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Geopolitics & EmpireNews, Politics, Government, History


Geopolitics & Empire

  • Mario Bojić: EU Tyranny, Globalism, WW3…I’m Not Afraid of the Future!
    Host of the Mario Zna Podcast in Serbia Mario Bojić discusses the tyranny of the EU, the tyranny of globalism, and how Serbia is the loudest anti-globalist nation in Europe. He feels many people are learning the truth and that Croats, Serbs,
  • Brian Fairchild: USA Faces New Anti-American Military Bloc, CIA Not Up to Task Anymore
    Retired CIA case officer Brian Fairchild discusses his life working in the national security state, the New Cold War, and the anti-American military bloc led by China. His biggest grievance is that the CIA is not up to the task anymore.
  • Daniel Natal: The Global Oligarchy Wants to Remake All Nations into Slave Plantations
    Daniel Natal discusses who rules the world! To help answer this question it’s important to go back to the Middle Ages, the mercantile guilds, and the British East India company where essentially an oligarchy takes over.
  • Garry Robson: Humanity Close to Being Automated in Cybernetic System
    Garry Robson discusses the deep history of cybernetics and how the goal of the internet was always to create a surveillance man-machine system. Humanity is close to being automated in a closed cybernetic system.
  • Henry Kopel: Israel-Palestine & the War on Hate, Genocide, & Terrorism
    Henry Kopel discusses the war on hate and why some individuals and groups fall into violence, terrorism, and even genocide. Heavy indoctrination and incitement to hatred play an important role. The world is spinning away from modernity into a lot of us...
  • James Roguski: Deep Dive on WHO Plot to Take Over the World!
    James Roguski discusses the plot to take over all nations through a framework convention and how the core issue stems from the 1969 World Health Assembly (WHA) and the illegitimate manner in which the International Health Regulations (IHR) were passed....
  • David Gosselin: Elites Seek Post-Renaissance Paradigm of Totalitarian Psycho-Spiritual Control
    David Gosselin discusses Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ and ‘The Island,’ visions of a system of psycho-spiritual manipulation. For elites the real problem has become the Promethean and Judeo-Christian image of man itself,
  • Makia Freeman: World Government is the End Goal of the Ruling Class
    Makia Freeman discusses the worldwide conspiracy and his book Break Your Chains which has been seven years in the making. There’s one force trying to push us into a worldwide, dictatorial, fascist, one-world government.
  • Ron Paul: Truth Is Our Greatest Weapon, The Empire Is Disintegrating
    Dr. Ron Paul discusses what’s kept him in the fight for liberty so long. He is frightened by the rise of tyranny, but at the same time is motivated to do something about it. Technology allows us to be modern-day pamphleteers and spread the message far ...
  • Iain Davis: Yes the Chinese Social Credit System Exists & Yes It’s Operating in the West!
    Iain Davis discusses the Chinese social credit system and how in fact it is global and already operating in the West under a different guise. The key to the system is Digital Identity that links to biometric data (e.g. facial recognition, iris scan,
  • Ben Massmann: Strategic Relocation in LatAm & Preparing for What’s to Come
    Texas architect and engineer Ben Massmann discusses the strategic relocation community he has created in Panama. He explains why he left America, how he personally witnessed evidence that mass migration is being coordinated by globalist actors,
  • Robin Monotti: From Gladio to the Pandemic & Climate, a Strategy of Tension
    Robin Monotti discusses how people are slowly wrapping their heads around the growing authoritarianism of the past few years and are coming to understand deep politics at different times with different subjects (e.g. 9/11, climate, pandemic, empire).
  • Joe Allen: Dark Aeon, Transhumanism, & Idiocracy Run by Algorithms!
    Joe Allen discusses the age of intelligent machines and all things transhumanism, which is a new heterodox religion steeped in Gnosticism that has crept into government and major corporations seeking to create Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) or g...
  • Jack Buffington: Deindustrialization, Demographics, & the Need for a New Supply Chain Model
    Dr. Jack Buffington discuses his new book “Reinventing the Supply Chain: A 21st-Century Covenant with America”. There were no supply chains before hydrocarbons and oil has been the lubricant, which allowed the U.S.
  • Robert Kaplan: China Seeks World Island as Middle East Forges New Architecture
    Best-selling author and renown geopolitical analyst Robert D. Kaplan discusses his new book “The Loom of Time: Between Empire and Anarchy, from the Mediterranean to China”. Empire has worked to stave off anarchy in the Middle East and it’s the first ti...
  • Jonny Hodl: CBDCs & Digital Identity are the #1 Threat!
    Jonny Hodl of The Staying Free Podcast discusses the increasing censorship facing independent media and mistakes alternative platforms have been making. His central concern is the threat of the coming Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) combined wi...
  • David Skripac: A Global Empire is Emerging Catalyzed by COVID1984
    David Skripac discusses how his father’s escape from communist Yugoslavia, his work in the field for the Canadian Forces, and his research of history led him to a proper understanding of what’s going on. He discusses the global empire that is emerging ...
  • Bob Moriarty: The Empire is Over & the Globalists Are Going to Fail!
    Vietnam veteran Bob Moriarty discusses the situation in Europe, the ongoing Ukraine war, and the cosmic levels of corruption in Kiev and Washington. He’s got a fascinating theory on the Prigozhin affair. The Russia-Ukraine conflict is at its heart a co...
  • Riggs Eckelberry: A Worldwide Water Market is Being Born & H2O Eventually Tokenized
    Riggs Eckelberry discusses all the problems related to water today (e.g. freshwater shortage, soaring costs, unsafe public systems, failing infrastructure). The government has stopped investing in water infrastructure and is only maintaining the system...
  • Nikola Mikovic: We Will Live in a World Dominated by the West for a Long Time
    Nikola Mikovic discusses the status of the Ukraine war and many of the predictions that he has made which have come to pass. He believes that when it comes to Putin, it’s all “PR” (Public Relations). We cover the second bridge attack, grain deal,