The Aftershow with Mike and Kelly
Kelly Guimont & Michael T. Rose

The hosts of TUAW's Talkcast continue their transcontinental tête-à-tête on their all-new show. Join Portland, OR's Kelly Guimont (@verso) and Brooklyn, NY's Michael T. Rose (@miketrose) as they chat about technology, geek culture, parenting and more.

Kelly and Mike are joined by special guest Rich Siegel of Bare Bones Software! KitchenAid mixers, African Grey parrots, M1 migrations and much more.Bare Bones SoftwareBBEditYojimboRich Siegel on TwitterMixerology

Kelly & Mike are back in the hosting chairs, talking about the Pacific Northwest heatwaves, the upcoming iOS 15/macOS Monterey features, and thinking about karaoke. Listen in!

Kelly goes Max Vax, Mike goes out to dinner, and both discuss the Apple product announcements & quarterly results.Featuring not yet a sponsor Werkstatt!Apple Card FamilyThe Prince solo & behind the scenesDirect YouTube linkLA Times storyM.G. Siegler compares Apple and MicrosoftCharJen AirFoams Pro Active

Kelly and Mike review what's wearing them down, plus Christopher Walken impressions. Tuesday's Apple Event, how we distinguish Shatner from Walken, the new Thursdays with Bob, and more! Episode photo courtesy Alex Pearlman.Kelly's not schoolRusty in the Uncanine ValleyThe Shotenfreude origin storyI Want My MCUtv Meet The Walken FamilyThe Podswap

Mike and Kelly welcome special guest Michael McWatters! Talking HBO Max (now with custom avatars! — Mike wants to be Christopher Moltisanti), TED, the late lamented Tweet Hereafter, Sycamore, Hinterlands, designing for an aging population, and more.Check out our new site — for all your weather alibi needs.

Wandavision, should Mike buy a new watch, and what we remember from the late 2000s — plus greetings to listeners and more!Javi recalls a bar story about the LOST finaleMike suggests "Free To Be MCU & Me" as the title for Kelly's other showAlso works: MCU Headroom Shout outs to:Wooji Juice FerriteThe legendary MacsamuraiMike's unloved Night Before Christmas parody from  2006 

This week Mike remembers his stepfather Bob Pearlman, who passed away on February 11. He and Kelly also recall the infamous "formerly Cylon media sensation" nickname, brought back for an upcoming episode of Foodie Flashback.Jabs & JobsThe Death Star Blueprints Are mRNAIn A World…Reminder about Maximoff Overdrive on the Incomparable Network!Compare and contrast Mike's father Alan Rose & Dos Equis pitchman Jonathan Goldsmith

Kelly finally reveals the secret she's been keeping from Mike for more than a decade!You may never be the same after the shocking revelation in this episode! We'll give you the entire thing, but you'll only need… the edge.Mentions, recommendations and more:Kelly's new WandaVision podcast with the Incomparable Teevee: Maximoff OverdriveHulu's In and Of Itself (based on the off-Broadway show) and LetterkennyAmerican UtopiaMuppet Guys TalkingStreet Gang (coming to HBO)Follow the show on Twitter to find out when we're hosting our first Clubhouse chat!

Mike and Kelly reflecting on the historic week that was. Bernie Sits, Mom Likes A Frappucino, the Bitfocus Companion app that works with Elgato Stream Deck, and the Muppet Show (UK spots too?) coming to Disney+.

More M1 chat, Take Control Books. Thunderbolt Hubbing, wrangling Photos and anticipating the digital afterlife. Nothing heavy.Take Control BooksGet Your S**t TogetherMacsamurai! Laurie DuncanMCU Phase 4What If…?[REDACTED] LIVES T-shirtOWC's Thunderbolt Hub (as foreshadowed on MGG 844 with OWC Larry)Mage or Tech? Thunderbolt HubbingE-Ternal from Joanna Stern/WSJBe sure to follow our co-hosts @verso & @miketrose and the show itself @the_aftershow!

The unusual (actually unprecedented) Aftershow where both our intrepid hosts have new computers (Apple Silicon!) at the same time.  Kelly's new laptop adventures, Mike's Mac mini misgivings, and plenty of cool links to explore. (Why is the M1 Mac mini not equipped with a wireless charger in the lid??)Tracy Kidder's Soul of a New MachineRene Ritchie's slew of M1 videosKelly's interview with PC Calc's James Thomson on TMOThe long era of Target Display Mode coming to a close (thanks Jeff Gamet!)Software KVMs Synergy and BarrierTMO Thunderbolt 4 Explained and at LiliputingMacVoices Gift Guides (MTR, KG)tab management — not yet a sponsor WorkonaThe Incomparable:Media PlusMandalorianLife Daythe Caldigit T3

Kelly talks about her big interview, and we review our shopping lists. Also, yeah, there was an Apple event. (Happy Birthday to Kelly!)Brimley/Cocoon LineSmolRobotsEffin' BirdsI'll Be Gone In The DarkSpatial Audio on AirPods ProNot Yet a Sponsor Discbound Notebooks

Kelly and Mike review the past couple of weeks including the iPhone 12 Pro and the Homepod Mini. More sleep stories including Ts and Zzzs. Happy Mandalween!The Mandalorian Season 2MacVoices LiveTexas 24-hour votingAirpods Pro on WootThe GrangeVoteFWDEmpress GinSmiths jokesUpgrading iCloud storage / Apple One

Kelly remembers Cliff Robinson; Mike  recommends Genghis Blues;  we give another shot at Tuvan throat singing. Also, perfect comedy timing.

Rapid response! Basketball Jones becomes Basketball Justice as Mike & Kelly discuss the NBA playoff protest, and catch up on all the things we forgot to talk about earlier.Links:The Skimm on the NBAYahoo NewsAndrew JohnsonCalm Sleep Stories — Stephen Fry's Blue GoldPhil Schiller becomes an Apple FellowTen Percent Happier

wait for itwait for itBASKETBALL JONESKelly, Mike & bonus mid-episode guest Kelly AuCoin talk about the NBA playoffs, the Apple updates of the week and the sad news of a podcast legend hanging up the cans.

Digging into the WWDC announcements… also maybe a TUAW reunion this week! And a flashback to the origins of 'Marklar,' the OS X on Intel project.

It's almost as if there's an actual excuse for the pause between shows, this time. Content warning: apocalypse chat. Mike & Kelly review the last couple of months; Mike's story also on Medium. If you are curious about Fiona Lowenstein's Body Politic support group, you can check it out here & see some of the participant stories/data (TL;dr version). A special Rainbow Connection Dave Hamilton's $99 video call phone Adam Engst's SSD replacement Sondheim birthday Ladies Who Lunch (as previously heard in this Sept 2019 episode) Saturday Night Seder

We're back in February! Talking about Bootie Mashup, Mac OS Ken's Patreon show, all the Westworld Season 3 trailers, and why Mike can't remember that the Picard behind the scenes show is called The Ready Room! Remember you can follow us on Twitter at The_Aftershow.

Jeopardy, the Pet Shop Boys musical, Demi Adejuyigbe's 21st Of September, Harry Connick Jr. IS Young Will Riker, and Kelly & Mike review a decade plus of silliness. Plus Jonathan Blum, Endel on Twitch, Stephen Fry Sleep Stories and Pluto.TV.