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A Look at the world from a theological perspective. This is done through News commentary, Bible studies, theological discussion and church history studies. New content added on a regular basis so check for new episodes each day. You can find more information at

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  • Advent: A Mountain
    An Advent devotional message on Isaiah 25:6-20 and Matthew 15:29-37
  • AntiSemitism and Universities
    A disturbing exchange at the House Committee on Education
  • Christmas At The Movies
    A local church sent me an invitation. Let’s investigate
  • Bible Pop Quiz: 12/4/23
    Grab your notebook, pencil, and bible for today’s Bible Pop Quiz!
  • Advent: The Principles Pt 1
    The first night of Advent we look at the 4 key principles of Advent
  • Advent: Come Down!
    First Sunday of Advent and we look to Isaiah 63-64
  • Advent: History and Principles
    An introduction to Advent by looking it's origins, history , and principles.
  • Gods Born on December 25
    A look at the claim that many gods were born on December 25
  • Advent and Suicide
    Advent is almost here, my thoughts are in a surprising place
  • The Second Coming of Christ and Us
    A look at the second coming of Christ and how it should impact us.
  • Zionism: A Review Pt 3
    We conclude the review of a podcast episode that was sent to me by a listener
  • Zionism: A Review Pt 2
    We continue a review of a podcast episode sent to me by a listener
  • Zionism: A Review Pt 1
    I review a podcast episode sent to me by a listener.
  • Advent: Bible Study Exercise
    A bible study exercise for Advent
  • Matthew 25:31-46 Pt 3
    We continue our work on the subject of Judgement
  • Matthew 25:31-46 Pt 2
    We continue our look at Matthew 25:31-46
  • Matthew 25:31-46 Pt 1
    We begin a new church year
  • Missing Bible Commentary
    We look at bible commentaries and a new one that is avaliable online for free.
  • What Motivates You as a Christian?
    A discussion about what motivates you in your Christian life.
  • Bible Pop Quiz: 11/24/23
    Grab your book, pencil, and bible for today’s Bible Pop Quiz