Crrow777 has been filming and questioning space, the moon and our sun for many years and has many thousands of hours of observation and filming time through large telescopes.

  • 409- It All Started on the Day I was Born… (Free)
    Though we are granted life at the zygote, it is at the port of entry (birth) that the legal fictions of this realm begin. Each certificate and legal document created at birth have now been tracked down by our guest to show the nonsensical nature of the...
  • 408- Using Building Blocks from Nature to Repair the Temple – the Only Way (Free)
    Two ideas: 1. If it does not exist in nature or, if it is not used by the body naturally, how can it possibly cure or be a remedy for any ailment? 2. Treating and masking symptoms with chemicals serves to repress the body’s warning signs – while ignori...
  • 407- Masking Spirit Because You Fear It, and Other Tragic Nursery Rhymes (Free)
    Much has changed in the past couple years, and in particular, what it is to be a child growing up… in this engineered and misbegotten time. Imagine growing up in a world without faces. Imagine your formative years spent breathing human exhaust fumes al...
  • 406- Cleaning Out a Lifetime of Gunk with Green Coffee (Free)
    For those of you who know what the Gerson Method is, you will also comprehend the power of said method. Our guest examined the coffee component of the famous method and improved upon it. By examining the properties of the coffee,
  • 405- A World Miss-Described, a Land of Confusion – Fixing a Hole where “Reign” Gets In… (Free)
    Download Episode This is the era of deception, disguised as the era of information. In knowing this, one should also comprehend that division will abound as error seeks to stunt the world mind. As is always true, bad information in,
  • 404- Finishing Member Q & A, Alchemy & Common Sense with Master Germain (Free)
    This is our last recorded episode (for now) with Fortune de St. Germain. In hour one we complete the list of members submitted questions and in hour two delve into interesting new topics. The episodes with Fortune have been very popular episodes and I ...
  • 403.5- A New Life Enters Our Realm, in a Non-Standard Way (Bumper Free)
    The one hour episode is available to members as is true of all .5 episodes. Once again, we cover hope for the next generation – a new life arrives free of modern machinations. The main idea is that each new natural birth is a gift to the following gene...
  • 403- A Fortunate QA with a Man of Vision and Lofty Healing Abilities (Free)
    His voice has a calming effect that instills a sense of well-being but, I am aware of much more with regard to the man called Fortune de St. Germain. And while I cannot tell you his age, I can tell you his healing abilities are astounding – an alchemis...
  • 402- Comprehend Your Beginning, Not Your Birthday (Free)
    Our guest returns to tell us about a new children’s book he is publishing on the Fourth of July aimed at offering ideas everyone should be aware of. The basis of our discussion is the idea that (nearly) everyone is considered legally deceased,
  • 401- A Most Precious Gift of the Creation – Water, Living Water! (Free)
    Not only is it one of the four elements that create this realm, water is truly magical. We currently take it for granted, piping it into our homes through right angles or, the angles of sorrow. How easy it would be to ensure living,
  • 400.5- Do Stars Align? Ophiuchus the Snake Bearer, Dr. Ardis and Corona Borealis (Free)
    .5 episodes are one hour and member only episodes. It has been said that the history of this world is written in the stars, and that no man can change the stars. In our era we struggle at the meanings above, but the symbology still exists.
  • 400- Mercury the Messenger Says – No Nukes at Crossroads (Free)
    400 Episodes, whoo-whee! At this milestone we will tie together many things and show that the old alchemical and astronomical symbols are still in use on the world stage. Mercury will take the main stage as we weave a thread through all media, music,
  • 399- A Stage of Illusions, Veiling the Highest Court – Who Are You? (Free)
    What is the title of that old song? Oh yeah – “Who Are You?”. Do you know who you are? Until you have accurate comprehension of this question, you might have a tough time dealing with legal ideas and all that proceeds in a courtroom. And,
  • 398- No Cure or Rights in Sight – Now Pay Your Bill (Free)
    The world of today is much different than the world of three years ago. What changed? Of course – it was perception that changed. For the most part no mainstay laws dealing with rights have changed and yet nearly everything has changed with regard to h...
  • 397- Words, Myths and the Pan You Don’t Cook with, Have Meaning (Free)
    Words have meaning and so do myths. Both are employed daily in modern media, to include the implied, and yet plausibly deniable associations. Unfortunately, very few of us take time to comprehend what is masquerading under the narrative of modern media...
  • 396- Fortune Smiles on Spiritual Questions – Q & A #1 of 3 (Free)
    In this episode Fortune de St. Germain joins us to answer member questions. This will be the first of three Q &A episodes recorded with Fortune. Long-time members might notice the tone and tenor of the QA episodes has dramatically shifted toward spirit...
  • 395.5- Private Ideas in Public Places – PMA’s Rising (Free)
    There is only one hour of this episode for membership. Did you know that actions of political parties, even though they may impact the public, are not subject to judicial review as political parties are private associations?
  • 395- A Chained Block is Angles of Sorrow in a Crypt – The Hydra’s Lair (Free)
    As we move away from buying and selling based on value, ownership too is in the offing. We stand witness to a planned destination based on control and illusion. Some call it the singularity, but a better description might be a world of imagination,
  • 394.5- Don’t Give Me that Juris-My-Diction, I Know Where I am (Free)
    With much discord currently surrounding law ideas in online groups we once again seek to cover how law became what it is now, along with ideas about jurisdiction. Clearly there are many ways to skin a cat with regard to processes and systems of Law.
  • 394- Imagine Sunlight took 8 Minutes to Get Here, Back to Sleep Now (Free)
    You will find the Sun in all religious texts because it exists as the root cause for life here and underpins what we experience. Simple logic will demonstrate the truth. What causes the seasons or night and day, and when do we sleep,