Almost 30
Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
Join us, your hosts Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik, every Tuesday and Thursday for honest, inspiring, and hilarious conversations about wellness, spirituality, entrepreneurship, self-development, and more. Almost 30 was inspired by the transition from our 20s to our 30s, but we realized it’s about so much more. So we expanded our mission, and we’re here to help you navigate any transition in your life. We aren't experts or gurus — we’re your new best friends here to listen and learn right alongside you. We get real and raw about our own experiences and share interviews with fascinating guests that will leave you laughing, reflecting, and feeling less alone. Almost 30 Nation is a global community of conscious, purpose-driven dreamers. The community comes together online AND offline to offer support, love, and connection. We’re so happy you’re a part of this beautiful community!
Wes Pfiffner joins us to talk about red light therapy; how it works, and how it can benefit your health, skin, and hormones. We also talk about the difference between blue light and red light, and the ideal time of day to be exposed to each.

Heath Ellis joins us to talk about the male perspective on upleveling! We dive into the differences in the masculine and feminine approaches to healing, explore holding vs. creating space, patterns of limiting beliefs, and steps to helping men be more sovereign.

Lindsey is diving deep into the power of your voice. She explores how it’s an expression of your soul, why alignment affects communication, and tangible takeaways to keep your voice in tiptop shape. Lindsey unpacks how this not only applies to singing, but our ability to communicate and express ourselves.

Sexologist Alexandra Dame joins us to talk about sexual health and pleasure, open relationships, masturbation, and her journey as an entrepreneur in the sexual wellness industry.

Nikki Glaser joins us to talk about the fear of intimacy, expectations around dating, self-worth and appearance, sexual relationships, orgasms, and transcendental meditation.

Mari Andrew joins us to talk about emotions and creativity—from growing up as a creative, self-parenting, emotional intelligence, boundaries, and public vulnerability. We talk about the difficulties that come with dating, what inspires Mari to get out of a creative block, and her struggle with recovery from her autoimmune disease.

Dr. Nicole LePera joins us to talk about self-healing and the importance of consistency with diet, sleep, and movement for reducing anxiety. We talk about changing stories we create about ourselves, authenticity in relationships, and discomfort as a key part of growth.

For the last episode of the year and decade, Krista and Lindsey reflect and go deep into their own personal transformations, wins, learnings, and what they want to release moving into 2020.

Krista and Lindsey share snippets from eight of the most popular and insightful conversations with guests from 2019.

Krista and Lindsey highlight seven of the most impactful and inspirational conversations with guests from 2019.

Andy Mant joins us to talk about how light is a foundation of our health. We discuss blue light glasses, hormone disruption, benefits of watching the sunrise and sunset, the dangers of EMFs, and hacks for beating jet lag.

Lalah Delia joins us to discuss what it means to be a vibrational being, and how it influences the way we connect with others and experience the world, along with changing the stories and beliefs that keep us out of our power.

Registered Dietitian, McKell Hill, joins us to talk about nutrition and fostering a healthy lifestyle, and also shares how she built a sustainable business and online courses.

Robin Arzón joins us to talk about rewriting trauma, using movement to heal grief, transforming pain to power, pursuing an epic life, legacy creation, and spirituality.

Vegan chef and blogger, Jenné Claiborne, joins us to talk about her journey to going vegan, the trials and triumphs of building her business, the ethical side of veganism, and being a woman of color in the wellness space.

Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine join us to talk about eliminating toxic friendships, dating as public figures, feeling confident in their sexuality, growing their business while constantly evolving and maintaining their personal and professional relationship.

Cal Newport joins us to discuss the power of sustained concentration, ‘cultivating’ versus ‘following’ your passion, and how social media and smartphones impact our ability to lead fulfilling lives.

Krista and Lindsey share how the vision and purpose of Almost 30 came through them and what they’ve learned in the process on the Inspiring Lives podcast

Stewart Pearce joins us to talk about the power of our sound and leads us in an exercise to discover yours.

Aaron Rose joins us to talk about his personal journey of religion, sexuality, and self-expression.