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It happened on a frigid winter night. First, a sudden moment of terror. Then, a frantic search to find a costumed killer. “Internal Affairs,” Dateline’s next original podcast series, takes us to northern Colorado, and into an obsessive and deadly romantic affair. Reported by Josh Mankiewicz, it’s a story about bad choices, a fatal attraction and men and women who proudly wore badges at work--while living lies at home. And when the day of reckoning came, the people with the badges had to investigate their own.

  • Introducing: Murder in Apartment 12
    As a bonus for you, we’re sharing the trailer for Murder in Apartment 12, an all-new original podcast series from Dateline and Keith Morrison. The story starts with Nona Dirksmeyer, a young beauty queen. Smart and talented, her future is bright. But just days before her 20th birthday, Nona is murdered in her apartment. Police quickly decide their primary suspect is the young man who found her – her boyfriend, Kevin. After all, his bloody palm print is at the crime scene. Case closed? Not by a long shot. In Dateline’s latest original podcast series, Keith Morrison tells the story of three trials, two suspects, and one small town where things are not always what they seem. Follow now to get the first two episodes on September 26 completely free, or you can subscribe to Dateline Premium on Apple Podcasts to listen now, ad-free: https://link.chtbl.com/miat_fdtw
  • Star Witnesses
    A woman at the center of the case turns state’s evidence and the defendant takes the stand.
  • Jailhouse Confidential
    Recorded phone calls from a suspect in jail reveal the ties that bind unraveling.
  • “Can I Just Give You A Hug?”
    A detective plays cat and mouse with an unusual suspect, while crime scene evidence raises questions for investigators.
  • Unintended Consequences
    Choices about relationships, revelations and reconciliation set a murder in motion.
  • The Grim Reaper
    When a wife and mother is murdered in Greeley, Colorado, responding investigators suspect the costumed killer is someone they know.
  • Busted
    A secret affair gets discovered, and a murder suspect gets cuffed.
  • Introducing: Internal Affairs
    A sudden moment of terror launches a frantic search for a costumed killer. Reported by Josh Mankiewicz, “Internal Affairs” is a story about bad choices, a fatal attraction and people who proudly wore badges at work -- while living lies at home. Follow now to get new episodes weekly, or subscribe to Dateline Premium on Apple Podcasts for early access and ad-free listening: apple.co/datelinepremium