David Freudberg
David Freudberg


Weekly podcast from public radio’s award-winning program Humankind

  • Dignity with Donna Hicks
    Donna Hicks, author of Dignity, recounts her experiences as an international conflict mediator that led her to an understanding of how an assault on the dignity of a person or a group must be healed, before strife can stop.
  • Maintaining Focus with Daniel Goleman
    Former NY Times science reporter Daniel Goleman, the best-selling author of Emotional Intelligence, discusses current research on the importance and mechanics of attaining personal focus. To view additional resources for this episode please visit: huma...
  • Equal Ground
    The moving tale of the late Mae Bertha Carter, a sharecropper who raised thirteen children and also stood firm—against harassment—in her quest to integrate public schools in Sunflower County, Mississippi. To view additional resources for this episode p...
  • Proverbial Wisdom
    Elementary school students learn about ethics, language and common sense when a folklorist leads them through a fascinating exploration of age-old wisdom sayings and their relevance to everyday life. To view additional resources for this episode please...
  • Interfaith Understanding on Campus
    We hear from chaplains and students on a college campus (Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennesee) with a long tradition of promoting dialogue among various groups. To view additional resources for this episode please visit: humanmedia.
  • Free Time/Free People
    Overworking has become a cultural norm in Rabbi Arthur Waskow’s opinion. Waskow’s coalition “Free Time/Free People” is spearheaded by members of various faiths, and insists that a workable culture must actually work less,
  • Connections that Heal
    At the typical nursing station of today’s hospitals, it can sometimes seem like high-tech medical machinery supersedes a personal connection between the patient and nurse or other health care professional. But for many caregivers,
  • Listeners, Pt2
    What does it mean to set aside one’s own agenda and truly focus on another person, perhaps someone who is suffering?
  • Listeners, Pt1
    There’s a kind of mystery in sitting calmly, patiently, attentively and tuning into someone else’s personal story and life journey. In this special program, you’ll hear the reflective insights of people who listen for a living: physicians,
  • Encore Careers
    Although many people crave the break from daily work they receive upon retirement, in some cases the experience of an “endless vacation” eventually causes individuals to feel purposeless. Marc Freedman has been tracking the trend of seniors returning ...
  • Doctors’ Movement to Avert Nuclear War
    This program recounts how American and Soviet physicians joined together on a mission to educate their governments and their peoples about the medical effects of nuclear war beginning in the early 1960s. Calculating the medical consequences of a nuclea...
  • Mindful Parenting
    Parenting today is performed in the face of an almost impossible arsenal of influences. Such influences can cloud, distract, and even displace the parent from his or her greatest responsibility: guidance. The Kabat-Zinns, a couple from Lexington, MA,
  • The Clash of Science and Ethics
    We consider the moral implications of scientific research, especially when the aim is to develop military arms. Are the scientists involved morally responsible for the use of these weapons on civilians? Author and historian Robert Neer recounts the top...
  • Dorothy Day, Pt2
    This is the second part of our special on the revered journalist and ‘Catholic Worker’ founder Dorothy Day. Recalling the words of her grandmother, Kate Hennessy recalls, “She always said they did not intend to start a soup line.
  • Dorothy Day, Pt1
    When Pope Francis addressed Congress in 2015, he cited four great Americans: President Abraham Lincoln, civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., theologian Thomas Merton, and Dorothy Day, the famous writer and activist. Day,
  • Jailhouse Chaplains
    The United States incarcerates more people than any other nation in the world. Some in this diverse population are dangerous and apparently don’t seek rehabilitation to a more productive life. For many others, though,
  • An Informed Republic, Pt2 with Sandra Day O’Connor
    America’s founders recognized that without a king, the fledgling nation would need an informed citizenry—or their bold experiment in democracy would fail. So in early America, the government subsidized newspapers,
  • The Medicine Garden, Pt 1
    Herbal remedies: Do they work? Are they safe? In The Medicine Garden, a special series drawn from our archives, you’ll take a fascinating tour of this relatively low-cost form of health care. It’s an approach to healing that has become enormously popul...
  • Practicing Prevention with Ralph Snyderman
    In this episode, we hear from physician Ralph Snyderman, MD, a proponent of preventive medicine, who believes that our health care system should place greater emphasis on preventive practices (such as healthy diet and stress management),
  • Constant Emergency Pt1
    Have we entered an age of unrelenting chaos? As we grope for a “new normal”, has humanity reached a kind of turning point? In this timely audio documentary, you’ll hear inspiring stories of survivors. We also listen to health care providers,