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Matt Pana is a media specialist in New York with a decade of experience in music and marketing. Each episode features discussions with friends, covering creativity and technology interwoven with mental health.

  • LW 83 - Spirituality of Work (Q&A @ Seton Hall University)
    I've been blessed and humbled to speak at my alma mater, Seton Hall University. Tune in as I share my testimony with Dr. Allan Wright and his students, as we dive into the meaning of work, connecting through culture, and living a community-driven, servant-minded vocation.     
  • LW 82 - Winning vs. Honoring (Salman from The Upstream Podcast)
    [REPURPOSED from The Upstream Podcast]  About a year ago, Matt Pana of @likewisepodcast asked me to be on his podcast. I had no idea why he would want to speak to me or what we would speak about. I was truly humbled that he shared with me that I had been someone he had looked up to as a drummer. I played drums for many years because I enjoyed it and was not intending to have any impact or influence on anyone. To hear him honor me in this way and to be able to speak on his podcast gave me encouragement to pass along honor.
  • LW 81 - Human Dignity w/ Lord Pomperada (WYA President)
    Check out this gift of a conversation with Lord Pomperada (5th President of the World Youth Alliance), as they discuss meaning through suffering, embracing challenges, and integrating solidarity with human dignity.
  • LW 80 - Core Issues w/ Bashir Murtaza
    We’re back with a new season of LIKEWISE! Tune in as Matt catches up with his coworker and fitness expert Bashir Murtaza, as they discuss the importance of posture (beyond the physical), programming a growth mindset, and what to do when you reach a plateau.
  • LW 79: The Art of Pivoting w/ Danielle Maglente
    FROM THE CUT THE SMALL TALK PODCAST In my life, I've learned that while veering off course of our chosen paths might have been (and still is) discouraged, it’s often the pivots you make in life, and those rare opportunities that you just say “yes” to, that teach us the most about ourselves- what lights us up, what brings meaning to our lives, and how resilient we actually are. In this next episode of “Cut the Small Talk,” I catch up with an old college friend, Matt Pana, who continues to make successful pivots in his life that have led him to opportunities and careers that cater to both his passions and his desire for sustainability.
  • LW 78: The Asian American Dream
    Join us in a new direction of the podcast! Enter a family time capsule as Matt and his dad capture their family's history. Stories include immigrant upbringings, evolving family dynamics, and redefining honor and tradition. 
  • LW 77: Danny Katz (Singer/Songwriter)
    As we journey into the next normal of 2021, tune in as Matt catches up with an old friend Danny Katz! Join them as they discuss the power of nostalgia and expression in a digital capacity.
  • LW 76: Salman Abouzied (Drummer, Crossfitter)
    Likewise literally means "in a like manner." Tune in as Matt catches up with a fellow drummer in Salman, as they talk about mental health, goal setting, and leadership through service.
  • LW 75: Martina San Diego (Singer/Songwriter)
    Join the conversation as Matt chats with singer/songwriter Martina San Diego, as she shares wisdom beyond her years, redefining home, and understanding music as language. 
  • LW 74: Ivan Polanco (Musician/Athlete)
    Ivan is a singer/songwriter, martial artist, and fitness trainer. Clearly no stranger to being a jack of all trades! Tune in as he catches up with Matt, as they discuss struggles with identity, honoring your roots, and the importance of being present. 
  • LW 73: Anna Petrillo (Vocalist)
    Anna Petrillo is a worship leader, jazz performer, and advocate for music education. Tune in as Matt and Anna catch up, as they discuss the beauty of the process and the importance of loving yourself. 
  • LW 72: BabyBoyBlue (Producer)
    A few weeks into quarantine drives us to find like-minded individuals, and Liam Reyes (aka BABYBOYBLUE) is no exception! Tune in as Matt and Liam discuss mutual roots and how chaos breeds creativity.
  • LW 71: Arejay Ella (Singer/Songwriter)
    Oftentimes, it's those classic friendships that spark much-needed conversation. Tune in as Matt and Arejay cover adaptability, mentorship, and the importance of passion.
  • LW 70: Matt Campana & Ben Silverio (Quarantine Catch-up)
    We gotta quick episode today featuring two creative minds: Matt Campana (composer) and Ben Silverio (writer). Tune in as they chat about community culture, wishful thinking, and clearing out your headspace. 
  • LW 69: Mitchell Grey (Band Reunion)
    Man, it's great to be back! Our #StayHome culture brings some of us back to our roots. Tune in as Matt brings the back the pod with his bandmates from Mitchell Grey, as they discuss accountability, connectivity, and digital collaboration.  (Music Credit: Ryan Mitchell Grey's ASTOR)
  • LW 68: Adriel Luis (Curator @ The Smithsonian)
    The Bay’s own Adriel Luis got his start through poetry and music collective ILL-Literacy. Today, he works for The Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC as Curator of Digital and Emerging Media. Tune in as Matt and Adriel catch up in this special extended edition, as they discuss creative auras and activating your imagination. 
  • LW 67: David Paige (Singer/Songwriter)
    Singer/songwriter David Paige’s career grew exponentially after competing on VH1′s Make a Band Famous, rubbing heads with Natasha Bedingfield and Tyson Ritter from All American Rejects. Tune in as Matt and David chat it up, as they discuss Chicago beginnings and honoring his father’s memory through music.
  • LW 66: Micah (Singer/songwriter)
      Northeastern University alumn Micah is a songwriter in the thick of pitches and writing sessions in New York. Tune in as Matt and Micah chat in his bachelor pad, as they discuss the ins-and-outs of the music business, and their mutual love for Ryan Mitchell Grey.
  • LW 65: Sung Lee (Beatboxer)
    The most decorated guest on the podcast to date, beatboxer Sung Lee has won national competitions including Kollaboration Star LA and Amateur Night at The Apollo. Tune in as Matt and Sung chat it up in Koreatown, as they discuss the lost art of being original.
  • LW 64: The Rooks (Band)
    Wesleyan University's favorite sons The Rooks join the podcast this week straight from Midtown Manhattan. You can catch the band performing throughout residencies in New York. Tune in as Garth, Spencer and Matt chat it up, as they discuss comic book comparisons, acapella beginnings, and making practice perfect.