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Geopolitics & Empire

  • Russell “Texas” Bentley: If Russia Loses in Ukraine It’s the End of the Multipolar World
    Russell “Texas” Bentley discusses American Empire and the war in Ukraine. He considers Moscow’s invasion and Special Military Operation (SMO) to have been carried out in self-defense given NATO’s longstanding goal of destroying Russia.
  • John Whitehead: The Future Is Everything the Science Fiction Writers Have Prophesied
    John Whitehead discusses the Deep State (the 7th Floor Group) and how the future of America and the world will become everything the great science fiction writers have prophesied. The collapse of the United States is akin to the collapse of the Roman E...
  • Aaron Kheriaty: Rise of the Biomedical Security State
    Dr. Aaron Kheriaty discusses his must-read book The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State and traces the roots of the medical tyranny we’ve been experiencing to the Anglosphere and eugenics movement which later was exported to Germany...
  • Gideon Joubert: South African Collapse, Why to be Optimistic, & Prepping
    Gideon Joubert discusses the global situation, collapsing economy, and continued erosion of freedom. From a safety and security perspective, things have eroded extensively in South Africa. Corrupt politicians and mafias are exacerbating the situation.
  • Ed Curtin: The Most Dangerous Thing is the Insouciance of People as to What is Going On
    Ed Curtin discusses the precarious global geopolitical situation teetering on World War 3 and how in the current Cuban Missile Crisis Redux we do not have a global leadership that can use reason to solve the problem.
  • K.M. Patten: Great Reset is the Dystopian Vision of a Technocratic Totalitarian World State
    Author K.M. Patten discusses his book “Staying ON During the Great Reset” and Cobra Commander Klaus Schwab’s dystopian vision of a technocratic totalitarian world state where he wants our world to become contactless and e-everything. K.M.
  • Thierry Baudet: We Must Develop More Courage to Counter Globalism
    Thierry Baudet discusses his foray into politics motivated by the Western world’s turn toward despotism. He feels we need to “become globalists” by organizing internationally and promoting liberty. He describes the elites and the global deep state,
  • Ralph Schoellhammer: Elites Are Turning Against Their Own Civilization
    Geopolitical consultant and professor Ralph Schoellhammer breaks down globalism and how elite policies are colliding with reality. He argues that the intellectual class are full of themselves, don’t get the recognition they think they deserve,
  • Lucas Gage: U.S. Empire & Neoliberal Globalism Stretching Thin, World’s Getting Sick of It
    USMC Veteran Lucas Gage discusses joining the marines after 9/11 and then becoming disillusioned with the GWOT, Military-Industrial-Complex, and American Empire. U.S. Empire or neoliberal globalism has basically taken over the planet with cultural,
  • Bob Moriarty: CIA Fingerprints on Nord Stream & Crimea Bridge Attacks
    Bob Moriarty discusses how current events in Ukraine are following the law of unintended consequences. There is one still operational string of Nord Stream remaining and it must have been the U.S. with the full knowledge of European allies who carried ...
  • Justin Hart: Corona Madness & Authoritarianism Could Come Back If We Allow It
    Justin Hart discusses his new book on how the world went mad over coronavirus. These bouts of madness are nothing new as he describes how hundreds of years ago nasty authoritarians arose during the Italian Black Plague.
  • Susan Standfield: The Health Emergency Was Organized Large-Scale Financial Fraud
    Canadian activist Susan Standfield discusses the “pandemic” racket and how the so-called health emergency was highly organized and large-scale financial fraud. The English-speaking Western countries are the hardest hit by the looming financial collapse...
  • Martin Armstrong: The Plot to Seize Russia & Make It a NATO Vassal
    Martin Armstrong discusses his new book based on declassified documents where in the 1990s the West, NATO, and Russian oligarchy plotted to seize Moscow, loot Russia, and takeover its natural resources. Yeltsin turned to Putin who was not a communist a...
  • Marc Morano: Permanent Lockdown & Chinafication of the West
    Marc Morano discusses his new must-read book “The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown”. Since Woodrow Wilson, there has been an ideological movement (e.g. expertocracy) pushing for total control of food, energy, etc.
  • Dave DeCamp: We’re Relying on Russian Restraint to Prevent Escalation
    Dave DeCamp of discusses the appointment of hawks such as UK PM Liz Truss and how we’re relying on Russian restraint to prevent escalation. The expansion of Global NATO is unrelenting, especially in Asia-Pacific,
  • Kris Newby: Lyme Disease Was a Consequence of U.S. Biological Weapons Research
    Author Kris Newby discusses getting diagnosed with Lyme disease and then discovering that it was most likely a biological warfare weapon created by the U.S. government. She eventually came upon the discoverer of Willy Burgdofer who revealed that he wor...
  • Johnny Vedmore: WEF is a CIA Project Designed to Create Global World Order
    Johnny Vedmore traces the roots of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum back to a Harvard International Seminar run by Henry Kissinger in turn sponsored by the CIA. WEF is essentially a CIA project that is an outgrowth of the Cold War tactic of hard cou...
  • Mike Hobart: U.S. Government Could Co-opt Bitcoin to Strengthen Dollar
    Mike Hobart talks Great Reset/Resist, geopolitical phase transition, and how the world is being disrupted on all fronts. The U.S. is extremely fragile and could fracture into two or three federations. He doesn’t see anything worth putting money into ot...
  • Doomberg: Deep Energy Scarcity is Causing War, Inflation, & Social Unrest
    Doomberg explains how deep energy scarcity is the root of the chaos we’re witnessing today: war, inflation, currency collapse, food riots, social unrest, etc. Oil and gas are on the decline. The resolution of the Western European energy crisis ahead of...
  • Iain Davis: Pseudo-Pandemic Start of Final Push for Global Governance
    Iain Davis discusses the transition process toward global technocratic control which has been planned for many years. The ultimate objective is to introduce a new monetary and financial system. Covid and Ukraine are part of that transition process.