Crrow777 has been filming and questioning space, the moon and our sun for many years and has many thousands of hours of observation and filming time through large telescopes.

  • 424.5- Building Community and Mutual Help (Free)
    It has never been more critical than it is now to build community and alliances. The cost of corporate goods and services is starting to demand much more than money. As a matter of fact, your freedom can now be traded for services – if you accept certa...
  • 424- To See, or Not to See? That is the Question (Free)
    Perception – what is it? The dictionary tells us it is a noun meaning: The process of perceiving something with the senses. Perception has become a target in the modern era. The social engineers have had their manipulative sights on it for some time no...
  • 423- Breaking Free in the Modern World Via Freewill (Free)
    Here we discuss breaking free from a trifecta of bondage in our era – drugs, courts and allopathy. Each of us has been granted the Divine Spark, Freewill and been made Beneficiary of this realm by the Creator.
  • 422.5- Homeopathy Ideas from the Good Ole’ Days (Free)
    There used to be major hospitals and universities in America that taught, learned and practiced Homeopathy. This was true up to about 1930 (+ or -) when allopathy took over to implement drug-based medicine.
  • 422- Grow Your Own Food and Save Seeds, for Goodness Sake (Free)
    In the era of my Grandparents, it was commonplace to see a garden in every yard, every growing season. The bounty of a single back-yard garden was sufficient to feed numerous souls and sharing the harvest was common. Along with growing,
  • 421- If It Works, Don’t Fix It – Batting 1000 at Law – Rights, not Lefts (Free)
    Our guest is a self-taught living woman who has been standing up and holding position, with regard to rights, and assisting in protecting the rights of others. As grown-ups in this world, it is on each of us to claim and defend our God given rights,
  • 420- The Wondrous Technology of a Brave New World (Free)
    If it is true that there is no lie in nature then what can be said of technology? It could be said that technology has no basis in the natural world and is wholly designed as synthetic systems of control. These systems are the antithesis of your birthr...
  • 419- Wine Terroir is Proof of Concept for Terrain Theory (Free)
    The film “Terrain” examines ideas based on natural science, with an eye on media in our time. Jason is the audio engineer of this film and also a narrator. As you can see the title of this episode hints that there are well-known processes in this world...
  • 418- Identifying the Id While Turning Off the Music in My Head (Free)
    The first big budget Sci-fi movie was Forbidden Planet released on 3/11/56. And then there is the movie Revolver that sneakily released two versions on 9/11/05. One version of Revolver cut out (US release was cut,
  • 417- A Spiritual Path in Glass & Stone, Vanishing into Elemental Thin Air (Free)
    The mystery of the Cathedrals indeed. And while there really is no mystery due to books that were written, the books inform us that we know very little in our time. As a matter of fact, the books imply that the so-called Dark Ages were far from “dark”....
  • 416- Words Have Meaning Even as Language & Culture Fall: L0L, 0MG… (Free)
    Up to the modern era language has always been an open window for knowing things. As we head into the new era, language, like most things, is in freefall. Consider the meaningless online abbreviations and digital slang or,
  • 415- Natural Passage at the Port of Entry One New Life at a Time (Free)
    Until the 20th century, the majority of US births occurred in the home, attended by female midwives and numerous female family and friends. Roughly 100 years later the process of “giving” birth has changed radically,
  • 414- Cathedrals: Look Up – Look Down – Look Out – Look Around (Free)
    It is claimed that some of the best cathedrals were built in, or adjacent to, the so-called Dark Ages. And though the church claims the glory of edifices like Notre Dame, they cannot, or will not, name the architect.
  • 413- Growing Food Even Under Withering Odds (Free)
    It seems that some of the nicest places to live are becoming some of the hardest places to live. Is this by chance or by design? As if we did not know. Among these places are California and Hawaii, both of which used to be dream locations for many.
  • 412- Vibrational Wellness via Frequency and Vibrations Based in Nature where Truth Resides (Free)
    Our guest creates and offers a litany of cymatic (frequency) devices for wellness. To be clear, I use the term “cymatic” based on the idea that if it exists, it vibrates – and therefore there must be a peak vibration in a functional and healthy range w...
  • 411- Speak Your Mind with Rhythm, Rhyme & Harmony – Music (Free)
    Our guest is the man who wrote the Crrow777 theme song. He is well known online for having written songs that easily cross genres and directly address the concerns and ideas of our era. But there is more than musicianship and idea driven songs on offer...
  • 410- Herbs Are Heaven Sent and Created in the Perfection of Nature (Free)
    It is a shame that over the past century we have forgotten how useful herbs are. While we have never stopped cooking with herbs, flavor is only the tip of the iceberg. There was a time, not too far distant,
  • 409- It All Started on the Day I was Born… (Free)
    Though we are granted life at the zygote, it is at the port of entry (birth) that the legal fictions of this realm begin. Each certificate and legal document created at birth have now been tracked down by our guest to show the nonsensical nature of the...
  • 408- Using Building Blocks from Nature to Repair the Temple – the Only Way (Free)
    Two ideas: 1. If it does not exist in nature or, if it is not used by the body naturally, how can it possibly cure or be a remedy for any ailment? 2. Treating and masking symptoms with chemicals serves to repress the body’s warning signs – while ignori...
  • 407- Masking Spirit Because You Fear It, and Other Tragic Nursery Rhymes (Free)
    Much has changed in the past couple years, and in particular, what it is to be a child growing up… in this engineered and misbegotten time. Imagine growing up in a world without faces. Imagine your formative years spent breathing human exhaust fumes al...