Independent business analyst and small business owner J Cleveland Payne offers success tips for business owners and professionals every week in a quick and concise format.

  • A Hobby Can Become A Real Business If The Conditions Are Right (TMBW 165)
    That thing you enjoy doing that can generate money may be just a hobby, but if it can pay for itself and lows you some room for growth, there is a possible path to it growing into a sustainable side business, or even a full time business.
  • #164 - Run A Boring Business To Help Retention
    A firm simple but functional structure may not be exciting, but will lead to less burnout and turnover from the main staff.
  • #163 - Double Your Leads To Double Your Conversion Rates
    If you producing a solid lever of revenue from your current leads and conversion policy, doubling your efforts is the simplest way to double your revenue.
  • #162 - Read The Fine Print
    One of the best way to show your master of business is the mastery of knowing what is actually in the contracts and terms of agreement you sign and agree to. Time to make use of another skilled you have already mastered, reading, and read the fine...
  • #161 - Stop Limiting Your Employee's Promotion Opportunities
    If you keep a person from advancing in your organization because of your need for them to do the thing they are already doing, in enough time, they will find that position with another employer.
  • #160 - Have An Exit Strategy In Place, Even If You Won’t Be Around To Execute It
    One of the fundamental pieces of a product life cycle is the end, as in, what do I do with all this inventory that I didn't sell now that the company has failed.
  • #159 - Write A Story That People Will Buy...That Is Less Of A Sell
    People buy when they find themselves resonating with your story. Make sure that story is a good one, with as little embellishment as possible.
  • #158 - Are The Riches Really In Niches?
    Being a generalist may not bring in whale clients, but if you’re getting plenty of fish, does that matter?
  • #157 - Your Brain, Heart, And Gut Must Work As A Team
    Business sense is a combination of the senses working together, not just a preference over one.
  • #156 - Are You Jealous Of Your Employees?
    Do you feel threatened by competent employees? How is this affecting your hiring and retention? How is this affecting your new customer acquisition?
  • #155 - The Best Way To Be Successful In Business Is Through Luck And Exploitation
    Business success has a lot to do with your skill, but much more to do with the conditions of the market and the inability of your competition to be successful than most want to admit.
  • #154 - Breaking The Rules Of Time Management Tetris
    Slotting in tasks as you 'find' free moments is great. Don't confuse person time with unscheduled activities as 'found' time for work activities.
  • #153 - Lemonade Stands Are Exercises In Self Esteem. Buy All The Lemonade You Can.
    Lemonade stands are always profitable because the operators (children) don't have to pay for the supplies and the customers can't refuse the product (because they are children), even in spite of its terrible quality.
  • #152 - How Much Do I Give Away For Free?
    From well-measured samples to full services on the house, offering up a taste of what you can get as an enticement to bring in clients is a well-established business tactic. But just how much free stuff will weigh out to a level where it is hard to...
  • #151 - Having A Mentor Is Awesome. Don't Screw It Up.
    If you are blessed to have a mentor to help you navigate the world of business, do everything in your power to maintain that mentorship for as long as possible.
  • #150 - Set Goals And Observe Milestones
    Goals will ensure you are paying attention to the progress you are making (or not) in your journey as a business owner. Milestone will creep up on you as that journey soldiers on and need to be addressed and celebrated when reached.
  • #149 - Resist The Pull Of The Fast Track
    What your expedient mobility really does is leave a wake of destruction that may never be fixed that you will never get the blame for as you leave for your next destination.
  • #148 - Respect The Time Of Everyone Interviewing To Work For You
    Is it legal to make a person wait for an hour past their scheduled interview time to start the interview? Yes, it is legal, and yes, it paints a terrible picture of your company.
  • #147 - You Are Not A Skipped Latte Away For Financial Success
    Delayed gratification is a key to success. Self-inflicted torture is not.
  • #145 - Businesses Who Do More Should Charge More
    Premium prices are a fair cost to pay (and charge) for premium services. There has to be a financial angle for providing more than adequate support.