A show that explores the open source ecosystem and muddles through documentation. It a show that documents project documentation quality and tries to contribute back. Is that meta enough for you?

Value for Value ⚡️

  • Episode 09
    Discussion about Chapter Automation Progress and a bookmark/archiving tool called LinkAce.
  • Episode 08
    Try to get LIT and You'll End Up Burnt
  • The Return of the Lemming
    The show is getting a revival!
  • PEBCAK and Covid
    To Err is Human. Self reflection about how the individual user is a wildcard for a project. Scaffolding the experience with good documentation is helpful, but PEBCAK will always be a thing. Check out the [blog](/blog/e05) that accompanies this...
  • Helping the Hippo
    This week I get involved in testing out beta ISOs for the Ubuntu Project using Virtual Box. I encourage you to participate as well!! See the [blog](/blog/testingweek/) for more details.
  • Lemmings Do Have Something to Contribute!
    Discussion about the recent documentation into multiple upstream projects and exploring self-hosted web analytic platforms.
  • Getting Some SWAG on a RPI 4
    **CHECK OUT THE [BLOG](/blog/e02/) FOR THIS EPISODE!!** Installing Ubuntu 20.10 on a RPI 4 using an external hard drive. Then, setup docker and docker-compose. Finally, using documentation from [LSIO](docs.linuxserver.io) a reverse proxy with...
  • Git, VSCode and Contributing to the Linux Lemming
    Using Git and VSCode to Contribute to the Linux Lemming a [blog](/blog/contributing/) goes with this episode too.
  • Prepare to Launch
    The pre-launch to episode one. Just some introductions and things like that.