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Paranormal investigator Loyd Auerbach joins us to discuss the woman in blue

Did a young boys spirit project itself to his grandmother in a time of need, while both were still alive?

Did a grandmother return from the grave to watch over her family as new generations enter the world?

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How do you respond to a spirit that insists they are “not dead”!? One listener struggles to find a way to communicate with a confused spirit.

Do ghosts like listening to our podcast? One listener thinks so and has compelling evidence that we may not only popular with the living but the dead as well!

New England Legends run far and wide. Stories of cryptic creatures pushing young people off cliffs, Christmas monsters keeping children in line, ghostly women lingering around cemeteries, the list goes on and on.

An apartment infested with insects, flies, roaches, maggots, and weevils by the hundreds, fueled by demons and hate. This is what one family endured for decades. Find out how they survived.

Who is the ghostly little girl that one child seems to play with every day?

What do you do when you hear late-night splashing in your pool?

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We often hear about near-death experiences, but what about death experiences? What makes a death experience much more terrifying than a near-death experience? Stick around to find out!

This is a look at the music tracks we've been featuring on our EPP bonus episodes of Real Ghost Stories Online.

What are the ghosts of sleep paralysis?

A shadow person follows a young woman home, only to torment her whole family late one night.

Do ghosts ever attempt to reach out to the living through dreams? Can a ghost deliver a message to the living through a dream? Today we hear true stories of paranormal dreams!

How to deal with lying co-workers. Have you ever had a coworker who went out of their way to lie and make up stories about you?

What do you do when you discover your college campus is haunted? Living on campus can be a fun and exciting experience with the living, but is it just as fun when it involves the dead?

What lurks in the dark corners of a home at night? Is it just a lack of light? Or is there something else, something much more disturbing that lives in these dark crevices?

Originally open December 26, 1881 the haunted Birdcage Theater in Tombstone, AZ as a very dark story to tell.