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  • Episode #211: Unicorn Store & The Highwaymen
    Originally Recorded 05-13-19Lot of irony is this one... either way we are back and recording again so while the NEW episode is being edited enjoy this forgotten episode from earlier in the year! (30:55)Listen here!
  • Episode #210: Pokemon Detective Pikachu
    Old Man Kyle and lil' baby Lincoln sit down to discuss the biggest marketing ploy not owned by Disney. (29:15)Listen here!
  • Episode #209: Pet Sematary (2019) & Captain Marvel
    It's our cat double feature! Lincoln & Kyle split up this time, who do you think will be more angry with their decision? (45:39)Captain Marvel @ 20:55This episode was originally recorded before viewing Endgame and Hellboy. Let Lincoln know how wrong he was.Listen here!
  • Episode #208: Fighting With My Family & wrestling chat
    It's about time we dip back int the wrestling world and discuss Paige's movie as well as our thoughts on wrestling! Wonder if we're still angry... (39:23)Listen here!
  • Episode #207: Avengers Endgame
    Time to weigh in on the most anticipated movie EVER. Second only to Sonic of course. (58:09)Listen here!
  • Episode #206: Hellboy (2019)
    Great, another thing Lincoln loves...also he hates Reddit for some reason. (47:40)Listen here!
  • Episode #205: Behind the Velvet BethSaw
    We're back yet again with another multi-movie episode! (45:33)Behind the Curve @ StartLife After Beth @ 12:05Velvet Buzzsaw @ 22:20Listen here!
  • Episode #204: 2018 Catch Up Part 3
    How are we still talking about 2018?? One day we'll get our act together. (53:17)Into the Spiderverse @ 2:59Aquaman @ 8:14Rampage @ 14:09The Perfect Bid @ 14:41Jim & Andy @ 17:28BlacKKKlansman @ 20:58Once Upon A Deadpool @ 27:19UHF (1989) @ 28:21Bleach @ 30:09Hateful Eight (2015) @ 32:18Bird Box @ 36:22Overlord @ 52:08Listen here!
  • Episode #203: Happy Death Day 2U & chill
    Everett & Kyle subvert all expectations and saw a killer baby mascot movie then whine about Netflix for a while! (51:53)Listen here!
  • Episode #202: 2018 Catch Up Part 2
    3 months turnaround is good right? Anyway, get ready for more 2018 goodness in our 2nd of 3 catch up episodes! (1:07:16)Winchester @ startBad Times at the El Royale @ 17:57Hereditary @ 23:25Thoroughbreds @ 31:26Along With the Gods 2 @ 38:40Bohemian Rhapsody @ 40:28Hostiles @ 46:10Blood Fest @ 48:24Never Hike Alone @ 55:34Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town @ 1:00:01Listen here!
  • Episode #201: 2018 Catch-Up Part 1
    Wow, 2018 has been garbage huh? Yet, we just can't let it go... (50:38)Skyscraper @1:34Christopher Robin @10:12Annihilation @14:39The Lodgers @19:42Occult (2009) @21:15Ready Player One @23:51Mission Impossible: Fallout @32:36Unsane @36:59Slender Man @43:26Listen here!
  • Episode #200: Demon House
    For our 200th episode, Mercadise and Kyle decide to tackle a "documentary" by the one and only Zak Bagans. (52:02)Listen here!
  • Episode #199: Halloween (2018)
    Kyle and Everett sit down to discuss the newest installment of Hallo- oh noes, got peanut butter on my penis... (40:40)Listen here!
  • Episode #198: Venom
    The catch up continues as we discuss Venom! Place your bets on if we bring up Stan Lee or not. (38:25) *Sound still sucks... sorry...*Listen here!
  • Episode #197: The Predator
    Oh no... another movie based on something Lincoln loves. Buckle up folks.(35:39)Listen here!
  • Episode #196: Searching
    We may have been absent but the movies never stopped, so let the catching up begin with Searching! (35:16)Listen here!
  • Episode #195: C Me Dance
    Voltron joins us to talk about one of the most surprising/baffling movies that we have watched. Seriously was not expecting this. (32:28)Listen here!
  • Episode #194: Bad Ben
    Voltron is back to try and break Kyle's spirit yet again... (45:13)Listen here!
  • Episode #193: The First Purge
    Put on your baby head mask and get ready for the FIRST Purge. Well...not the first but, like, the first. (29:35)Listen here!
  • Episode #192: Bright & Ghost Cat
    In this episode, Lincoln goes all in on a Netflix Original while Kyle finally watches the movie he has wanted to see for a long time. Surely neither regretted their decision... (38:10 -- Ghost Cat @24:40)Listen here!