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What would you do if you woke up to a man in a top hat, dancing in your room?

Did Renee experience a possession while investigating the opera house?

What is that feeling that some people get just before a loved one dies, and how do some experience it while others do not?

What do you do when every night, something makes it impossible for you to sleep.

What do you do when every night, something makes it impossible for you to sleep. How many nights can you survive this torment?

The ghost stories that come out of long term care facilities may just turn a skeptic into a believer!

A shaman finds his son is the victim of a curse, to which he returns he returns the favor.

What do you do when you return home to find that you had some unexpected visitors… from the grave?

Growing up in a haunted farmhouse, she would find herself tormented by a head with a red bandana flying through her room late at night.

What do you do when the land your neighborhood is built on was the site of much sadness and trauma, sadness that lives on to this day.

It is not often you hear of someone being "good" with a nightly haunting.

Did the sounds of a crying baby ring through an empty hospital room after a tragic passing?

What do you do when your family is tormented by a dark entity day after day, yet no one knows how to deal with it?

Are there rules to being a ghost?

Are there rules to being a ghost?

Has Shiloh ever visited her former family property since it has moved into other hands to sense if there were any spirits of her family still there?

An adult looks back at their childhood wondering, why didn't we just move? After all, the ghosts were going beyond just being "scary."

What do you do when a mischievous ghost likes to take crucial items and hide them?

What would you do if a deceased loved one came back to let you know they were ok? Would it bring comfort or fear?

What do you do as a child when an unexplained hand comes out from behind the window curtains, yet no human is standing there?

A listener tells of the shadow person that has followed her all of her life and sometimes sings her to sleep.

Most of us have at one time or another been met with the unexpected information of a loved one passing.

What happened to the Bunk Bed that the family in Horicon, WI was tormented by?

Spirits see a ripe opportunity attach themselves to an individual suffering with depression and loss as she makes the choice to open a Ouija board.

What do you do when you know a dark entity awaits you at the bottom of the stairs? Is there ever a safe time to pass through?

Did the spirit of a deceased loved one take over a radio in hopes of delivering a message to loved ones?

What do you do when an unknown presence appears to you alone at home?

A late-night exploration leads two friends to find something they wish they hadn’t seen.

Two children realize that they are both being tormented by the same ghostly man staring at them night after night as they try to sleep.

Today we hear about what life is like today at Malvern Manor with Josh Heard.

What do you do when you have a figure, or sound of a figure that seems to follow you, torment you in your “safe place” and doesn’t seem to leave you alone.

What do you do when you have encounter after encounter with a dead loved one at their funereal, yet no one will believe you?

Who is the mystery child that appears out of nowhere in someone's house, and what do they want?

What do you do when you discover that your nightmares are more than just figments of your imagination?

Stories of the restless undead coming back to life and disturbing the lives of the living.

Did the spirit that once haunted a little girl, returns to haunt the daughter of that now grown little girl and now a mother?

How does emotional energy feel when going through the halls of the Aradale Asylum?

Two sisters recall a shared haunting childhood experience, only to realize that what they both saw all those years ago was quite different.

A child and father seek answers as they are haunted by a shadow person night after night in their apartment.

A family witnesses the outline of their loved one in the fog of the atmosphere. Why did he return and what did he want?

What do you do when you know your grandparent's house is haunted, yet they refuse to believe or listen to your stories?

A little boy is haunted by the face of two ghosts who look like old men staring at him through the bathroom window.

What do you do when a neighbor passes away, yet your daughter can still hear and see her?

There is something about a shapeshifter—a person who can transform into an animal—that captures our imagination; that causes us to want to howl at the moon or flit through the night like a bat.

Is there such a thing as cursed land? The land where if you set foot on it, brings a deep attachment to select souls?

A child deals with unexplained voices in his room late at night. Does he ever find an explanation or source of the words whispered in his ear?

What do you do when unexplained knocking keeps you awake, night after night. Is there ever a way to stop a noise you can’t explain?

What was the bright foggy light that invaded one listeners' home?

What is causing the in-human screams in the night that makes a family fear for their life.

Did a child's deceased pet make a return appearance when they needed it most?

Looking back, is there anything that Keith did while living at the house that he believed stirred up the energy?

Was a woman plagued by a very vivid sleep paralysis experience or was the black magic that her boyfriend practiced still present in the room.

A father gets up late at night to check on the safety of his family, only to have a run-in with a dark shadow figure.

How did a little boy know about the death of his grandmother before he was told?

A woman is haunted by unexplained sounds eliminating through the halls of a closed school as she cleans late at night.

Something is seemingly checking in on the family while they sleep.

Do pets sometimes see things that we can’t see? Could they be ghosts?

The idea of the spirits roaming the planet often contradicts the religious belief of immediate transitioning into heaven or hell. What does Tim believe about this process?

Did a fatherly spirit return to warn his daughter-in-law of the dangers she was in by being with his son?

A family car breaks down on a deserted stretch of road with no living souls around, except that of an evil one…

A young family finds that they are not alone in their bedroom late at night as a dark shadow man in a hat shows up to terrify them.

A woman feels very much alone in her belief that her house is haunted until a terrifying experience hits her family.

What was one of the most challenging demonic cases that James encountered?

A peaceful walk in the woods, turns into a nightmare as a bus driver discovers an abandoned homestead and a spirit seeking peace.

Would you want your grandmother to be watching over your every move after she passed?

One listener empathic ability allows her to know that the deceased who lived amongst her wanted to have their stories told, only she was not prepared to tell their tales.

A strange night takes a turn for the dark side once one person gets home, only to encounter an unknown spirit lurking in the dark.

Can you reason with someone who is so out of touch with reality? That’s today on Nightmare Neighbors!

A military wife finds that she has an unwanted visitor that appears only when her husband is off at training.

When Chris goes head to head with something dark that was not human, how does he deal with it?

One listener empathic ability allows her to know that the deceased who lived amongst her wanted to have their stories told, only she was not prepared to tell their tales.

One listener finds a quaint, peaceful apartment inside an old church. An old haunted church…. With a dark history.

What happened alone one night at a hotel in New Orleans that terrified one woman for the rest of her life?

A couple spends their first night together, only to discover that the night is anything but romantic.

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Jessica Ansley grew up knowing she had a gift to see and communicate with the dead. Growing up, she would find this gift to be more of a curse than a blessing.

Did the angry spirits of ones grandparents refuse to leave their home so the next generation could live in peace?

Some people want to have a ghostly experience… until they have one… That’s today on Real Ghost Stories Online!

What do you do as a security patrol officer who is in charge of keeping out the living, when the dead continue to invade the space, you guard?

What kinds of dark energy did one police office encounter on his normal patrol?

Strange noises and power anomalies bewilder a group visiting a beach at night.

A married couple just assumes one another are responsible for the misplaced items in their home until they finally ask each other.

Jimmy Petonito has been on the paranormal investigation scene longer than most.

What are the odds that every house a family moves into, is haunted? At some point do you have to suspect that maybe its the family that is haunted, and not the houses?

Why was it that one home had so many owners?

How frustrating is it for a child who sees ghosts, yet no parent will believe? Do you ever share your stories again? Or do you persist, hoping that one day, someone will believe?

A mother has a hard time believing that her children are seeing ghosts until she experiences a dark figure standing over her late one night.

It was a cool and windy day when Soula Vaitsis was a young girl swinging in the park with a friend. Hardly a time one would suspect to be a defining moment in life.

Why does it sometimes take the account of a nearly complete stranger to make someone believe the paranormal experiences of a close loved one?

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What is it like to have a ghost that resides amongst the living as “part of the family”?

"This time it really freaked me out, I stepped back and walked a large circle around it and from no angle could I see anyone, I really doubt someone could evade being seeing unless they really wanted to remain hidden and could predict my movements.”

Did the spirit of a deceased sibling return to help guide their surviving siblings?

A family with children move into a new home. A home with bodies rumored to be lying at the bottom of a pond out back.

This is a re-broadcast of Speakeasy With Jeff Belanger from 4/27/20. Tony Brueski and Jim Harold were the guests.

Stephane Boddy’s family had a long history of conjuring spirits at the house on Poultney Road. But what happened to the spirits and her family after they left the property?

A child sees the spirit of a another boy peering in through the patio door early one morning. Who is the child and is he friend or foe?

A trucker struggles to find rest late one night, only to be disturbed by a supernatural visitor to his resting place. Who was the visitor, and what did she want?

What do you do when you witness dark shadow figures wandering around a cemetery late at night?

What do you do when you can feel the energy of an unseen entity?

A fun night out turns into a terrifying night in a Vegas Hotel.

A listener encounters a ghost that appears to be a human that was skinned alive!

Do you have a nightmare neighbor story or a story of a neighbor from hell?

Greg Lawson has been involved in the world of professional law enforcement and investigation work for decades.

A wife wants nothing more than to die after the passing of her husband. The spirit of her husband enlists the help of the cable company to save her life.

What was lurking around a bedroom late at night? That’s the horror that one woman was tormented with in her own home.

Did a mother see ghostly figures around her house and interact with them as if they were alive?

Do abandoned hospitals hold the spirits of those who perished in them? What do the spirits want, and can they ever find peace?

A group of friends decides to spend the night in a newly acquired cabin, but the trip is unexpectedly cut short.

Paranormal investigators find out exactly why an abandoned hospital has a no trespassing sign posted.

What is demonic cleansing? From a very young age, Michelle Belanger was in touch with her awareness of the other side.

When the dead sense you have the ability to see and hear them, is it a blessing or a curse? One listener struggles to find the answer.

Seeing a ghost can be a chilling and life-changing moment. Today we hear the story of what it was like the moment some friends realized they just had an encounter with the dead.

What do you do when you know for a fact how a recent event ended, only to go back to revisit the scene to find the memory to be completely impossible? Was it a time slip?

What do the dead want from us? Today we hear true ghost stories from real people.

A mountain resort holds a mountain of fear for its night shift employees.

Real ghost stories from real people, 2018 edition.

Lex Lonehood Nover is no stranger to the paranormal and dream states, or as he calls it Nightmareland.

A family puts their hope in a paranormal investigative team to help them clear their home. The team only makes things worse.

Who was the haunting little boy with no face that two children saw in their basement one fateful day?

A listener describes their feeling of "not being alone" in having a paranormal experience because of the community created around Real Ghost Stories Online.

Who is the mysterious ghostly figure that follows one family from house to house?

Most took this encounter to the grave. Keep in mind we were and even still, afraid of that entity’s long reach.

Oscar shares the memories of his first apartment and a special spirit there.

The haunted Deane House in Calgary, Alberta has a long and storied history. Originally built in 1906 by Captain Richard Deane, tragedy would strike as his wife died during construction. Bad luck and troubled times would revisit the property in 1971 in the form of a husband and wife murder, suicide.

In a time of crisis, a young man is visited by a figure from another place and what he believes may be his unborn daughter.

Why is it that so many of us find the basement in a house to be the scariest? Are basements always the "most haunted" place in a house? If you have a real ghost story or supernatural event to report, please write into our show or call 1-855-853-4802! If you like the show, please help keep us on the air and support the show by becoming an EPP (Extra Podcast Person). We'll give you a BONUS episode every week as a "Thank You" for your support. Become an EPP here: or at or at

A family is haunted by something that seems to mimic them, presenting them in two places at one time to each other.

Sometimes the human mind goes to dark places… Sometimes those dark delusions… Turn into reality…

A listener recounts a terrifying phone call with a very cryptic a haunting message that will stay with her for life.

A train ride home is anything but routine for one listener.

Tony & Jenny take your real ghost stories live.

Has there ever been a case that Anthony has investigated that drew him close to an entity that he believed could be a demon?

Hallucination or reality? One man wonders how or what is happening to him as he embarks on the strangest day ever.

If you have a real ghost story or supernatural event to report, please write into our show or call 1-855-853-4802!

Ghosts come to the living in many shapes and forms. Today we hear true ghost stories from real people.

If you have a real ghost story or supernatural event to report, please write into our show or call 1-855-853-4802!

What is the story behind ghostly train lights that linger down an abandoned rail line?

Late one night, a teenager witnesses a shocking scene of murder from the upstairs window of an old farmhouse. A scene straight out of hell.

What do you do when an unknown force draws you to a place of danger, a place of potential death?

It's late at night and in the distance part of your home, you can hear the gleeful sound of children playing and singing… only problem… You don’t have any children. That’s today on Real Ghost Stories Online!

When a cryptic looking woman with long dark hair appears in your room late at night… It must be just a dream right? Not always! That’s part of a story we discuss today on Real Ghost Stories Online.

Was there ever a body that came into the morgue that just wasn’t “quite right”?

How many of us had childhood hauntings, but don't remember it because we've repressed the memory?

When you have a baby that won’t stop crying, it can be extremely frustrating.

What do you do when, as a nurse, you witness something that is not medically or physically explainable?

Today we take calls from the living who have experienced real interactions with the dead. True ghost stories told by real people!

Sam Baltrusis has lived what some may call, a haunted life. From a very young age, Sam realized that he had the gift of being able to hear and sometimes see the other side.

Did a family heed the mysterious warning or omen that was given to them through their phone line before tragedy struck?

Could the ominous building number of an apartment have something to do with the dark encounters being experienced within its walls? Could that number be an invite for evil entities to enter its doors? That’s what we talk about today on “Real Ghost Stories Online”.

What do you do when spirits make it impossible to sleep?

This podcast is for everyone and anyone who loves science and wants to know more about everything around us.

A couple wakes up in the middle of the night to discover an unexpanded terrifying presence in the room.

How did the police react when they were contacted after a person witnessed the Mothman?

A stubborn father’s refusal to believe in ghosts results in a home infested with spirits.

What should be a cozy family setting turns out to be a house of horrors, or in this case a haunted log cabin! Who are the spirits who haunt this log cabin and what do they want?

Elementary school is a time of many firsts. For some kids, its also a time of experiencing a “first haunting.” Just how dark can a schoolhouse be? We find out today on Real Ghost Stories Online.

I believe that things had happened to me much earlier than I can remember, because I recall already being afraid, just not why I was afraid.

From a very young age, Bill Cook had run-ins with the paranormal.

A young woman growing up in a toxic home environment is tormented by both the living and the dead.

A school trip to the Edinburgh Vaults leaves on school child with an experience that will haunt her for the rest of her life.

A group of college students discovers they are in for the fright of their lives in their new home.

What do you do when you wake in the middle of the night to see a translucent woman standing by your bed.

History takes the dark stories all the way back to the time when Native Americans inhabited the land. As time would progress, many other souls would live their final days on Cielo Drive.

The stories children tell about ghosts are not always "made up". What do you do as a parent when you find out the reality of a child's tales?

What happens when you’re in charge of remodeling a historic Bourbon Street style bar. What if the spirits of the past want to keep the setting the same?

It's not just cookies and mothballs, its spirits and the dead coming back to life! Of course, we’re talking about grandma’s house! Today on Real Ghost Stories Online!

It’s 3am, and a dark figure is approaching you as you stand alone in the dark. What do you? That’s exactly what one person is charged with deciding today on Real Ghost Stories Online.

What went through Kristy and her fellow investigator's mind when they heard the voices of the Bakers begin to talk about the shoot out that happened more than 80 years ago.

What do you do when a dark spirit has attached itself to your life? Is there ever a way to truly break free of its dark grip?

What do you do when you spend your childhood in a haunted house?

A legendary local haunted house is used as the setting for a horror movie, but is the property truly a house of horrors? What kind of ghosts infest its walls when the cameras stopped rolling?

Today we hear shocking stories of real ghost stories from the people who experienced them first hand.

This is our once a month extra weekend episode where we take a look at the "haunting hits" that we featured in some of this month's episodes of Real Ghost Stories Online & The Grave Talks.

Did these continuous encounters with the dead have a purpose or meaning?

Two teens to decide to test the legend of their high school being haunted and end up face to face with the ghost that roams the halls after dark.

Today we hear real ghost stories from real people, as they share their real accounts of the undead with us on Real Ghost Stories Online!

Once you discover our grandparent's house is haunted, how do you tell your family? How do you discover who’s haunting it? Is there a way to help the spirits pass on without freighting your entire family?

What happens when a family is tormented by poltergeist activity for many, many years? What kind of lasting impact does it make on the members of the family from children to adults? Today we find out.

Paranormal investigator Loyd Auerbach joins us to discuss the woman in blue

Did a young boys spirit project itself to his grandmother in a time of need, while both were still alive?

Did a grandmother return from the grave to watch over her family as new generations enter the world?

This is a preview of our new podcast Office Horror Stories!

How do you respond to a spirit that insists they are “not dead”!? One listener struggles to find a way to communicate with a confused spirit.

Do ghosts like listening to our podcast? One listener thinks so and has compelling evidence that we may not only popular with the living but the dead as well!

New England Legends run far and wide. Stories of cryptic creatures pushing young people off cliffs, Christmas monsters keeping children in line, ghostly women lingering around cemeteries, the list goes on and on.

An apartment infested with insects, flies, roaches, maggots, and weevils by the hundreds, fueled by demons and hate. This is what one family endured for decades. Find out how they survived.

Who is the ghostly little girl that one child seems to play with every day?

What do you do when you hear late-night splashing in your pool?

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We often hear about near-death experiences, but what about death experiences? What makes a death experience much more terrifying than a near-death experience? Stick around to find out!

This is a look at the music tracks we've been featuring on our EPP bonus episodes of Real Ghost Stories Online.

What are the ghosts of sleep paralysis?

A shadow person follows a young woman home, only to torment her whole family late one night.

Do ghosts ever attempt to reach out to the living through dreams? Can a ghost deliver a message to the living through a dream? Today we hear true stories of paranormal dreams!

How to deal with lying co-workers. Have you ever had a coworker who went out of their way to lie and make up stories about you?

What do you do when you discover your college campus is haunted? Living on campus can be a fun and exciting experience with the living, but is it just as fun when it involves the dead?

What lurks in the dark corners of a home at night? Is it just a lack of light? Or is there something else, something much more disturbing that lives in these dark crevices?

Originally open December 26, 1881 the haunted Birdcage Theater in Tombstone, AZ as a very dark story to tell.

When a ghost child returns to the pre-school he so loved, what can the living teachers instruct him to do in the afterlife?

To hear more about this real ghost story, subscribe and listen to our podcast, Real Ghost Stories Online wherever you download podcasts!

Rhoda Derry was a victim of our society’s once cruel and bizarre system of treating the mentally ill.

Who is the old man lurking in the backyard by the goats??

During the school year of 1987-1988 shocking, paranormal events took over a dorm and parts of an American college campus.

Darkness Lives in The Bothell Hell House.

Could the living be haunting a house that they hold a close personal connection to?

A dark holiday tale of Christmas past told by Jenny Brueski of Real Ghost Stories Online.

In our lifetimes, Christmas has been a holiday focused on happiness, gifts, family and good cheer.

Growing up and moving from house to house can make childhood very confusing. Even more so when, the sprits who you’ve met at each location continue to move with you.

Is the old farmhouse on the edge of a town haunted? Everyone knows about an old house that sits by itself, slowly rotting from the inside out. Is the house in today’s story haunted?

How to deal with lying co-workers. Have you ever had a coworker who went out of their way to lie and make up stories about you?

What do you do if you’re childhood playmate is a ghost girl? What do you do if you don’t understand why no one else sees this playmate? Today we hear a real ghost story about a ghostly childhood playmate.

What do you do when you have a mischievous child roaming around your house?

DeAnna Simpson thought she was about to embark on a fresh new chapter in her life, little did she know that the next chapter would be titled the Hanover Haunting.

What do you do when your office is inhabited by patrons of its past?

What would you do if your requests for ghostly communication were answered? What if you wanted to take that request back?

Oftentimes co-works will solicit others for money for girl scout cookies or a fundraiser, but what do you do when a female coworker asks you if you would be interested in purchasing a “Peek” at… Yea…

What do you do when you move into an old home, only to find creepy relics hidden behind the walls of the cabinetry? Today we hear the true ghost story of ghosts in the cabinet!

What do you do when time and space seem to change due to the supernatural? What do you do when the door used to escape is suddenly gone?

Did a group of air force men witness the ghost of a WWI plane while on the battlefields of WWII? In 1778, the ship General Arnold met its fate around the holidays in a very grizzly way. Are the ghosts of the General Arnold still at sea today? Do the spirits of the frozen bodies who were left to thaw on the wooden floorboards of the local courthouse? Who was lurking around a child’s bedroom late one Christmas night, if all the living are sleeping?  What is Sylvia all-time favorite Christmas Ghost Story?  To listen to part two of our interview, you need to be a Grave Keeper (supporter of the show). You can do this by signing up on our Patreon Page here:

Is there a reason why generation after generation, one family, seems to be drawn to the same distant places and experiences?

What do you do when the 100 year old resident at your assisted living facility seems to be having visitors… from the other side? Is it a sign that the end is near?

Professional kitchens can be some of the most stressful and politically incorrect places to work.

Have you ever worked in a haunted office? An office where things just don’t seem to go, right?

What do you do when you discover there is a ghost in your bed? Do you run, do you hide, do you spoon? Today we hear of one such story!

What was the story of the family, what was daily life like for them before murders for the family?

Sometimes no matter how far away you move from your “haunted house”, you can’t get away from the spirits. Is finding peace with the undead, the only solution in this case?

What do you do when you are all alone at night and unexplained music starts playing in your home?

What do you do when your manager only hires their friends… and the manager's friends are useless