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Curtis+RichardLeisure, Hobbies


Your hosts, Logan and Brent, take you on a horological journey through the world of watches. From MVMT to Rolex, smartwatches to pocket watches, no topic is off-limit.

  • Season 1 Wrap-Up: What We've Done, Where We're Going
    Unfortunately, we're wrapping up Season 1 of Ticking Each Other Off this week. We're touching on everything we've done and everything you all have made possible at C+R so far, and where we're headed in the next chapter of our adventure! Let us know what you think. Not to worry, Season 2 is coming!
  • A Complicated History - Pilots' Watches
    Logan and Brent dissect the history of Pilots' Watches - from Breitling to IWC to Rolex, no stone is left unturned. Brent is quizzed on dates, and is shockingly accurate in his guesses.
  • Getting Involved In The Watch Community
    We've talked about watches, movements, complications and collections. However, this time, we're talking about the wonderful community that facilitates our love of watches; more specifically, how you can get involved in it and why you should. 
  • How and Why to Start a Watch Collection
    This week we're talking about how to start collecting watches, some tips for buying, and reasons to collect. Once you're hooked, you may start buying watches like a mad man but take into consideration these points first. 
  • The Best Watches For Every Budget
    Logan and Brent discuss some of their favorite watches, both new and old, at every price point - from $50 all the way up to $3000. They try to skim over the ones that we've all heard a million times before - branching into more unique options from a watch geek's perspective.
  • A Complicated History: A Deep Dive Into Dive Watches
    This week we kick off a new mini series "A Complicated History," where we'll cover the history and functionality of different kinds of complications and types of watches in each episode. This week we dive into the features and functions of dive watches, their history, and how deep they can go!
  • What on Earth Happened At Baselworld 2019?
    Logan and Brent talk all the new Baselworld releases - from Rolex's "new" Yachtmaster, to Zodiac's Aerospace GMT reissue. And yes, they also cover that Tudor.
  • The Best Watch Brands Of All Time, Ranked
    In this Episode, Logan and Brent review some of the most popular watch brands of all time - including Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Patek, AP, MVMT, Timex, Seiko, and Invicta. 
  • Why the Vintage Watch Community Pisses Me Off
    We love the vintage watch community, but sometimes you have to complain a little bit about the things you love. In this episode of “Ticking Each Other Off,” Logan and Brent discuss the inflation of vintage watch prices, originality sticklers in the vintage watch world, barrier to entry for new watch fans, the lack of respect for good brands, and what really matters at the end of the day. 
  • 50 Year Old Watches in a World With a 50 Day Expiry Date
    In the inaugural episode of "Ticking Each Other Off - A Podcast About Watches," Logan and Brent discuss a number of questions essential to the watch-donning community: Why wear a watch? Why wear a vintage watch? How do you choose which watch to buy?