Joe MejiaMusic
Joe MejiaMusic


Electronic music mixes put together using Virtual DJ and a Hercules DJ Control Instinct controller. Twitter @podcastJMP and @somogibbs

  • JMP 55
    Back again. As always I'm gonna try and keep the episodes coming. The switch to everything streaming has cut into content available to make the podcast with, though. I've managed to pick up some decent tunes and feel I have some podcasts to put out. Enjoy!
  • JMP 54
    Long long time but I think I'm ready to start creating again. Enjoy!
  • JMP 53
    After a looooong hiatus and some uploading problems comes a new mix just in time for christmas. Thanks for listening.
  • JMP 52
    A new JMP for the arrival of spring. Happy Easter everyone. Follow this podcast @podcastJMP on Twitter. JMP RSS JMP URL Itunes address for JMP Mobile site for JMP TinyURL for JMP on Stitcher Radio
  • JMP 51
    New mix for the new year. Hope you all are keeping warm out there. This should help. Give me a follow on Twitter @podcastjmp iTunes link is here Mobile webpage for this podcast at