Denny Kennedy, John Stricker, and TC MulhernComedy
Denny Kennedy, John Stricker, and TC MulhernComedy
Denny Kennedy, John Stricker, and TC MulhernComedy
Denny Kennedy, John Stricker, and TC MulhernComedy


The Mission 250 Filmcast is a weekly podcast where hosts Denny, John, and TC are watching the Top 250 Movies of All Time, as ranked by IMDB. With each episode focusing on a single movie, and moving towards the #1 movie in reverse order, we aim to broaden the listeners viewing horizons (as well as our own), and give not only our thoughts/opinions, but also history, trivia, and insight on each film. We can be reached at, and the full list can be found at

  • Episode 19 - Seven Samurai
    This week, we oldest/highest movie on the list. Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, this film is a rare example of age, language, or length of a film not inhibiting its ability to feel modern, fast paced, funny, dramatic, action packed…it...
    This week, we watch a masterpiece of style. This slow-burn thriller bleeds cool from all sides, as each actor delivers a perfect performance and the soundtrack blares synths over LA at night. Drive (2011), directed by Nicholas Winding Refn.
  • BONUS EPISODE - Love Lies Bleeding
    This week, we watch a thriller that takes place in the 80s with a vagrant body builder and the daughter of a gun runner mob boss. Plus there are mullets and rat tails galore. Love Lies Bleeding (2024), directed by Rose Glass.
  • Episode 21 - City of God
    This week, we watch a brutally realistic film that depicts the actual events of a person growing up in a favala in Rio. Violence, drugs, and crime dominate life in the poorest parts of the city, and the movie energetically and relentlessly re-tells...
  • BONUS EPISODE - Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga
    This week, we watch the fifth Mad Max film. George Miller is nearly 80 years old, and has been developing this post-apocalyptic world for 45 years at this point. This film shifts focus from Max to Furiosa, and while the director is in his twilight...
  • REPOST - BONUS EPISODE - All The President's Men
    This week, we revisit an episode that seems more relevant today than back when we released it in 2019. This film about the Watergate investigations has aged finer still over the past 5 years.. All The President’s Men (1976), directed by Alan Pakula.
  • Episode 23 - Seven
    This week, we we find out whats in the box. David Fincher’s second film contains one of the most iconic endings in films. John Doe has the upper-hand. Seven (1995), directed by David Fincher.
    This week, we revisit the episode that was not only the first Bonus Episode, but also contains the birth of Timmy. The Rock (1991), directed by Michael Bay. We will be back with new episodes next week!
  • REPOST - Episode 184 - Mad Max: Fury Road
    This week, in preparation for Furiosa, we are reposting the Mad Max episode we did back in 2018. We make some eerily accurate predictions to Furiosa’s title and release timeline in the episode, so check it out! Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), directed by...
  • Episode 24 - The Silence of the Lambs
    This week, we watch the highest rated horror movie on the IMDB top 250. Hannibal Lecter and Buffalo Bill share the screen as two of the best villains in movie history, while Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling plays the role of a lifetime as a determined...
  • BONUS EPISODE - Late Night with the Devil
    This week, we watch a new low budget horror movie that is taking critics by storm. Utilizing a minimal cast and a single set, this film showcases a halloween late night TV special that takes a turn that can be predicted from the movie title. Late...
  • Episode 25 - The Usual Suspects
    This week, we watch a film that has what might be considered the best plot twist in movie history. Kevin Spacey leads an ensemble cast where everyone seems to be trying to chew up the scenery harder than the others. The Usual Suspects (1995), directed...
  • Episode 26 - Life is Beautiful
    This week, we watch a movie that takes a uniquely positive spin on the atrocities of the holocaust. Aiming to and arguably achieving the goal of telling a story of unfazed positive outlook on life, this film is somewhat divisive in its decision to...
  • Episode 27 - Leon: The Professional
    This week, we watch Natalie Portman's first film, where she plays the daughter of a slaughtered family who is taken in by a professional hitman who lives next door. This film elevates its B-movie potential with iconic performances by all of the leads....
  • Episode 28 - Once Upon a Time in the West
    This week, we watch Sergio Leones final western film. This film's cinematography and set pieces are among the best we've seen, and its easy to see why so many directors have been influenced by its style. Once Upon a Time in the West (1968).
  • BONUS EPISODE -Point Break
    "Point Break" from 1991, directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Denny won the oscars contest, so Denny could pick any film he wanted for us to watch. He picked this one. There's some great action sequences here, and also some of the most laughably bad acting...
  • BONUS EPISODE - The Zone Of Interest
    This week, we watch a slow burn historical drama, that could also be classified as an art-house horror movie. Based on much researched real events and people, this film is broken into two - the one you see, and the one you hear. The results are...
  • BONUS EPISODE - Killers of the Flower Moon
    This week, we watch the film that makes Scorsese the oldest director to be nominated for best director at the oscars. This epic (read: long) film takes on the story of the murders of members of the Osage nation a century ago, and the birth of the FBI....
  • BONUS EPISODE - The 2024 Oscars
    We’ve watched all of the Academy Awards best picture nominated movies from 2023! This week, we have a special episode where we three give our top 10 lists of these mostly great films, and also attempt to predict the winners of the other Oscar...
  • BONUS EPISODE - Dune: Part 2
    This week, we watch the film that has just released and is currently sitting at the #10 best movie of all time. See it on the biggest screen and loudest speakers you can find. Dune: Part 2 (2024), directed by Denis Villeneuve.