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The same tired narrative returns to Washington D.C. as the press pretends the country will “shut down” if Democrats don’t get to spend and assume more debt without Republican help.  The markets took a nosedive yesterday.  What’s the impact on the markets and your money?  Charles Payne from Fox Business and Steve Moore our chief economist from Freedom Works explain it from all the angles.  Plus a shocking revelation from NBC’s Chuck Todd about Joe Biden and new undercover video from Project Veritas on the vaccine.

It seems normal is making a return – for however briefly – to college and pro sports as well as entertainment.  Americans want a break from the heaviness and seem to be ready to tell the Biden administration just what they think of mask mandates and further talk of lockdowns and passports.  Meanwhile the border, the markets, inflation, Afghanistan – and where’s our “President?’  He’s at the beach of course.  Bonchie from combs through the weekend of news with Stigall – everything from the latest stupidity on AOC’s Met Gala dress maker to the thousands of Haitian immigrants crushing our southern border. 

He’s a problem solver.  He believes in an individual’s right to wear a mask or not wear a mask.  To take a shot or not take a shot.  He also believes if you get sick – treatments should be plentiful and readily available to you and he’s acted in kind.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been spreading the wildly effective monoclonal antibody treatments across his state as fast as he can.  That is until the Biden White House decided to withhold thousands of treatments DeSantis had ordered.  Biden and DC autocrats continue to punish states like Florida and Texas for not enforcing mass masking and shots.  Federalism versus the feds – It’s a great Constitution Day discussion!  Plus former Justice Department spokesman Mark Weaver with stellar analysis on the misdeeds of the FBI in the modern era. 

Horrific testimony from some of the women of the US Gymnastics team on Capitol Hill yesterday.  More shocking than the abuse they suffered was their testimony the FBI knew well of it all and did nothing to stop it or protect these women.  Couple that with the FBI framing, spying on, and targeting of their political opposition and Americans want to know when they’ll be held accountable.  Paris Dennard of the GOP addresses the issue, the border and Afghanistan as well.  Hogan Gidley, President Trump’s former press secretary of campaign 2020 lends his commentary as well.  Be sure to catch Stigall’s latest column on Norman Macdonald.  Plus mail bag!

Stigall takes a large chunk of today’s pod and dedicates it to one of his favorite comedians of all time – Norm Macdonald who died of cancer yesterday at 61.  Norm visited Stigall’s show twice and today you’ll hear those interviews in their entirety.  You’ll also hear Stigall visit with his pal Larry O’Connor on WMAL this morning in Washington D.C.  Plus, NewsMax TV’s White House correspondent Emerald Robinson and former US Navy Officer and Office of Naval Intelligence Steve Rogers discuss the latest treasonous comments from Joint Chiefs Chair Mark Milley and Senate testimony from Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

Turns out a lot of corporate America never learns what it means when you throw in to help Democrats like Biden in their petty political games.  Eventually, they’ll always come after you, too.  From mandates to taxes, he has them in his sights and they’re starting to cry.  A surprising “anti-vax” celebrity is catching hell for her comments on Twitter.  Steve Moore our chief economist breaks down a massive tax hike proposal from  Democrats.  And the once counter-culture celebrity class has turned completely statist in the rich, old age.  Christian Toto from breaks it down.  Plus the California gubernatorial recall is today.  What might happen?

Stigall got lots of your email about Biden’s speech last week mandating the shot.  If you follow him on social media, you already know what he thinks this is really about.  Catch up with him today after a week off as he discusses the constitutionality of the “mandate” with constitutional law attorney and author of “The Authoritarians” Jonathan Emord.  Plus, whose nomination did Biden just withdraw for being far too radical for the job?  AWR Hawkins of explains the nominee that stood no shot at winning confirmation after his background was exposed.  And could a black Republican win California this week?

Stigall is fired up today about the treatment of high profile folks like NFL QB Carson Wentz, podcast host Joe Rogan, Candace Owens, and Governor Ron DeSantis – all independent thinkers who have questions about modern COVID orthodoxy.  The “pro-choice” left is out to destroy them.  All the while, the “choice” of abortion is – as John Hayward of Brietbart says – their sacrament of their modern Church of State.  Plus, Dr. Robert Jeffress helps folks conquer anxiety, fear, guilt, and more in a new read called “Invincible.”  An important reminder in this moment in history.  And Stigall stops by Fox News last night with Tammy Bruce.  Hear what you missed!

It’s just that simple.  Stigall explains why left-wing freak outs over the Texas abortion ban and the screeching of the threat to Roe vs. Wade don’t compute when the same people are demanding mask and vaccine mandates.  Meanwhile, Joe Rogan catches COVID and the left is virtually cheering his demise to make a point.  Fox New Primetime host this week Tammy Bruce joins Stigall before he joins her tonight at 7pm ET/6pm CST.  And Hogan Gidley, formerly Trump White House and campaign spokesman talks about the chaos of messaging in the Biden White House and the new discrepancies discovered in the vote count of 2020.

Biden gave a speech hours late again commemorating his “successful” withdrawl from Afghanistan yesterday.  Stigall explains who was meant to hear it.  Hint – it likely wasn’t you.  Emerald Robinson from NewsMax makes her weekly stop and gives some striking insights as to who inside the “deep state” is turning on Grandpa.  President Trump’s former National Security Deputy KT McFarland returns to review the speech and Stigall asks her who should be fired if she ran the country.  Then you’l hear from one of the most powerful Republicans in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Jake Corman, the man leading the audit efforts after publicly feuding with Sen. Mastriano whom he relieved of duty on the audit.  It doesn’t go well.

Here we are.  Biden’s big day!  He promised we’d exit Afghanistan by August 31st, but even the most partisan media are not celebrating what’s happened.  Americans, service animals, weapons – all left behind.  A Pentagon spokesman running out on the morning shows spinning wildly to make it better.  Col. Kurt Schlichter is repulsed and has reaction.  Stigall reacts to the US Department of Education harassing states that won’t mandate masks on school kids.  Our chief economist Steve Moore reacts to 100+ House Republicans who refuse to support raising the debt ceiling and the likelihood of the $3.5 trillion spending bill passing.  Plus, Tucker Carlson made Stigall’s phone blow up last night.  Hear why!

Don’t miss the insight provided today by President Trump’s National Security Advisor Lt. General Keith Kellogg.  He explains his reaction to the fallen coming home this weekend to Dover Airforce Base, the alleged retaliatory attack on ISIS by our forces, and tomorrow’s ultimate withdrawal deadline.  He’s as dubious about much of it as Stigall is.  Bonchie from Redstate returns as well to discuss the big government COVID shot push and why it as well as the news from Afghanistan this weekend have so many Americans asking questions with Biden’s approval crashes. 

After the tragedy in Afghanistan killing 13 Marines and countless Afghan citizens attempting to flee, President Trump issued a video statement and Stigall offers his thoughts.  Then a visit with Corey Lewandowski who pulls no punches in his outlook for 2022 and 2024 and a pretty frank review of 2020 you won’t want to miss.  Then Stigall’s first conversation with GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel as she responds to the critics – many in this audience – that the GOP is simply not up to the fight with Democrats.  Plus mailbag!

Stigall jumped on the air in KC today with the breaking news of multiple suicide bombings at the Kabul airport, leaving we later learned at least 11 US military personnel dead.  It is reported the remaining rescue attempts will likely be called off leaving countless thousands permanently stranded behind Taliban controlled lines.  Col. Kurt Schlichter jumped on the phone with Stigall to give his decades of military insight into the tragedy.  Breitbart National Security Editor John Hayward also lent his expertise on the warring factions in the region and where he sees the future for Afghanistan and the United States.

*President Biden rolls out yesterday five hours late to update the country on Afghanistan…but before he said anything about that he wanted to update everyone on something more important.  Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin exploded on this issue and you’ll hear it here.  The GOP isn't making ads, but team Trump sure is.  Wait until you hear the audio of the latest ad that simply devastates the Biden administration.  Our weekly conversation with Emerald Robinson from NewsMax as well as a visit from Monic Crowley – the former Assistant Secretary for Public Affiars for the US Treasury provides a lot of color on the day’s events as well.

A sick tongue wagging occurred yesterday in the Biden administration and in media when the FDA formally cleared the Pfizer vaccine for non-emergency use.  Biden couldn’t race to the podium fast enough to tell you what to do with your kids and your body and your employer’s operations.  But what about all those folks pouring into the southern border and flown in from Afghanistan?  Tom Homan – former acting Director of ICE under Donald Trump weighs in.  Our chief economist Steve Moore handicaps the political odds of a $3.5 trillion dollar spending package clearing the House after some Democrats balked.  And Ret. Army Chaplain, Col. David Giammona gives his front line account from Afghanistan in a new book “The Military Guide to Armageddon.” 

The weekend began with a press conference completely detached from the reality of what’s happening on the ground in Afghanistan as Joe Biden gave answers to a mostly incredulous press corps. By Sunday, he’d completely changed his tune promising worse yet to come.  How can he get it so wrong?  John Hayward from explains what he believes is really going on in the disastrous withdrawal and where things are headed via vaccines and mask mandates.  Then former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer explains the behind the scenes conversations he believes are happening in the White House and his phone call with former President Trump just yesterday. 

Stigall’s theory Democrats in Congress are in far greater trouble than anyone knows. He explains why he thinks so using his own “swing district” member of Congress as the example.  Listen in on Stigall’s conversation with The Grace Curley Show on WRKO in Boston.  Col. Kurt Schlichter brings his scathing commentary on Biden’s bundling of Afghanistan with just the right amount of laughs for the weekend!

Today’s show is a jumping off point from Stigall’s column “Tired of Being Tired?”  Biden delivers a speech yesterday that would seem completely inappropriate for the hour – unless you understand that’s exactly why he did it.  Stigall explains.  Plus continued analysis from some of the very finest minds our country has to offer on the chaos in Afghanistan.  Major General Jeffrey Schloesser – author of “Marathon War: Leadership in Combat in Afghanistan” and PA Senate candidate and decorated Afghanistan war veteran Sean Parnell.

News Max White House correspondent Emerald Robinson helps Stigall understand just who’s in charge of what when it comes to “strategy” and messaging at the White House regarding the Afghanistan debacle.  She describes an eerie vibe swallowing all of Washington and you’ll understand exactly what she means when you hear it.  NJ Congressman Jeff VanDrew – a former Democrat from New Jersey has called for his former political ally Biden’s resignation.  He doesn’t hold back.  And President Trump’s brilliant deputy national security advisory K.T. McFarland forecasts the future of US relations around the world and the way forward in the Middle East.