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  • Kurt Hackbarth: México & AMLO in the Shadow of American Empire
    Kurt Hackbarth provides a broad overview of México and AMLO in the shadow of American Empire. It’s an interesting phenomenon that AMLO attracts support from the left, right, and center. AMLO has been focused on retaining Mexican sovereignty (e.g.
  • Andrew Henderson: There Will Always Be A Place To Escape To
    Andrew Henderson of discusses why he renounced U.S. citizenship and exited the American Empire. Almost a third of the world’s economy is under U.S. sanctions and so countries are banding together to form new systems (e.g.
  • Kevork Almassian: MidEast Balance of Power Shifting, Pax Americana in Last Phase of Decline
    Kevork Almassian of Syriana Analysis discusses the true story behind the Syrian conflict and the war on Damascus which includes a New Middle East divided along sectarian lines. Despite being welcomed back into the Arab League,
  • Lee Slusher: Post-WWII Order Collapsing, World Moving Toward Multipolarity, Elites Seek Control
    Security Expert Lee Slusher discusses the state of Pax Americana and how the post-WWII status quo is failing. The West’s foray into Ukraine is a fool’s errand and it’s likely we’ve reached peak NATO and EU.
  • Clay Clark: Globalists Making Tremendous Progress on Great Reset
    Clay Clark discusses the globalist Great Reset advance, the multipolar alliance, the coming economic crash, and the introduction of the cashless CBDC system. Watch On BitChute / Brighteon / Rokfin / Rumble / PentagonTube Geopolitics & Empire · Clay C...
  • Jacob Nordangård: Elites Seek Tyrannical World Government, We’re Living In A Bond Movie
    Jacob Nordangård discusses how he got into researching the global elite and their diabolical plans for us all. It’s a billionaires club which has greatly expanded through foundations and now Silicon Valley elites are taking over from the earlier indust...
  • Mary Harrington: The Battle vs Feminist Transhumanism, Cyborg Theocracy & Meat Lego Gnosticism!
    Mary Harrington discusses how the sexual revolution was not the beginning of feminism but the end of it. She traces the history of feminism which was women’s aggregate response to the Industrial Revolution.
  • Iain Davis: They’re Keeping the System on Life Support Until They Can Bring in CBDCs
    Iain Davis discusses the global governance policies that are set regardless of who occupies any office and how we are steadily moving forward on their trajectory. Accelerationists like Peter Thiel are leading the way in building the new utopia/dystopia...
  • Dr. Kat Lindley: COVID19 Was About Mandates, We Must Keep Pushing Back Against WHO & WEF
    Dr. Kat Lindley discusses her experience during the “pandemic” and how growing up in communist Yugoslavia allowed her to instantly recognize the totalitarianism we were being subjected to by our governments in the name of “public health”.
  • John Perkins: China & West Are Both Creating Death Economy Using Hit Man Model
    Economic Hit Man (EHM) John Perkins discusses his new book and how the Chinese have appropriated the EHM model for global takeover. He argues that the use of the EHM model by both the Anglosphere and Beijing is creating a death economy.
  • Col. Grant Newsham: War With China a Real Possibility, But Political Warfare is Preferred
    Col. Grant Newsham discusses the changing world order which is not anything new or unprecedented. The conflict with China is primarily fought through non-kinetic and insidious means of unrestricted warfare and subversion (e.g. cultural, information,
  • Charlie Robinson: Life After Collapse of American Empire
    Author Charlie Robinson discusses the globalist’s octopus of control and their domination agenda. He’s concerned with the push for supranationalism and regional integration (e.g. North American Union). He explains how he recently predicted a banking cr...
  • Vladimir Kozin: Western & Eastern Blocs Fast Approaching Third World War
    Dr. Vladimir Kozin discusses the Ukraine conflict and explains that Kiev and NATO are the aggressors against the Russian Federation. The U.S. is threatening the use of nuclear weapons on NATO’s eastern flank and has abrogated all arms control agreement...
  • Hügo Krüger: Ukraine, Iran, Nuclear Fallout, & How I Learned to Love the Algorithm Ghetto
    Hügo Krüger gives his realpolitik perspective on the U.S.-provoked war in Ukraine. He explains how the U.S. is again attempting regime change in Iran. While he does fear the destructive force of nuclear weapons,
  • Emmanuel Daniel: U.S. Will Pull Another 1971 & Launch World Into Metaverse!
    Emmanuel Daniel discusses the idea of East versus West and it being a Western construct, we’re in a multipolar world. He argues the U.S. is a dysfunctional state because it spearheads the development of new systems of governance and suffers the consequ...
  • Adam Stulberg: On Russian Red Lines, Failure of Sanctions, & Energy Losing Potency as a Weapon
    Dr. Adam Stulberg provides his analysis of the situation in Ukraine which has become a war of attrition characterized by constant surprise for all participants. The Russian military is learning from its mistakes.
  • Etienne de la Boetie²: We Are Ruled By Inter-Generational Organized Crime
    Etienne de la Boetie² explains how we are ruled by inter-generational organized criminal networks. He views government as a technique to rob and control populations and statism as a religion. He further discusses our rule by oligarchy,
  • Alex Thomson: Both East & West Are Interested in WW3 or an Eternal Penumbra of Doomsday
    Former GCHQ Officer Alex Thomson discusses the Anglo-American establishment’s fixation on Ukraine as the underbelly of the World Island and how it is not in the interest now of either the West or the Russians to de-escalate.
  • Raw Egg Nationalist: Nowhere To Hide From World Government, We Must Stand & Fight
    Raw Egg Nationalist discusses the ancient understanding between diet and social control and how food plays a key role in the enslavement as well as the liberation of humanity. The original Great Reset took place during the Agricultural Revolution with ...
  • Gilbert Doctorow: The U.S. & Russia Are Testing Each Other’s Red Lines
    Gilbert Doctorow discusses how the U.S. and Russia are testing each other’s red lines in a bid to avoid Doomsday. Russia felt existentially threatened and thus needed to push back U.S. and NATO presence in Ukraine.