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Nathaniel LloydNews, Politics, History


The Historical Blindness podcast is a podcast about history’s myths, mysteries, and forgotten truths. By examining cases of outrageous hoaxes, pernicious conspiracy theory, mass delusion, baffling mysteries and unreliable historiography, Historical Blindness searches for insights into modern religious belief and political culture.

  • The Hidden Ones: Sect of Assassins
    The black legend of the Order of Assassins, a medieval sect of Islam known for their reliance on infiltration and murder
  • The Myth of the Thuggee Cult
    A refutation of the myth that Thuggee strangler bandits in 19th-century India were a blood cult devoted to the worship of Kali
  • The Key to the Secrets of King Solomon (an Encyclopedia Grimoria Volume)
    A look at the development of traditions that the biblical King Solomon was a master of black magic.
  • The Whereabouts of the Lost Ark of the Covenant
    The legend of the Ark of the Covenant, theories about its possible resting place, and the claims of a variety of hoaxers and pseudoarchaeologists.
  • Infektion: Operation DENVER and the Engineering of AIDS Conspiracy Legends (featuring Dr. Douglas Selvage)
    The KGB disinformation campaign to convince the world that the U.S. government engineered HIV as a bioweapon
  • Breaking News: The Hitler Diaries Fiasco
    The story of the most egregious newspaper hoax of modern times: the Hitler Diaries.
  • The Specter of Hitler's Survival
    Myths and conspiracy claims about Hitler escaping Berlin at the end of WWII
  • The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping - Part Two: Cemetery John
    The capture and prosecution of Richard Hauptmann in the Lindbergh Kidnapping Case
  • The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping - Part One: The Eaglet
    The Crime of the Century: the Lindbergh Kidnapping Case
  • The Business Plot - Part Two: The Bankers Gold Group
    Fascist propaganda of the '20s and '30s helped drive a plot to stage a Fascist coup
  • The Business Plot - Part One: The Bonus Army
    The story of a plot by the wealthy and powerful to supplant a rightfully elected president
  • A Very Historically Blind Xmas: The Iconic Christ
    A discussion of Christmas iconography and images of Jesus Christ generally.
  • "The Mystery of D.B. Cooper" by History Daily (Special Presentation)
    An unidentified man hijacks a Boeing 727 on November 24, 1971.
  • Lilith, the Phantom Maiden
    The evolution of the figure of Lilith
  • Omens, Charms, and Rituals: A History of Superstition
    A look at the murky origins of superstitions and the folklore to which it's related.
  • The Revenants: Part Two - VAMPIRES in Fantasy
    The origin and evolution of the vampire legend from folklore to fiction and on to modern myth
  • "The Blood Gospel" by The Conspirators Podcast (Special Presentation)
    The second part of my series has been delayed a week. In the meanwhile, please enjoy this episode of The Conspirators podcast that serves as a perfect bridge between parts one and two of my series on vampires.Throughout history, many cultures have considered blood to have magical properties. In fact, some people have held blood in such high regard that they actually turned to drinking blood in order to prolong their lives.The Conspirators is a bi-weekly show dedicated to the dark and disturbing stories from history your teacher never told you about. On the show I discuss unsolved mysteries, serial killers, survival stories, strange disappearances and other bizarre true events from the past.www.theconspiratorspodcast.comFind The Conspirators podcast here on Audioboom, or wherever you get your podcasts. The notes for this episode, with Nate Hale's sources, can be found here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The Revenants: Part One - VAMPIRES in Reality
    A look at the legend and folklore behind the vampire!
  • The Enigmatic Kingfish. Huey Long
    I continue my meditation on demagoguery, looking at a controversial Depression-era politician
  • The Perils of American Democracy
    A look at other times in history when American democracy was at risk to better understand our current jeopardy.