Timothy KneelandEducation, History
Timothy KneelandEducation, History


The Nazareth College Centennial Podcast features stories of amazing alumni, fascinating faculty, and the hidden history of Nazareth College. Your guide for each episode will be Timothy Kneeland, Director for the Center for Public History at Nazareth College.

  • Nazareth joins the Peace Corps, 1962-1966
    Nazareth University alumni became changemakers by joining the Peace Corps in the early 1960s. Their story is found in letters sent to Sr. Magdelen LaRow and in articles published in the student newspaper, the Gleaner. Listen as students...
  • Nazareth University French House
    Take an audio tour of the history of the French House at Nazareth University with special guest host Caroline Johnson.
  • Nazareth Holiday Episode
    Using the student newspaper, the Gleaner, Katie Wilburn explores how Nazareth celebrated the holiday season and Christmas from the 1920s to the 21st century.
  • Nazareth in the 1960s
    Alumni reflect on their experiences at Nazareth in the 1960s. Recollections include memories of unforgettable faculty, the bonding experience of being in a living-learning community, and the role the college played in shaping their identity.
  • Remembering Mary T. Bush (1928-2022)
    Mary T. Bush served Nazareth College for 70 of its 100 years. She was a beloved figure on campus and is recalled by those who worked with her. The episode contains a short clip of Mary and guests including Dick Delvecchio, Tim Thibodeau,...
  • Casa Italiana at Nazareth College
    In this episode, Center for Public History student workers Jordyn Bagley and Rheanna Barney visit Casa Italiana Director Joelle Carota.
  • "A Real Gem" Nazareth College 1973-2003, as remembered by Steve Lasalle
    Nazareth College recollections of Steve LaSalle
  • ORSI Reports : Orion the Service Dog
    Orion the Service Dog
  • Sr. Kathy Weider and the Origins of Service Learning at Nazareth College
    Origins of Service Learning at Nazareth College
  • The Good Samaritan: Barbara Lum, Selma 1965
    The Good Samaritan, Sister Barbara Lum
  • Social Justice- Nazareth College in the Community
    Social Justice- Naz in the Community
  • Context, Compassion, and Courage- the antiracism formula of Dr. Rashid Mummahad
    Antiracism with Rashid Muhammad
  • Life and Legacy of Jim Feuerstein
    Jim Feuerstein (1953-2020) taught at Nazareth from 1993-2018. In this podcast, we explore the life and work of Dr. F who helped shape the Communication Sciences and Disorders department, the School of Health and Human Services, and the college...
  • Origin Story of Nazareth College
  • David Anderson and the Crusade Against Lead Paint
    Storyteller, educator, historian, community organizer, and a follower of Marcus Garvey, David Anderson will be celebrating his 90th Birthday on Tuesday, April 28. Growing up in Cincinnati, David Anderson was influenced by his parents and Marcus...
  • The Rise of Men's Lacrosse at Nazareth College
    1992 -the lacrosse championship
  • Georgia Conner Youngblood
    Class of 1948
  • Clarisse Martens Coggins class of 1943
    Clarisse Coggins older than Nazareth College
  • Magdalen LaRow
    How an artist changed Nazareth College
  • Holocaust: The March Bearing Witness to Hope
    The March