Tom Muir and Rhonda MuirArts, Books
Tom Muir and Rhonda MuirArts, Books
Tom Muir and Rhonda MuirArts, Books
Tom Muir and Rhonda MuirArts, Books


In Orkney, we used to have an expression: "I'll be ower wi' the moon," meaning, "I will come and visit you when the moon is full, to light my way."

In The Orkneyology Podcast: Ower wi' the moon, Tom and Rhonda Muir of the Orkney Islands in Scotland talk to fascinating and creative folk, both living in Orkney and also farther afield, usually with an Orkney connection. We chat about folklore, storytelling, books, history, life in Orkney and whatever else we find inspiring. We do hope you'll join us for a good blether. Look for the Orkneyology Podcast again on the night of the next full moon.

You can find more about life in the Orkney Islands on, where Tom and Rhonda Muir explore Orkney life and history, books, travel tips, folklore and much more.

Podcast music provided by Fionn McArthur

Podcast image artwork by Jenny Steer

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  • Orkney Customs: Hatch, Match, Dispatch - part 1
    Rituals and folk practices around birth, courtship, marriage and death in Orkney
  • Angus Folk Tales and Big Big Big Worms!
    with storyteller Erin Farley of Dundee
  • Scottish Folk Tales of Coast and Sea
    Tonight Tom and Rhonda Muir have a moonlit blether from their home in Scotland's Orkney Islands inspired by the publication of Tom's latest collection of folk tales: Scottish Folk Tales of Coast and Sea. We muse about life lessons embedded in all good stories, look at some differences in stories originating from inland areas as compared to tales told by those whose lives are constantly endangered and controlled by the sea, how Orkney differs from Shetland and how folktales in this area of the world were influenced by the Vikings. And Tom tells a really fun story from the book at the end! So pull up a chair, pour yourself a dram and settle in for a good, old-fashioned blether among friends. Be sure to drop by on the NEXT full moon, when we'll be having a blether with Scottish storyteller, researcher and author of Angus Folk Tales, Dr Erin Farley of Dundee. Show notes: Podcast theme music courtesy of Fionn McArthur. "Ower wi' the moon" artwork created by Jenny Steer Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • A Moonlit Blether with Bothy Ballad Singer Scott Gardiner
    Scottish bothy ballads; traditional music; the Orkney Folk Festival and more!
  • The Magic of Stories ~ Orkney and Beyond
    Childhood books, storytelling, travel and friends
  • Ower wi' the moon
    Mulled wine and introductions