100% Retro is a 24/7 Live Radio stream with hosts broadcasting live from all over the globe with music that makes you feel young again! Now live in the Podverse App with Live Chat and Boosts and on Dektop in Curiocaster.

Live Schedule

A Real Good Feeling - Soroya Torrens
Drive - Andy and Steph
When: December 29th 2023, 10:00:00 PM UTC
Rewind - Steve Penk
When: December 29th 2023, 4:00:00 PM UTC
Memories - Nadine
When: December 29th 2023, 6:00:00 PM UTC
Let the Music Play - Polly Winder
When: December 29th 2023, 5:00:00 PM UTC

Value for Value ⚡️

  • A Real Good Feeling - Soroya Torrens
    Soraya Torrens plays your favorite retro requests in “A Real Good Feeling”. She’s our spokesperson representing 100% RETRO all over the planet. Soraya is a world traveller and global citizen. Let Soraya know what you want to hear and she’ll go back in time to spin your all-time classics! Broadcasting from Tel Aviv, Israel one week and from São Paulo, Brazil the next, she’s our global brand ambassador. Soraya brings our listeners joy and happiness every day with “A Real Good Feeling.”
  • This week on 100% Retro
    Feel young again.