Crrow777 has been filming and questioning space, the moon and our sun for many years and has many thousands of hours of observation and filming time through large telescopes.

A world without mushrooms would not resemble the world we live in now. From natural processes to health to mind expansion, this singular kingdom of life stands alone. To learn about mushrooms is to continually have your mind blown; they are truly magical well beyond the mental uses. It has been claimed mushrooms are among (more...) The post 311- The Magical Kingdom of Mushrooms – Chaga/Reishi – King/Queen (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

Our guest is one of the earliest minds to draw the line between inoculations and autism and other damages to living beings. He did this in the early 70s. Here we cover a wide ranging homeopathic discussion to include how he cured the above mentioned, damaged, young life. The Dr. also sits on the board (more...) The post 310- Words to Avoid: Inn, Knock, You, Lay, Shun; Says the Good Dr. (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

There was a time in this world when the prefix HEL was used only in words of positive connotation. Words we still have like health or Helios (sun). In this period of time comprehension of nature as the basis for health went without saying. Later the word HELL was put forth as the worst thing (more...) The post 309- Mother Nature Is and Provides the Ingredients that Create Health (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

Modern gaming evolves the mono-directional programming of TV into interactive programming, which is likely the most effective societal engineering tool in our world – behind fear. Gaming allows for real-time user data collection and can monitor entire living spaces in the home, depending on the system. As a whole, gaming will continue to move toward (more...) The post 308- Gaming, Interactive Programming for a Fantasy Based Virtual World (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

Once again we jump into healthy supplements that are provided to us by Mother Nature – the source of every single thing in this world without exception. From weight loss to common maladies, we discuss vitamins and minerals that are lacking in many modern lives. As industrial processed foods lack the nutrition required for health (more...) The post 307- Seeking Health from Mother Nature which Provides Everything (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

I first shot the sun we do not see in the spring of 2015. Chris Van Matre duplicated my finding some years later and has now filmed it from Colorado, Houston and South Carolina capturing different positions of what I now call the Spiritual Sun. I suggested using a light polarizing filter to film the (more...) The post 306.5- The Sun We do not See – Polarization Test with a Solar Telescope (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

Scarcity is an idea that has shaped the mechanics of both society and the market place. In the Common Era we could ask if the recent TP shortage was a true shortage or simply the result of minds filled with ideas of scarcity. I would suggest the latter. Even the word scarcity breaks down in (more...) The post 306- How to Scare a City with Scarcity – Thinking Minds Fear Not! (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

Many minds are now re-assessing ideas about what makes us sick and who is really responsible for healing and wellness. This is summed up well in a quote attributed to Hippocrates, “The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” As we head into the new era it (more...) The post 305- Seeking Health from Nature’s Perfect Example – Rewilding (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

If it exists it vibrates. There is one force, electricity. The Daughter of electricity is magnetism. Are these things true? Older writing on alchemy claims they are true and some of the claims are nothing short of amazing. If there is truth in these ideas then the concept of comprehending pH while using magnets for (more...) The post 304- Bio-Magnetism and the Power of Hydrogen in Your Body (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

In an era where it is suddenly OK for hospitals to bar entrance or refuse access to loved ones, patient advocates are being employed to defend rights. Consider someone who is in no shape to make medical decisions and without their family who have been barred from entrance by the hospital. Consider the elderly in (more...) The post 303- Patient Advocacy in the Era of Roughshod Health Care (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

Bees are amazing, to say the least, and a good example of the perfection found in nature. Have you ever considered why bees show up on so called royal coats of arms? You see the bees know something we have forgotten and until we recall this loss, we will remain far from in-step with nature. (more...) The post 302- To Bee, or not to Bee? Clearly, Let it Bee (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

Many men and women have worked their whole life planning for retirement and are now faced with the certainty that our money system is about to change with a so-called “reset”. Will dollars devalue? Will hyper-inflation cause loss of wealth? Is cash about to be a thing of the past? With so many questions and (more...) The post 301.5- The End of Cash, Valueless Dollars, Hyper Inflation & Certain Change (Bumper) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

Here we have a living man who meticulously tracked down every document created at the time of his birth. With this information he created an indisputable timeline of events and document creation. This in turn uncovered some very interesting facts that add to the conversation that has been going on about the creation of the (more...) The post 301- What Brand is your Church and does it Matter to a Baby? (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

Post 2020… how did we get here? It turns out the groundwork for our current era has been in play for a very long time. There is a firewall in the timeline of his-story, before which we know nearly nothing and after which we see control of a single force. This force was supposedly an (more...) The post 300.2- Mad Again at the Vatican, where All Roads Lead Part II (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

The world is a very different place post 2020. How did we get here? It turns out the groundwork for our current era has been in play for a very long time. There is a firewall in the timeline of his-story, before which we know nearly nothing and after which we see control of a (more...) The post 300- Mad Again at the Vatican, where All Roads Lead (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

This episode will run for members only by guest request. Here, again, another RN working in the medical field is pressured to do things contrary to her moral values. While remaining in honor she addresses the issues head on and succeeds with grace and poise. The resulting outcome removed the policy pressures, gained an agreement (more...) The post 299.5- Elegantly Declining the Unacceptable while Remaining in Honor (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

The importance of minerals made by nature is again entering minds who seek health from natural sources. Selenium used to be considered poison and has taken an about face as an important supplement used for addiction and general health, and it is also found in semen showing its power. It may also be true that (more...) The post 299- The Importance of Selenium for Addiction and Health, Plus a so called Tesla Device (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

We are told a Great Monetary Reset is coming soon. Very little else seems to be known in this regard. It might help to comprehend how we came to use fiat currency and how we have all paid a heavy price due to ignorance and debt. It should be grasped that any currency not backed (more...) The post 298- Monetary Reset – Living on IOUs and Passing Paper Free of Intrinsic Value (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

It turns out that what a mind accepts is a big deal in the modern era. Here we take a look at mainstream accounts of Psychology via Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. We would do well to keep in mind that Edward Bernays is the double nephew of Freud and successful at reshaping American culture (more...) The post 297- At Breakfast Freud said to Jung, Leggo My Eggo, Both had ID (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

Where goes California, so goes the nation, it has been said. We catch up with our friend in Orange County California to discover what a single person using common sense has achieved, in this fallen era. We cover mandates, policies, guidelines and powerless dictates which seem to crumble when challenged. At this point it appears (more...) The post 296- Let’s Repaint now that Everything is Masked – The Old Color Wears Thin (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.