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Another week another episode of previews, as Joseph and Andrew explore top tier lolis, sailor moon condoms, and not seeing when the best girl is right in front of you. First up IRL news is here with Joseph talking about the new FGO chapter, and Andrew getting up on a whole bunch of watch lists by asking who we think the best lolis are. Afterwards industry news brings us topics like a stalker scaring us with his skills in tracking down his target, and Mad Max being turned into an anime. (sort of) And lastly the previews roll through, with Joseph going to a demon school to date the best girl and Andrew gets reincarnated as an overpowered cute loli doing librarian things.

This week on VGP, we’re recording on a strange day! What’s going on?! We start off with side notes about life changes and turbulent schedules, before diving into the regular news where we discuss Blizzard’s recent massive scandal, the announcement of the PS5, Pokemon Sword and Shield’s exceptionally strange live stream, and Sony losing two prominent people to retirement on the same day!After the news we discuss what games we’ve been playing recently, and finish up with talk of anime and food! All this and more up next on VGP 340! -Aki Show Notes Music Intro – Tetris A Theme Guitar Cover by FamilyJules Outro – Tetris B Theme Guitar … Continue reading VG Pulse 340: It’s A Blizzard Out There!! →

Didn't get enough of that boy on boy action last episode listeners? Perhaps another dose of that all dick goodness is what you need? Well like it or not it's here for you. Ryo and Blonde present a double header episode with a bonus round later on. Get ready to get broken in on this episode of Anime Pulse After Dark.

Who needs to see genitals, dear listeners? It's only consumes all of what we do here...totally unnecessary and because of that they were entirely absent in this show. So Enjoy the snooze fest on this episode of Anime Pulse After Dark.

Ryo would like to apologize for the sound quality in the next few episodes. She had a microphone issue that has been resolved as of episode 48 so please forgive how awful it sounds for a bit. In the meantime enjoy gang violence the porno.

Is it that time of year again? Yes it is! That's right, Anime Pulse is once again back at it with previews for the new season. First up is Joseph whose bones are creaking as the cold air rolls in, and Andrew is hitting us with the word 'Otaku' and what it means to us. Afterwards we talk about what very well might be the final nail in the KickVic controversy, and the exciting news that the Queen of Tsunderes will be coming to visit America. And lastly are the previews, with Joseph being summoned to another world to wrestle princesses and nuke slimes and Andrew plays basketball and boardgames with cute girls.

This week on Anime Pulse the guys talk about Dog the Bounty Hunter, watching anime at work, and tutoring the best girl. First up comes the IRL news with Joseph on a fit kick, and Andrew trying to find out how you watch your anime. Afterwards industry news has got a full gambit for us, with topics like Japan's most wanted, Sony buying up a couple anime companies, and another season of a living railgun shooting things. And lastly in the reviews Joseph subtly hides who the best girl is, and Andrew one punches lacking animation and yawn inducing story.

This week on Anime Pulse the guys bring up a controversial topic about their Discord, and hope that their bosses don't fire them. First up is IRL news as Joseph talks about having to take a week off for wisdom teeth removal, and Andrew wants to know who some of your favorite comedic relief characters. Afterwards the guys talk about idols being defended by twitter, a minor but surprising KickVic update, and Ash Ketchum wins a championship at 22. And lastly Joseph wants to see a raccoon girl have kids, and Andrew has to go through puberty as a cute anime girl.

This week on VGP, we delve into the world of ASMR, much to the dragon’s displeasure. After teasing Kas a bit we start off properly with side notes of new jobs and expensive dentist appointments, before heading off into the regular news where we discuss swattings, new footage of The Last Of Us Part 2, and Fallout 76’s continuing saga of screwing up absolutely everything they’re even loosely involved in! After the news we go over the forums and post a new one, before finishing up with an extensive talk of anime! All this and more up next on VGP 339! -Aki Show Notes Music Intro – Start Lifting Dumbbells … Continue reading VG Pulse 339: ASMR Dragon →

As each year passes we lose a few more established actors. Once in awhile this news bubbles up to us and we make a show in remembrance of them. Plus maybe it can drive a few clicks our way if someone stumbles upon us looking for the actors we’re talking about. This time we look back at Rip Torn who’s best known for being the rough, curmudgeonly, old guy who back and mumbles profanity at the protagonist. Even when it’s rated G, there’s the implicit swearing. We jointly talk about Tropic of Cancer(1970). Based on the book from the sixties, which was set in the thirties in France. It’s an autobiographical account … Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 112: RIP Rip Torn →

It’s year seven hundred forty nine of the Banshou Era. The third age of enlightenment following the Toki wars. This is the kind of thing Tim complains about in the intro to his manga. Where the author tells us what year it is like we’ve been reading their notes and know what to make of that. Tim reviews Plunderer. In a world where people have numbers on their bodies representing things, Hina is looking for some warrior. The number serves as a ranking system and is personal to each person. Some people have a number indicating how often they’ve filed their taxes. Hina has one for the number of kilometers she’s walked. … Continue reading Manga Pulse 407: Plunder Kai →

It's not 420, but Joseph and Andrew can still get lit while they discuss anime news, reviews, and what's been going on in their lives. IRL news zooms right past us as Joseph has almost nothing really to mention, and Andrew has very little community response this week. Industry news is bit more meaty with voluptuous drawings pissing off special ed kids, and a voice actress returning to the scene after a brief hiatus. And the reviews bring up the rear as Joseph lusts after the girl nobody wanted, and Andrew puts on his ODM gear and battles good taste.

It may not be a special number but we happen to like the triple digits. So we just had to pick a theme of some sorts. We couldn’t come up with anything particularly uniting so we decided to hone in on movies set in our home state. We begin with the fairly recent Cold Pursuit[2019]. The Liam Neeson film that turns out to be an American remake of a Norwegian film. Neeson plays a snowplow driver at a fictional ski town in the Rockies. His son gets killed by a drug dealer and Neeson decides to break out the vengeance bit one more time. There are some colorful characters and … Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 111: Cold Pursuit →

Welcome back to our artisanal show. We make our podcast with a couple of simple ingredients. A couple of manga, some whiskey, and lots of time. No artificial cash influxes provided by oversized media conglomerates intent out forcing out as much flavorless paste for as little as possible. Tim reviews Eden’s Zero, done by the creator of Fairy Tale. Our hero, Shiki, is living alone on an island of robots when a fantasy youtuber, Rebecca, shows up. The robots turn out to be evil and want to escape the island on her ship. Shiki defeats them and leaves with Rebecca and her talking cat, Happy. It turns out that the … Continue reading Manga Pulse 406: Zero Patrolman →

This week on Anime Pulse the guys talk about microscopic Jojo creatures, the dismissal of Vic Mignogna’s case, and coming home to loli fox girls. First up is IRL news as Joseph reveals his 23andMe results, and Andrew wants to know how you got your friends addicted to anime. Afterwards the guys covers some industry news, with topics like otaku scientists naming newly discovered creatures and anime gets more Junji Ito horror. And lastly the reviews come in, as Joseph spends his nights petting foxtails and Andrew stops time to solve a mystery. Show Notes Music Intro – “Japanese Style Trap Beat” by Annex from Royalty Free Anime Music Outro … Continue reading Episode 619: Sewayaki Kitsune no Kokkoku →

This week on VGP, we’re once again unsupervised! We start out with side notes of Aki having something mysterious going on, as well as Millennium telling us what life’s been like in daylight lately! Afterwards we dive into the regular news where we go over September 4ths Nintendo Direct (Deadly Premonition tho…), Ikumi Nakamura’s bizarre departure from Tango Gameworks, and we have a bit of a rant over the whole Alec Holowka situation and 2019’s “cancel culture” in general. After the news we dive into a joint first look at Astroneer, and finish off with talk of food, and Millennium ranting about Funimation! All this and more up next on … Continue reading VG Pulse 338: Nope Man’s Sky →

Not all adaptations are made equally. Sometimes they get made and Hollywood, being the land of originality and creativity, decides to try and remake it. This episode we’re talking about a book so nice they adapted it twice. True Grit. With the original movie being made back in the sixties staring John Wayne with the next one done in twenty ten, there are differences abound. Not the least of which is that the accent Jeff Bridges affected for the remake got stuck and now he always talks like a drunken frontier lawman. Not much else to say so we’ll keep this no bigger than a corn nubbin.

This week we kick the show off with the grand pappy of mockumentaries. The one that started them all and inspired up to dozens of copy cats. Tim and Weltall jointly review This Is Spinal Tap(1984). A documentary style comedy filmed around a fictional English rock band in the vein of Sabbath who’s going on an American tour as their popularity begins to wane. While directed by Rob Reiner, it features a lot of staples of the later Christopher Guest movies to come in both actors and stylistic choices. While it’s assembled from hundreds of hours of improvisation, the bane of most comedies these days, it has the bones of … Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 110: This Is Spinalta →

Stephen King has a long history with adaptations of his work. No small amount of it has been decent to good books being turned into movies that are best described as “free, please take”. Is this a problem with trying to cram a book big enough to beat a rhino into submission into ninety minutes? We attempt to find out by watching Mangler and Cat’s Eye. The Mangler is, inexplicably, a movie based on the short story about a laundry machine that gets possessed. The story is quaint and functional considering that it was written in the seventies for a fiction magazine. The movie though is a pure mess with Robert Englund … Continue reading Script 2 Script 23: King and King →

Anime Pulse comes back to you now, at the turn of the season. A storm of anime is coming, and we must prepare. First, we sharpen the IRL news spears. Joseph has fallen back into the Skyrim trap, and Andrew wants to know your thoughts on shorter length anime. Afterwards the two inspect the barracks of industry news, discovering topics like China calling Chinese Otakus Japanese extremists, virtual YouTubers serving alcohol, and an update on the Vic Mignogna situation. And finally it's onwards towards the battlefield, as Joseph takes aim at an Isekai within an Isekai and Andrew launches some mortars at cute anime schoolgirls.

Today we have requests. The kind where people so much want to see us in pain they physically package up some manga and ship it across the wider states to our PO box. This means that we have no choice but to tackle this as soon as possible unlike the requests where we’re merely sent the title, though we still accept those as well. Tim’s assigned homework is The Scarlet Letter. Yes, the classic novel which is such a well loved book it’s assigned reading in school making kids everywhere hate it. It’s a manga-ized adaptation of the story with a few scant manga elements to spice it up. Those … Continue reading Manga Pulse 405: Scarlet Monster →

Hello again dear listeners. The hosts bring you another episode. This time some superhero magical girl content and the weirdest single piece of erotica Ryo has ever read. Thanks to some horrible technical issues Blonde does not read and disappears completely towards the end.

Roald Dahl is one of those authors that Hollywood like to try and adapt every few years. At least once the adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate factory faded into the childhood nostalgia of those working. Which might just be how we got The Witches. Like all good novels with a child protagonist, we start off with dead parents. Parental figures apparently being to heroes as gorillas are to dropped children. Our hero goes to live with his grandma who believes in witches. Both novel and film end up with the kid being cared for by grandma who has to holiday someplace in England for her health. Both have a convention of … Continue reading Script 2 Script 22: The Witches →

Hello dear listeners. We have returned. Not that we really went anywhere, Ryo just needed a day off to be able to do this. So here is an episode from May. Ryo hated it. That much will become apparent. Then the duo tackle non con erotica. Atone for your horny crimes and join us for this episode of Anime Pulse After Dark!

There’s nothing quite like public domain characters for making movies from. How about a wacky take on Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde? What if the great great grandson of Dr Jekyll inherited his notes, attempted to fix it with estrogen and then turned into an evil woman? That’s the plot of Dr Jekyll and Ms Hyde(1995). Our main character is an unlikable turd who works in research at a perfume company but whines about how he’s not doing science. He even points to a tv playing Frankenstein and says “that’s science” to his fiancee. At first his transformations help as Ms Hyde puts his life in better order. Things go bad when … Continue reading Popcorn pulse 109: Dr Head →

This episode was going to be posted earlier but it had gone missing. Probably because it’s four oh four. Alright, restrooms are back and to your left. Please tip your wait staff. G’night! Tim reviews Mao by Rumiko Takahashi. Our main school girl, for it is always a school girl, Nanoka is busy seeing ghosts and trying to be normal. See her parents died in an accident and left her to be able to see ghosts. Luckily this recycled plot is mashed together with another when Nanoka wanders through a spot which transports her to the nineteen twenties Japan. Back when a white hair dude is running around executing demons. Having a bit … Continue reading Manga Pulse 404: Not Found →

This week on VG Pulse, we have a long and partially unsupervised show! We start off with side notes of concerts, work, fairs, and extreme sunburns, before we go over the regular news where we discuss the PS5 dev kit leak, another incidence of swatting, and the newest developments in the ProJared situation! After the news we go over the forum and set up a new one, and then Millennium and I give a joint review of Oxygen Not Included! We finish off with our thoughts on The Rising Of The Shield Hero and talk of food! All this and more up next on VGP 337! -Aki Show Notes Music … Continue reading VG Pulse 337: Complications Included →

If you were an author that wrote something that seemed inherently silly there are a lot of ways to deal with it. One way might be to rewrite it so that it’s not so silly. Another might be to just live with it and learn to accept it knowing that readers will take cues from your confidence. The worst and most common way is to simply hand a lampshade on it and smirk at the audience. That’s what happens within Real Murders – an Aurora Teagarden Mystery. The author knows she has a silly name and tries to let us know she’s in on the joke. Luckily this doesn’t set the tone for the … Continue reading Script 2 Script 21: Real Murders →

Video game movies are kind of like corn blight. They’re things that devastate whole crops of but only ever seem to effect monocultures. We’re not even sure if that thing lands or not. Our joint review is for Doom[2005]. It’s one of the early crop of game adaptations which continued to add evidence that no one in Hollywood has ever touched a controller. It stars Dwayne Johnson, around who scripts simply materialize, and Karl Urban. There’s an archeological expedition on Mars that sends out a distress call. Turns out they found ancient fossils of humans with perfect DNA. Naturally scientists have been extracting that which promptly turns the station inhabitants into vaguely demons from the … Continue reading Popcorn pulse 108: Doom Rock →

Why do the Japanese like cats? Would you start a war over your waifu? And if you wrote an isekai what would it's premiss be? These questions and more are answered on this weeks episode of Anime Pulse. First up is IRL news with Joseph being hyped for brownies, and Andrew grilling us on what kind of isekai we would create. Afterwards we get into industry news, with topics like barney attending this year's comiket and artwork that was saved from the KyAni fire. And lastly are the previews, with this being the final previews show for the Summer. Joseph is transferred to a seedy city to fight in a waifu war, meanwhile Andrew transforms into a magical girl to pilot a giant robot.

Hello? Yes, we’d like to order some cheese sticks, a large fry, two Cokes and a hamberder. Yes, a hamberder with no kepchup. I mean kepchup. Oh hell, I think someone goatse my autobot. Tim’s review focuses on Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san, or The Helpful Fox Senko-san. Our protagonist is a tired, overworked salary man who comes home one day to find a fox girl living in his house. This is made stranger by the fact she’s incredibly eager to please and serve him and rebuffs any attempts to be helped by him. It gets a Borders for hinting at a larger story while favoring a gag a chapter in the first volume. Weltall’s Eden Game takes … Continue reading Manga Pulse 403: Helpful Game →

We’ve never run the numbers explicitly but there can’t be quite as many animated movies based on novels compared to any other genre. Which is why we thought it perfect to tackle Who Framed Roger Rabbit. A movie well loved and known for many things. For being one of the very few moments wherein Warner Brothers characters appear onscreen with Disney characters. A landmark in blending live action and animation. A movie considered so risky that Disney didn’t want to put their mark on it and instead released it under the Touchstone label. Because back then Disney wasn’t attempting to court an older audience. Which is why it was quite … Continue reading Script 2 Script 20: Who Famed Roger Rabbit →

Deep in the heart of every video rental store of the nineties there were a few VHS tapes that were ubiquitous. These were the movies that were not ordered by the owners. They simply appeared on the shelves complete with worn stickers and suggested rental prices that were incorrect. One such film is Ice Cream Man(1995). Starring everyone’s favorite budget monster, sans makeup, is Clint Howard. He plays a man who witnessed an ice cream man getting gunned down as a child. Grown up and released from the mental institute, he now runs the ice cream shop and truck. He also murders people because that’s what you do when you’ve witnessed a … Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 107: Ice Scream →

You awake to find yourself suddenly transported to another world, filled with cute cat girls, magic, and your mom? And that's just the start, as this week on Anime Pulse we talk about Isekais, idiots making dumb threats, and edgy protagonists. First up is IRL news with Joseph being rained on, and Andrew getting us super hungry with his community topic. Afterwards the industry news gets up happy with KyoAni returning to work, and gets us sad with some moron saying he'll set fire to Square Enix. And finally are some more previews, as Joseph gets summoned to another world with a MILF and his childhood friend, and Andrew turns up his edgy factor while live streaming.

This week on VGP, there are many a rant to be had! We start off with side notes of future Kas visits, before we get side tracked onto talking about the horrific shootings that took place in El Paso and Dayton, and have a rant about the way the media and other outlets are once again handling it. Afterwards, we head on off into the regular news where we discuss Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft planning to have companies disclose the real odds of loot boxes, as well as Gamestop letting go of more than fifty regional leaders in yet another attempt to fix their sinking ship. After the news we … Continue reading VG Pulse 336: garbage fire →

Back again are you? Well then, welcome back to Anime Pulse. This week we got more new from KyoAni, previews for the summer 2019 season, and community stuff. First up is IRL news as Joseph nearly spends himself into the black, and Andrew asks us if we read the manga to anime that we watch. Then comes industry news, with topics like a treasure trove being recovered from the KyoAni fire, and a dormitory being built just for animators. And finally come more previews, with Joseph arresting perverted high school girls and Andrew sweats bullets as young school girls share their perverted desires and confess to him.

This week on Anime pulse the guys talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. First up IRL news hits us with Joseph's upgrades to his recording setup, and Andrew is asking everyone what anime has taught them. Afterwards they run through the industry news with topics like a politician who is pro-otaku, and KyoAni opening an account for donations to support the families hit by the tragedy. And lastly come the previews, as Joseph loses an arm on a trip to space and Andrew becomes a viking named Nobunaga.

There’s something infinitely charming about the predictions of the future made in the distant past in science fiction. Particularly when they didn’t bother to cast that far ahead in the date of their fictional world. Take Blade Runner, for example, depicting Los Angeles as a dark, shadowy, dystopian world of flying cars and pyramids. When in reality that more accurately describes modern day Las Vegas. Tim’s manga, Captain Commando is one of those. Written in the early nineties it is set in the far off year of twenty twenty six. In the fictional world of Metro City, nestled between Mega City Two and Neo-Tokyo, where crime is rampant. Until a millionaire electronics … Continue reading Manga Pulse 402: Street Captain →

It's a somber week here on Anime Pulse, as we discuss the passing of 34 KyoAni staff after a senseless arsonist attack on their Studio 1. Our well wishes go out to the family and friends of these staff, and we hope those injured either physically or emotionally recover soon. The show's format remains unchanged however, and so IRL news starts us off with Joseph paying for some upgrades to his recording equipment and Andrew would like to know what anime produced by KyoAni are the best. Afterwards we go in depth on the attack on Kyoto Animation, our only news article this show. And lastly are previews, with Joseph adopting a devil daughter while he hunts monsters and Andrew hits the gym after becoming stranded on an island.

This week on VG Pulse, we have supervision in the form of a puddle! We start off with side notes of computer talk and near disasters of both fire and water, before we head on off into the regular news where we discuss all the new Nintendo Switch articles that have dropped recently, as well as talk of Game Stop’s newest plan to get back in action! After the news we go over the forums and post a new one up, and then finish everything off with general life updates and a discussion on the KyoAni tragedy, and how you can help out! All this and more up next on … Continue reading VG pulse 335: Retro Heat →

What happens when a crazed Australian teams up with the director of Superman(1978)? You get a wacky cowboy adventure flick that’ a remake of the a TV show from the fifties. We are talking about Maverick(1994). Mel plays a gambler who’s trying to get to a poker tourney worth a half million dollars by raising the ten thousand entry fee. He’s nearly mislaid by Jodie Foster and James Garner. Thankfully this was the nineties and no one outside of skeevy bars had ever heard of “Texas Hold ‘Em”. Which means the poker scenes aren’t nearly an obnoxious as they would be in ten years. Tim then talks about the series, Cheers. it’s one of … Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 106: The Mav →

We discuss San Diego Comic Con International 2019

Last week Anime Pulse dug in deep with the Vic Mignogna news, but this week they have nothing to update us with. So if you're here for that, you'll be sorely disappointed. Otherwise, stick around for IRL news as Joseph talks about being a cool uncle and Andrew wants to know who your favorite foreigners in anime are. Afterwards the two get into industry news with topics like Toei animation staff being accused of sexual harassment, anime being delayed due to the author not liking the quality, and we've got more Akira coming in the near future. And then we leave off with the first previews show of the summer season, with Joseph failing to be a magical demon lord and Andrew turns to stone while putting out fires.

Greetings Listeners. We're not dead. Change your mind about allergies with Ryo and Blonde on this episode of Anime Pulse After Dark.

It's time for another fascinating update to the Vic Mignogna trials, on your favorite Vic Mignogna podcast; Vic Pulse. IRL news strikes first of course, as Joseph talks about playing an adult game and Andrew is looking to find out what do you consider a good summer episode in anime. Afterwards we dig into the meat of the episode, the thing you all want to know about, what is going on with Vic Mignogna. Afterwards we wrap things up with the final reviews episode for a while, as Joseph reads some Snapple facts about Nagoya and Andrew wants to eat your pancreas.

This week on VG Pulse, we’re on our own again! We start off with side notes of work rants and things we need to get back to, before diving into the regular news where we discuss our thoughts on the finally revealed Switch Lite, Epic Games offering refunds to Shenmue 3 backers, and EA being EA again. After the news Millennium and I give our review of Super Mario Maker 2, and we finish off with talk of food and anime! All this and more up next on VGP 334! -Aki Show Notes Music Intro – Tetris A Theme Guitar Cover by FamilyJules Outro – Tetris B Theme Guitar Cover … Continue reading VG Pulse 334: Chaos Maker →

I hope you're ready for another KickVic update, because Andrew has the latest deets on the situation. Before we get there however, there's a little bit of IRL news to cover. Joseph talks about making terrible decisions before the show, and Andrew wants to know what anime we feel deconstructed the genres they are in. Afterwards industry news is here with the KickVic update from Andrew, and Joseph mentions that a VR Youtuber has made records by going to space. (sort of) And then the reviews bring us Joseph trying desperately to avoid Chris Hansen, and Andrew making magical girls cry blood.

It's anti-father's day here at Anime Pulse, where the guys talk all about those horrible dads in anime. In fact, you might say it's going to be a mostly negative show this week, as Andrew and Joseph both have rather depressing news to share during the industry news section. IRL news is a bit on the lighter side though as Joseph challenges his supervisor to a Shokugeki and Andrew celebrates a birthday, and the same can be said for the reviews, as Joseph attempts to save the planet by dating girls and Andrew is like a bull in a china shop where all the china are girls made out of crystals and the bull is wizards from the moon.

This week on VG Pulse, we have one more day till Mario Maker 2!!! We start out with side-notes of new Switch’s and new games, before diving into the regular news where we discuss the latest news on Google Stadia, the tragic death of Etika, and EA being EA as usual. After the news we go over the forums (gasp!), followed by general news about the games we’ve all been playing lately. We end off with talk of anime that we need to get back to watching, and more hype for Mario Maker 2!! All this and more up next on VGP 333!! -Aki Show Notes Music Intro – The … Continue reading VG Pulse 333: Hot And Bothered →

By now we realized we’d passed our four hundred milestone and talk a little bit about what we’ve read and reviewed. There’s still consensus that some o the worst manga are the OELs which simply ape the style and mannerisms of manga. Tim’s review is Against the Gods, a manhua. The main character, who we call Che, is a grandson of a royal family with magic powers. He’s to be wed to another noble family who has magic powers. Che is broken and can’t use powers and would normally be an insult but his father sacrificed himself for the other family and his marriage is repaying Che’s family. Jealous, Che’s … Continue reading Manga Pulse 401: God Pathos →