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  • Kim Iversen: Russia & China Benefited Most From Pandemic, U.S. Hegemony On Its Way Out
    Kim Iversen discusses deplatforming, the culture of free speech, and why she’s hopeful. She talks about not being allowed to interview Fauci at The Hill, ultimately leading to her resignation in order to maintain her integrity.
  • Michael Yon: We’re On the Edge of Global Holodomor & World War Three
    Michael Yon discusses the energy crisis from Germany and how Europeans are looking to freeze this winter. The “flash to bang” is slow, right now there’s plenty of food, but production is in sharp decline. We’re going into global famines which will affe...
  • Nick Corbishley: The Vaccine Passport Will Lead to a Global Digital Gulag
    Nick Corbishley discusses his book “Scanned” and gives an overview of the evolution of the Vaccine Passport and how it is morphing into a Digital ID and Social Credit System whose endgame is a Digital Gulag which will demand total obedience from the ci...
  • Josh Friedman: Covering Bilderberg, Ukraine, & More in the Age of Corona
    Journalist Josh Friedman discusses why there was little coverage of Bilderberg this year, being on the ground in Ukraine, travel in the age of corona, reporting on the migrant crisis, and more. Watch on BitChute / Brighteon / Rokfin / Rumble Geopolit...
  • Gonzalo Lira: American Power Has Collapsed, It’s Pulling Down the Rest of the World With It
    Gonzalo Lira discusses the collapse of American power and how Washington has decided to pull down the rest of the world instead of accepting a graceful decline. The Russians have the upper-hand in Ukraine and will win the war. The U.S.
  • Kurt Schlichter: Americans are Living in an Unprecedented Time of Decline
    Kurt Schlichter discusses the fall, potential collapse, and possible resurgence of America. The apex of U.S. power was the 1990s where Washington stood militarily unchallenged, but the tables have turned as today Russia and China have become worthy adv...
  • Tim Kirby: Ukraine Nationalists Fighting for Globalism, Unipolarity Detrimental to America
    Tim Kirby discusses what life is like in Russia and the war in Ukraine. The vicious assault by Kiev on the Donbas region is what has led to the current proxy war. Russia has done a good job of taking territory friendly to it.
  • Chuck Baldwin: America at Serious Crossroads, Covid Narrative Analogous to Beast of Revelation
    Dr. Chuck Baldwin discusses how America has abandoned the fundamental constitutional, Christian, ethical, and liberty principles upon which the country was built and if this trend continues it cannot stand as it was, a free country.
  • Lee Merritt: Covid is More About 1984 Than Medicine, U.S. is Behind This Biowarfare
    Dr. Lee Merritt discusses the medical technocracy and how it’s really more about 1984 than it is about medicine. The globalists used health to do an end run around the constitution and have been more successful than they’ve ever been.
  • Inderjeet Parmar: America on Brink of Abyss, Western Global Order Faces Deep Crisis
    Professor Inderjeet Parmar discusses U.S. Empire and how America is on the brink of a serious abyss, though it still remains very powerful. On one level there is a resurgent triumphalism in the West, and on another there are a deep series of crises bot...
  • Vítězslav Kremlík: Climate Apocalypticism is Being Used as an Excuse for Global Government
    Author of “A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse” Vítězslav Kremlík discusses the doomsday predictions of the climate alarmists and the natural climate cycle that has shaped the history of mankind since the beginning of time.
  • Francis Boyle: We Are in a War Against the Scientific Elite, This is WWIII
    Francis Boyle discusses how the U.S. and China collaborated on the development of the COVID-19 gain-of-function bioweapon. The elites in both Beijing and Washington have more in common with each other than with their own people due to their totalitaria...
  • Bob Moriarty: Ukraine Will Surrender & the Great Reset Will Fail
    Vietnam veteran, author, and investor Bob Moriarty discusses the war in Ukraine, how the U.S. has been supporting Nazis since WWII, and that Russia is acting in self-defense. Zelensky is being run by the U.S.
  • Darrell Y. Hamamoto: Countering the Iron Law of Oligarchy & Their Limited Hangouts
    Professor Darrell Hamamoto discusses the “iron law of oligarchy” and how the establishment hijacks and co-opts organic movements and ideas and then produces synthetic heroes (e.g. J.D. Vance). Part of the reformation of oligarchy is to continually iden...
  • Stuart J. Hooper: Elites Use U.S. Military to Destroy Forces Unaligned with Globalization
    Lecturer Stuart Hooper takes an academic look at national and international elites. Individuals no longer matter in this mass society where all political parties have been captured. C. Wright Mills points out power is held in the economic, political,
  • William Robinson: Rise of the Global Police State & Global Civil War
    Professor William Robinson discusses the unprecedented systemic crisis of global capitalism which has brought about a global police state and global civil war. Years of turmoil are ahead of us as a crisis of chronic stagnation (over-accumulation) and s...
  • Sean Stone: The New World Order System Doesn’t Have the Energy Behind It to Succeed
    Sean Stone discusses where we are in the New World Order and how the elites are now openly showing their hands full force. America and the world have always been at war with this imperial faction. We’re at the dawn of a new age where he’s optimistic an...
  • Guy Mettan: Ukraine is the First Battle of the Third World War
    Guy Mettan discusses the deep thousand year history of Russophobia which informs the current Ukraine crisis. Europe had divided in two parts along religious lines which can still be seen in Ukraine today. He traces Russophobia from medieval Germany to ...
  • Bob Moran: They Are Going To See COVID1984 Through
    Award-winning cartoonist Bob Moran discusses how he was fired from The Daily Telegraph for speaking out against government biosecurity measures. He gives his view on the past two years of medical tyranny, “waking up” and going down the rabbit hole.
  • Yves Engler: Canada’s Key Role in the Russia-Ukraine War
    Canadian activist and author Yves Engler discusses how he recently interrupted talks by the Canadian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to call them out for attempting to start WWIII by helping NATO use Ukraine as a proxy against Russia.