-sex diplomats as well as Chinese nationals, and Bill finally gets to talk about Sweden after weeks and weeks of waiting.

Super guest Dr. Suzanne Chod joins the boys to dissect the Kavanaugh Supreme Court updates, Trump awkwardly addressing the UN, Rosenstein possibly definitely maybe getting fired, the Ted Cruz/Beto O'Rourke race, and potential midterm races to watch.

The boys discuss the Kavanaugh rape allegations and what it means for his Supreme Court nomination, "no-flip" Manafort flipping for Mueller, Trump releasing text messages from high profile critics, disputing the death toll in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, whether or not the "new left" has an actual foreign policy, a brand new round of tariffs for and from China, and the shrinking number of refugees being allowed into the country.

The boys discuss the release of Bob Woodward's new book detailing the even uglier side of the Trump administration, revisiting the response of Democrats during the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings, the return of Obama, North Korea sans nuclear missiles during its military parade, Joh Bolton being weirdly angry at the ICC and someone (definitely Russia) microwaving the brains of US diplomats.

Nick and Bill are joined by Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh to discuss the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings and what it tells us about political discourse, bombshells coming out of Bob Woodward's new, White House-centric book, Google's algorithms and internet regulation, and the president flipping out on flippers and flipping.

The boys discuss John McCain's passing, his legacy and the presidents unusual response, Jeff Sessions being the target of Trump's ire, cooperating with law enforcement being borderline illegal, and Trump potentially revoking security clearances for prominent critics.

No speed rounds this week, boys and girls. The boys wade through the Manafort conviction and the likelihood of a presidential pardon, Cohen flipping on "Individual One" and what information could be coming in the future, White House Counsel, Don McGahn, being very forthcoming with the Mueller team, and truth no longer being the truth.

The boys sift through the wreckage of the Trump-Omarosa tape scandal and whether or not she's a credible source of information (she's not), the FBI's unorthodox firing of Peter Strzok, a resurgence of Taliban influence in Afghanistan after 17 years of war, the "Mar-a-Lago crowd" running the VA, economic turmoil in Turkey as the Turkish lira collapses, and figuring out the biggest political insult of the week.

The boys discuss Trump acknowledging things that were previously untrue, the press being the "enemy of the people", the Paul Manafort and Rick Gates unfolding legal drama, the president continuing his feud with LeBron James, the Venezuelan president being attacked by a drone swarm, differing foreign policies evolving within the Trump administration, Alex Jones being removed from most major social media platforms and what it means for free speech.

The boys discuss collusion not being a crime, Georgia's gubernatorial race heating up, midterm elections looking good for Democrats, thanking Kim Jong Un for the lovely letter he sent, whether Trump rallies are good for America, and a congressional nominee's obsession with bigfoot erotica. Yep. Check out PredictIt for real-time political event analysis and wagering! -

The boys discuss Trump's response to potential Russian election interference, Iran SUFFERING GRAVE CONSEQUENCES, the Cohen-Trump tapes, the administration rescinding security clearances, tariffs being the greatest things ever, citizenship taking center stage, and figuring out who had the worst week.

Bill and Nick are joined by Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh to do a deep dive on the Trump-Putin Summit, what it means for the president going forward, the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, the political nature of Justices and what the future may hold for Court nominees.

The boys are back to discuss foreign policy galore, Trump's Supreme Court nomination, Britain's Brexit woes, changes to the administration's immigration policy, Poland purging their Supreme Court and Trump not needing any organ besides his mouth...and possibly his brain.

The boys are joined by Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh to go over some of the major (often tense) decisions currently being handed down by the Supreme Court and what it means for privacy, union rights and the refusal to use the term "respectfully".

Bill, Nick, Phil and Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenaugh go way deep into the immigration debate, the lack of civility in politics, trade wars heating up, democracy in Turkey faltering, and Trump's approval rating rising dramatically among Republicans.

Bill, Nick and resident super guest Dr. Suzanne Chod go over the less than flattering inspector general's report related to the 2016 election and James Comey, updates on the refugee family separation policy at the U.S.-Mexico border, Paul Manafort potentially going away for a long, long time, the solidifying of the Republican Party under Trump and what that means for the midterms, the Trump charitable foundation being full of cheating cheaters of cheatery, and the president envying how attentive the North Korean people are.

The boys discuss the bigly tremendous US-North Korea Summit, the G7 really disliking Trump, the president wanting to bring Russia back into the fold, the extremely appropriate name given to the unofficial Trump Doctrine, Jeff Sessions getting tough on Central and South American refugees, and members of the administration having to tape documents together that the president is constantly ripping.

The boys discuss Trump asserting that he can't obstruct justice, the North Koreans sending a really big envelope, the Supreme Court sidestepping the gay wedding cake ruling, pardons getting handed out left and right, the president's trade tariffs not going over well with the rest of the world and the Philadelphia Eagles getting disinvited to the White House.

The boys and Tom discuss the recent SCOTUS decisions, Roseanne getting canceled, developments on North Korea, Trump creating his own reality, the legal strategy of Rudy Giuliani, and changing the narrative leading to the destruction of art in Russia.

It's Phil's birthday! To celebrate, the boys talk about Trump demanding an investigation into possible spies in his campaign, the summit with North Korea potentially not happening, the NFL fining teams for players kneeling during the national anthem, putting even more pressure on Iran, democracy dying in Venezuela, and people writing Trump's tweets real good for him.

Bill, Suzanne and Nick go over the U.S. embassy opening in Jerusalem and the regional fallout, North Korea getting cold feet, Mike Pence possibly being the worst person in government, American-European relations not being so great, the administration not apologizing for saying John McCain is going to die, leakers causing big problems, and the president saving tons of China.

The boys break down the Iran nuclear deal announcement, Michael Cohen's shell corporation obsession, Eric Schneiderman being a complete piece of crap, Rudy Giuliani going off-script, Gina Haspel's senate confirmation to become CIA director, and Don Blankenship pushing the limits of Trumpism.

The boys discuss North and South Korea being friendly thanks to the president, the very uncomfortable White House Correspondence Dinner, Ronny Jackson's nomination for veterans' affairs collapsing, John Kelly calling the president an idiot, Mueller potentially subpoenaing Trump and goons raiding the president's doctor's office.

Bill, Nick, Phil and Tom discuss whether Cohen will eventually flip on Trump, the president's relationship with Emmanuel Macron of France and what it could mean for the Iran nuclear deal, bipartisan opposition to the travel ban, the DNC filing a very poorly conceived lawsuit, the legacy of Barbara Bush and the state of political discourse, and Facebook stealing everyone's faces.

The boys go over every detail of the Comey interview, the effectiveness of the U.S. response to chemical attacks in Syria, Michael Cohen filling the role of "fixer" for Trump and possibly Sean Hannity, Scooter Libby getting a very bizarre pardon, and approval ratings in the era of opposition politics.

The boys delve into this week's dumpster fire to talk about Mueller raiding Michael Cohen's office, the potential US response to the recent chemical weapon attack in Syria, Paul Ryan calling it quits, Mr. Zuckerberg coming to Washington, and Scott Pruitt being a no good, very bad EPA chief.

The boys discuss Trump's tirade regarding immigration "caravans" somehow relating to DACA and NAFTA, the birth of a beautiful trade war with China, Trump being excited about being a subject and not a target of the Mueller investigation, the Sinclair Group's potentially Orwellian local news broadcasts, Amazon being under attack by the president and the influence of Roseanne on American culture.

Bill and Phil are in the Big Apple while Nick is back in HQ. They discuss John Bolton, aka the Walrus's, appointment to the National Security Council and what it means for international diplomacy, the coordinated expulsion of Russian officials, updates in the Stormy Daniels saga, lawyers avoiding Trump like the plague, nationwide gun control marches and Kim Jong Un's slow, bulletproof, wine-laden choice of transportation.

The boys discuss a wild tweet storm focused on the Mueller investigation, reminiscing on 15 years since the start of the Iraq war, Putin shockingly being reelected, the responsibility of Facebook for user security, Bloody Gina being nominated for leading the CIA, and the president lying to Canadians because why not.

The boys discuss the massive shakeups at the State Department and what it means for foreign policy going forward, Putin poisoning people left and right, Steve Bannon bringing his populist message to Europe, the ongoing legal saga of Stormy Daniels, Trump wanting to kill all the drug dealers and the creation of a shiny new space force.

The boys discuss the president's potential global tariffs, there in no way being chaos in the White House with recent resignations, North Korea potentially coming to the negotiating table, no more term limits for China's Xi Jinping, Italy moving towards the right, Democrats showing up in record numbers in Texas, and Sam Nunberg's epic Monday meltdown.

Nick and Bill are joined by professor Tom Cavenaugh to discuss the raging gun control debate, challenging labor unions, squeezing Manafort in the Mueller investigation, whether the electoral college is unconstitutional, Trump's takeover of conservatism, no longer being a nation of immigrants, nepotism at the Olympics and Trump's smart pilot being considered to lead the FAA.

Bill and Nick are joined by Dr. Suzanne Chod to discuss Russian indictments in the Mueller investigation, reactions to the school shooting in Florida, Syria being pulled apart, Trump's ranking among political scientists, a South Korean assassination squad, Pennsylvania gerrymandering changes, Russian doping in the Olympics and radioactive lizard conspiracy theories in Iran.

The boys are joined by super guest Dr. Suzanne Chod to discuss Rob Porter and the breakdown of the Trump team, the possible dismissal of John Kelly, North Korea at the Olympics, Trump's internal struggle with hating or loving Russia, the possible infrastructure bill in congress and political insults concerning Mike Pence and some very unsupportive parents.

The boys discuss the fallout from the Nunes memo, the Pentagon's new and improved nuclear policy, Democrats being treasonous for not clapping, the politics of the olympics, Israel deporting African refugees, and Trump demanding a military parade through DC.

The boys dig into the moderate and then not so moderate State of the Union speech, Carter Page and MemoGate, the Doomsday Clock ticking down, Trump and Jay Z discussing the finer points of black unemployment, Poland taking a weird stand on the history of the Holocaust, Trump pissing off both Congress and the Russians, and the president insulting the now former FBI Deputy Director's wife before being offered a solid gold toilet.

Bill and Nick are joined by Professor Tom Cavenagh to discuss the government shutdown, the Mueller investigation heating up, Pennsylvania gerrymandering, the world hating Trump, following the money of Russian election interference, and Supreme Court cases on free speech, compelled speech and figuring out where Peaches or Tasty are.

The boys discuss shithole-gate, Hawaii's ballistic missile scare, the FISA/Fox & Friends conspiracy, porn star payouts, Jeff Flake's attack on Trump's media comments and the president's very successful, bigly vindicating physical exam.

The boys discuss the response to "Fire & Fury", Trump being a very stable genius, poor Steve Bannon being on the outs, a ludicrous military strategy concerning North Korea, Mueller potentially interviewing Trump, the administration going after state marijuana policies, and whether Oprah should be president. she shouldn't.

The boys discuss Trump's nuclear button twitter battle with Kim Jong Un, recent protests in Iran, George Papadopoulos not holding his liquor, Orrin Hatch's retirement, the new ascent of Mitt Romney, asking for citizenship status for the US census, and starting the new year with a fresh batch of twitter crazy from the president.

The boys reflect on a year of Trump, attacks on the media, changes to institutions, wonky foreign policy, the possibility of nuclear war, and what horrors 2018 could hold.

The boys discuss the passing of the Republican tax reform bill, changes to national security strategy, war with North Korea, Mueller investigation updates, the CDC's forbidden word list, Trump being a Russian intelligence asset and the Pentagon's spooky UFO research findings.

The boys go over the shocking Alabama election results and what it means for the Republican party, new calls for Trump to resign amid accusations of sexual harassment, continuing attacks on the media and recent partisan "leaks" coming out of the Mueller investigation.

The boys take a long look at the recent Mueller investigation updates, Republicans re-endorsing Roy Moore, the Democrats strategic window that they'll probably squander, Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, Russia being banned from the 2018 Olympics, whether Trump had a mini-stroke, and bizarre behavior reports coming out of the White House

The boys go over a bizarre week that included a war criminal drinking poison, Trump retweeting ultra-nationalist videos, more Pocahontas remarks, attacks on the NFL and media, news from the Mueller investigation, North Korea launching a new ICBM, the Senate tax bill, Project Veritas getting caught red handed and Time magazine getting the cold shoulder from the president.

Bill and Nick are joined by Dr. Suzanne Chod to discuss the ongoing sexual harassment allegations, congressional tax reform, being thankful for Trump getting you out of prison, the Zimbabwe coup, tumbleweeds in the State Department, McMaster calling Trump an idiot and the proud tradition of presidential turkey pardoning.

The boys have got a fever and the only prescription is Old Style Octoberfest. They attempt to discuss Roy Moore's embattled senate campaign, Trump's insane tweets, the Clinton special council investigation, this week in Russian meddling, lots of nazis in Poland, Congress wanting the nuclear codes, and a really really bad federal judge nominee.

The boys reminisce on a year of Trump, the recent Clinton campaign conspiracy accusations, the Texas mass shooting, Trump's current trip to Asia, the political purge in Saudi Arabia, Michael Flynn being in Mueller's cross hairs and Rand Paul's unneighborly behavior that almost got him killed.

The boys take their time going through the Mueller updates and the ever expanding Papadopoulos-gate before discussing the recent terror attack in New York, John Kelly's comments on the Civil War, new info on Russian Facebook influence, the Uranium One story, and whether the Crying Nazi should be allowed to podcast from prison.

The boys delve into condolence gate, General Kelly's response, the growing Republican civil war, new info on the pee pee dossier, the horribleness of Weinstein and O'Reilly, Alabama's Senate race, the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, and whether Trump is acting more like a toddler or a teenager.

Phil is out so Bill and Nick discuss the politicization of fallen soldiers, decertifying the Iran nuclear deal, maverick John McCain, the retaking of Syria from ISIS, Steve Bannon's war on everyone, Christmas striking back, and whether Trump is more worried about another travel ban failure or the ever-expanding Mueller investigation.

The boys celebrate their one year anniversary by talking about an unstable Trump, new revelations on Russian hacking, Mike Pence and NFL protests, unexpected changes to the DACA deal, the nuclear war-loving North Koreans.

The boys discuss the recent shooting in Las Vegas, the constant gun control debate, Trump and the Puerto Rico disaster response, the ascension of Ray Moore, the Republican civil war, Catalonia's independence referendum and the Spanish response, Tillerson, North Korea and the mad man Trump theory, an update on the Cuba diplomat attacks, Tom Price resigning and the efficacy of having a forty foot tall naked woman statue next to the Washington monument.

Bonus Content! The boys and Dr. Suzanne Chod take a deep dive into Hillary Clinton's new book to discuss sexism in American politics, playing the political game, the Bernie Sanders effect and what the future could hold for Mrs. Clinton

The boys are joined by Dr. Suzanne Chod to go over Trump's comments on the NFL national anthem protests, "declaring war" on North Korea, the never-ending healthcare battle, new travel ban, the Puerto Rico humanitarian crisis, Germany's recent elections and hypocritical moves by career politicians.

The boys go over Trump's now infamous "Rocket Man" U.N. speech, Paul Manafort's upcoming indictment, intolerant college students, the zombie Republican healthcare plan, sonic attacks on U.S. diplomats in Cuba, Spicey on the Emmy's, 4th of July military parades and distasteful/possibly hilarious memes retweeted by Trump.

The boys reminisce on 9/11 and its effects on the current political climate, a moderate, bipartisan Trump, Ted Cruz's affinity for pornography, even more threats from North Korea, and voter fraud investigations in New Hampshire.

The boys go over Trump's recent decision on DACA, the potential threat of thermonuclear war with North Korea, bitter Hillary Clinton, congressional action on just about everything, and hurricanes being a vast, deep state conspiracy.

The boys attempt to do another Facebook Live broadcast to discuss Hurricane Harvey, the pardoning of Sheriff Joe, Gorka's dismissal, North Korea's missile test, the ACLU's change in stance on free speech and Trump making Hillary Clinton's skin crawl.

Phil calls in from Finland to discuss Bannon's exit, Trump's Afghanistan speech, Barcelona and Finland terror attacks, CEOs leaving the Trump train, the recent rally in Arizona and Trump's bizarre Twitter banner.

The boys have new, fancy studio equipment and are joined by Professor Tom Cavenagh to talk about Charlottesville, Trump's response, updates from North Korea, the ongoing Mueller investigation, and Supreme Court cases dealing with the right to privacy and Gerrymandering.

The boys go over the fire and fury directed at North Korea, the recent leaks of hilarious/disturbing links to the media, Republican challengers to Trump in 2020, the deterioration of Venezuela, and sanctuary cities suing the federal government. Speed rounds are back!

The boys try to cover "the worst week in presidential history" and touch on the Mooch's very early departure and the massive administration shake up, the failure of the Republican healthcare bill, new Russia sanctions, North Korea's new and improved missile test, the collapse of Venezuela and of course the Boy Scout Jamboree.

The boys are joined by Professor Tom Cavenagh to discuss the possibility of Trump pardoning himself, his family and Jeff Sessions, the implications for the ongoing Mueller investigation, the recent banning of transgender individuals from the U.S. military, and the hot mess that is the Supreme Court docket.

The boys go over the final (?) failure of the Republican healthcare bill, the increasing divide between parties, the influence of the media on every facet of politics, Trump's continuing Putin obsession and reevaluating historical alliances.

The boys are joined by Dr. Suzanne Chod to discuss the baffling email release from Donald Trump Jr., the eye-rolling, Russia-loving G20 summit, Ivanka sitting in for the president, nepotism in the administration and lots of Godfather/Fredo references.

The boys take a long, hard look at the Trump-CNN meme uproar, the culpability of the media in responding to nonsense, North (Best) Korea's recent ICBM test, the lack of a decent plan to counter a rash response by Mr. Kim, the upcoming meeting between Trump and Putin, and the Hobby Lobby/Indiana Jones scandal.

The boys discuss revelations in the Russia hacking story, the Obama administration's response, party and media partisanship, the less than popular Senate healthcare bill, the recent battle royale between Sarah Huckabee Sanders and members of the press, and the reinstatement of parts of Trump's travel ban.

The boys start by discussion the senseless body shaming of Sean Spicer and then dive into recent developments in Syria, Afghanistan and Cuba before being joined by Peter Rice, author of "Liberal for Conservatism Reasons: How to Stop Being Obnoxious and Start Winning Elections". They discuss the upcoming Senate health care bill and what Democrats need to do to generally be less loser-ly.

The boys finally get to go over last week's Comey testimony, the recent shooting of members of congress, Jeff Sessions' non-testimony, the vulture-like behavior of the media, Britain's unexpected parliamentary election results, evidence of Russian hacking and the enigma wrapped in a riddle that is John McCain's questioning tactics.

The boys made it to 25 episodes (woot)and discuss Comey's upcoming testimony, Trump's possible obstruction of justice, NATO, the recent terrorist attack in London, the isolation of Qatar and the general mess that is geopolitics.

The boys are joined by Suzanne to discuss the second half of Trump's Europetrip, his berating of NATO, the Paris Climate Accords, China's ascension, the Montana bodyslam, tribalism in U.S. politics, Kathy Griffin's severed head and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee

Nick and Bill are joined by Dr. Shawna Rohrman to go over Trump's first major foreign excursion, the recent terrorist attack in Britain, the complexities of combating ISIS, developments in the Russia fiasco and the general unlikeability of Jared Kushner.

Bill, Phil and Nick go down the Comey rabbit hole once more to talk about the recent memo revelations, Trump's threatening "tapes" tweet, classified info blabber-mouth, Turkey's slightly aggressive response to protesters in DC, and the removal of Confederate statues in New Orleans to cleanse the palette.

Bill, Nick and Phil go down the rabbit hole of the Comey firing, Congress' reaction, Trump's less than ideally timed Russia meeting, French election results and the battle for free speech in comedy and the media.

The gang along with super guest Suzanne Chod and special guest Mary Naset discuss the dismantling of Obama's legacy, perceptions of Trump voters, Hillary's reemergence, when to have the discussion on if Trump is literally insane and White House invitations for dictators.

Bill, Nick and Phil are joined by Professor Joe Giammo from the University of Arkansas - Little Rock to discuss the first 100 days of Trump-merica, the recent setback to Trump's sanctuary city executive order, France's recent election results, the speediness of Arkansas executions and Bill O'Reilly's untimely departure from Fox News.

Super guest Suzanne Chod joins Nick, Phil and Bill to discuss poking the North Korean bear, Trump becoming self aware (i.e. Skynet), MURICA's mother of all bombs, the possibility of partisanship changing (not likely), and the deliciousness of Milwaukee Brewing Company beer.

Bill, Nick and Phil discuss Spicy's unfortunate chemical weapons snafu, the massive amount of Russia connections that aren't getting much play in the media, North (Best) Korea's influence on geopolitics this week, Steve Bannon's spells wearing off and even touch on the United Airlines debacle.

Bill, Nick and Phil broadcast LIVE to talk about Syria, the craziness of Russia, the Senate going nuclear, Susan Rice and attempting to see the comments coming in on Facebook Live from a distance. Check out our sponsor at!

Bill, Nick and Phil are joined by Suzanne and Professor Shawna Rohrman to discuss the demise of the Republican healthcare bill, the state of the Republican party, the rollback of EPA emissions standards, Russia yet again, Trump not throwing out the first pitch at the Nationals game, and hibernating wolf puppies getting killed in Alaska.

Nick is in HQ while Bill and Phil broadcast from New York. The gang discusses new Russia revelations, Trump possibly being "incidentally" wiretapped, Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Neil Gorsuch, national debt, and the likelihood of North Korea destroying us all.

Dr. Stephen Caliendo joins Nick, Bill and Phil to discuss the American Health Care Act, Steve King and his need for more babies, immigration in the Netherlands, Boaty McBoatface, killer self-driving cars and radioactive boars.

**Excuse the hiccuping audio. Technical issues related to crappy technology. Dr. Justin Klassen joins a shingles riddled Phil, a flu infested Nick and a typically annoying Bill to discuss the great wiretapping tweet storm of last weekend, the incessant influence of Russia, Trump's revised travel ban, thoughts on what immigration does and should look like in the U.S. and a few entertaining news stories because need laughter.

Bill, Nick, Phil and Suzanne go over the intricacies (lack of intricacies?) in Trump's congressional joint session address including trans rights, education, VOICE, toned down nationalism and a potentially dangerous, strategic president. Music:

Nick, Bill and Phil go over last week's press conference, fake news, the press as an "enemy of the people", problems with appointments, turf battles within the administration and what the CBC actually is. Music:

Nick, Bill and Phil discuss Mike Flynn's untimely departure, Russia yet again, North Korea (Oh, herro!), Trump's Caddyshack-like Mar-a-Lago exploits, the state of comedy in the Trump era, and the pitfalls of political discourse.

Dr. Suzanne Chod joins us to break down the congressional drama, Steve Bannon stealing the spotlight, Trump's "killers" comments, and wandering the halls of the White House in bathrobes.

Nick, Bill and Phil delve into the immigration "ban", Trump's Supreme Court nominee, national protests, the trouble with Steve Bannon, and what the Democratic party needs to do to not be marginalized. It's a long one.

Trump is now President and he will not go quietly into the night. Bill, Nick, Suzanne and Phil go through the speech, nationalism, Obama's last week in office and at least a couple bombers of beer.

Dr. Tom Cavenagh joins us to discuss Showergate and the Trump intelligence dossier, the state of Democracy in the U.S., Russia, China and Obama's legacy.

Dr. Phil Barker joins us to dismantle the recent global messes. We cover Russian Hacks, Michelle Obama's lack of hope, presidential appointments, identity politics, beer, and generally cut each other down. Did we mention beer?

We continue to try to make sense out of what the hell is going on in U.S. politics. Dr. Suzanne Chod joins us to help out. Our beer choices are not making the process any easier.

There are no words...but after a few beers we came up with some.