My Father's House
My Father's House
My Father's House
My Father's House


My Father's House is a Spirit-Filled, Family Church in Fort Wayne, IN. This podcast provides teaching, instruction, encouragement, and correction for life based on the Word of God.

  • At His Feet
    In todays busy and demanding world, we can get easily distracted, worried, and troubled, neglecting The One thing that is needed: intimacy with God The Father.
  • Rejoice in Suffering
    Are you facing a trial or a difficult season? Your outlook about your trial makes a difference! Gain encouragement from the Word of God to walk in the joy that comes from relationship with Jesus, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.
  • Rise Up, He’s Calling You!
    As principles of faith are applied, we can rise up to where the Lord Jesus has called us, into a transformed and victorious life following Him on the path once again.
  • Fear No More
    Fear can be overcome when we believe God’s Word. Isaiah 41:10 is a promise of God that can set us free from the grip of fear when we receive revelation of its truth.
  • The Importance of Your Heart
    Life can deal a lot of damage to the heart of a person. Our hearts have the potential to bring forth good & evil, it is the the place where sin is conceived, and it is the center of our faith. God’s focus is on the condition of our heart and He desires t
  • Revitalizing the Local Church
    When people come together in harmony, and the unity of the Holy Spirit, great things can be accomplished for the work of God. Understanding and engaging with the vision of the house of worship is vital to the success of any local church.
  • There is a Fountain-The Blood and the Name
    There is a powerful relationship between the name and the blood. Sometimes our sins seem overwhelming and damnable. These rise to our necks and threaten to drown us– but Jesus is Immanuel, God with us!
  • Live Like Jesus, Part 2: Servant Heart
    In giving up his divine status, Jesus modeled the life of a servant to us, marked by humility and obedience. Let’s be a people who don’t just talk about the love of Jesus, but show it through our obedient service to God, to our families, to our church fa
  • Live Like Jesus, Part 1: A Humble Heart
    When Jesus Christ came to the earth in bodily form, He voluntarily gave up His divine power. We will explore specifically the characteristic of humility that Jesus exemplified, as seen ... [Read more...]
  • The Wisdom of Jabez
    We need faith to change our world, by seeking his hand of great love. In faith, we use all the weapons he provided for us, and then stand on that faith.