Pete & Tom GiovagnoliComedy
Pete & Tom GiovagnoliComedy


Dr. Wuorno's House of the Mildly Evil leads you on short, hilarious, terrible journeys into a shop overflowing with the macabre, the strange, and the silly. Meet Dr. Wuorno and his cursed curios — brought to you by some of the weirdest sponsors you'll ever hear.

  • Fourth of July Special — The American Independence Day Spectaculathon
    Consider yourself invited!
  • The Bong of Perdition
    A HIGH price to pay, indeed! (Actually very affor…
  • The Game of Life and Death
    Perhaps you are playing this game now, my friends!
  • The Anything Bag
    You think you know what you want, don't you? So d…
  • The Soul-Taker T-Shirt Cannon
    And you thought you knew what rabid fandom meant,…
  • The Live-In Duvet
    The ultimate comfort — at the ultimate price!
  • Valentine's Day Special: The Which Bone
    Love is a playground! For some, that is...
  • The Hidden Gem
    The Duchess of Amacord has a tale to tell!
  • Transistor Tony
    Meet Dr. Wuorno's little friend!
  • The Endless Coffee Cup
    The perfect cup of coffee doesn't exi—
  • Meddlr
    Let's go on a journey of the mind!
  • Le Pan
    Wherein we ask the question: is evil REALLY delic…
  • The Throne of Ambition
    Ahh, to rule the world from a golden throne! Well…
  • The Demon Glass
    What will the Demon Glass summon? (Spoiler: it's …
  • Dr. Wuorno's Radio Commercial
    A rare chance to eavesdrop on the intense creativ…
  • The Frozen Penis of Alpendorr
    The power of the Penis comes with a terrible pric…
  • The Tibetan Cursing Bowl
    When you have to say the vilest things in the mos…
  • The American Tarot
    Witness the unveiling of a new product created by…
  • The Head of Otto Funt
    Does evil ever truly die? (Of course not!)
  • Satan's Stationery
    Caution, my friends... this will bend your pen to…