Barstool Politics
Barstool Politics
A podcast devoted to helping you make sense of the world around you several craft beers at a time. Barstool regulars include Nick McGuire, Bill Muck and Phil Barker but we are often joined by smarter and more well informed special guests. If you like discussions of good beer and bad politics, this is the podcast for you.
The boys delve into the first two days of the impeachment trial, Hillary Clinton blasting Bernie Sanders, new torture testimony, Bloomberg dominating political ads, and another round of "Who Had the Worst Week?"

The boys go over week two of the Iran crisis, Democrats transmitting the articles of impeachment, Bernie and Elizabeth fighting, the lack of press briefings during the Trump administration, the influence of China in American cinema with a Star Wars diatribe from Nick, and the most ludicrous story of the week featuring snow, vultures and dishwashers.

The boys are back to discuss World War III and tensions with Iran. They break down Qassem Soleimani's killing, attacking Iranian cultural sites, the War Powers Act, Iraq sort of asking US troops to leave and a little impeachment talk featuring John Bolton.

Nick is out while Bill and Phil tackle the mess that was 2019. They discuss the Democratic primary, monumental changes in international politics, the effects of the Mueller Report, the continuing advance of identity politics, the major political events that have occurred during the 2010's, and predictions for the future.

Bill, Nick, Phil and Tom discuss Impeachapaooza, Boris Johnson winning big in Britain, SCOTUS deciding Trump's tax case, India's new citizenship bill, updating the Civil Rights Act to take anti-Semitism into account, and awarding the Oscar for best use of athletic propaganda.

Phil is out so Bill and Nick tackle the recently unveiled impeachment articles, the Inspector General report on the origins of the Russia investigation, the scathing report on the US war in Afghanistan, Biden's "No Malarkey" tour, Myanmar at the ICJ and another spirited round of "What's More Problematic?"

The boys are joined by Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh to go over the first day of the House Judiciary Committee impeachment proceedings, Trump's intervention in a Navy SEAL case, a 2nd Amendment case going before the Supreme Court, presidential NATO controversy, and congress reauthorizing the Patriot Act.

The entire BSP crew assembles for a live taping where they discuss testimony in the impeachment inquiry, more from Phil's Campaign Corner, disturbing information regarding China's treatment of Muslims and Hong Kong protesters, political campaigns being able to geofence potential voters, and a contentious round of "What's More Problematic?" followed by audience questions.

The boys look at the first day of public impeachment hearings, Nikki Haley outing John Kelly and Rex Tillerson, Bolivia's president being overthrown in a military coup, DACA being heard at the Supreme Court, and the 30 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The boys look at the presidential landscape t-minus one year until election day, the influence of early polling, Mike Pompeo taking heat at the State Department, off-year elections in Kentucky and Virginia, Phil's Campaign Corner featuring a grumpy Bernie Sanders, and regime cleavage in today's America.

The boys are joined by Dr. Suzanne Chod to go over updates from the impeachment inquiry, the death of ISIS's leader, the state of the Democratic primary, Trump being booed during the World Series, and the anonymous Administration insider writing a book.

The boys discuss new impeachment information coming out of the congressional inquiry, the administration's shifting explanations of the president's actions, Phil's campaign corner featuring Corey Booker, movement towards a new Brexit deal, Putin and Erdogan consolidating power in Syria, the stupid phony emoluments clause, and war-monger Hillary vs Russia asset Tulsi.

The boys discuss the president removing troops from Syria, Turkey attacking the Kurds, the backlash against the NBA's willingness to censor content to save Chinese investment, Rudy "the hand grenade" Giuliani, Trump's many, many, many lies according to the Washington Post, and a scary (or not so scary) violent parody video being shown to Trump supporters at his Miami resort.

The boys are joined by Senior Legal Analyst Tom Cavenagh to discuss Rudy Giuliani's breakdown, impeachment inquiries, the administration stonewalling, challenging the definition of discrimination, a new challenge to abortion rights, and a connection to 2nd amendment rights in New York.

The boys break down the whistleblower complaint and the Ukraine transcript developments, Rudy Giuliani going on the offensive, Phil's Campaign Corner featuring Elizabeth Warren, celebrating 70 years of Communist party rule in China, what could be on the super secret server, William Barr flying around the world, and stupid behavior from the president and Justin Trudeau.

Emergency impeachment episode! The boys do a deep dive on the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower scandal, reactions from Democrats and Republicans, and what this means for the likelihood of impeachment in the future.

The boys talk about the recent drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities, escalating tensions with Iran, the reemergence of the Brett Kavanaugh controversy, the fate of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel's latest general election, Corey Lewandowski testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, Joe Biden introducing us to his chain-totin', bathing cap-wearin' younger days, and guessing which bizarre Trump statements are actually true.

The boys reminisce on the effects of 9/11 18 years later, John Bolton being fired, the Taliban almost coming to Camp David, Sharpiegate and altering scientific data, the return of Phil's campaign corner with a deep dive on Beto O'Rourke, swearing during the presidential campaign, and whether Air Force flight crews using a Trump property in Scotland is considered okay.

The boys discuss the worsening Brexit situation in Britain, the shrinking presidential electoral map, John Bolton's waning influence in the Trump administration, Iowa's virtual caucuses, the one year anniversary of the "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration" article, and a spirited bout of "What's More Problematic?"

The boys discuss the president's litany of "interesting" tweets and proclamations over the past week, the return of Phil's Campaign Corner, Trump wanting Russia to rejoin the G7, fires in the Amazon, Emmanuel Macron championing liberal democracy, and the legacy of Obama's tan suit scandal.