Independent business analyst and small business owner J Cleveland Payne offers success tips for business owners and professionals every week in a quick and concise format.

  • Look For Investors To Diversify Your Risk From The Beginning - TMBW 243
    Polish up your business plan and get to work. Find seller financing. Raise funds from investors. Use different types of loans. Ask friends and family who understand how investing in a business works. The financial risks of getting a new business off...
  • Plan For Downside Scenario - TMBW 242
    Things will go wrong in your business. Don’t attempt to survive on sheer will. Have understood and ready to implement plans in case of multiple downside scenarios.
  • Have An Exit Plan - TMBW 241
    Knowing how long and how much fiscal damage it will take to sell a business if you want (or need) to should be known before you receive the keys to the building. A business that doesn’t align with your exit plan may be a business you need to pass on.
  • Don’t Take On Unprofitable Or Turnaround Business Unless You Are A Pro – TMBW 240
    If you have never worked in an industry, you should avoid taking on the responsibility of a troubled business. A turnaround story on an unprofitable business is excellent to tell but hard to write if you have never done it before.
  • Get Organized – TMBW 239
    A crucial key to business success is organization. Proper organization will help you complete tasks and stay on top of things to be done.
  • Take The Time To Understand How Everything Functions Before You Start Making Changes – TMBW 238
    Before making any significant changes at a company you are taking over, take as much time as you need to understand how everything functions and who the key players are. Your genius changes to the process may have been attempted before with disastrous...
  • Know What Jobs You Are Hiring For - TMBW 237
    When an applicant interviews for the job of a lifetime and you are just trying to fill a spot with any able body, both sides will find the process frustrating.
  • Know Your Role In The Guru Game - TMBW 236
    Are you an 'elite expert' or the 'just as bad as you' guy when it comes to the Guru Game? Understand what game you intend to play, and play that game well when you deal with how you work with mentors.
  • Never Bring Desperation To A Negotiation - TMBW 235
    Always show you can walk away from a deal not going your way. Especially if you are desperate to make that deal come through.
  • Make Sure That You Are As Ready For Your Business Launch As Your Business - TMBW 234
    There is a lot of pre-launch effort that goes into launch day for your business. This counts for the business entity of your choice, you, and the people who will lose time with you as you pursue your business success.
  • Offering Good Service Is Always On The Goal List - TMBW 233
    Providing exemplary service to your customers is crucial to gaining their loyalty and retaining their business.
  • You'll End Up Working Harder For Yourself Than You Would For Someone Else - TMBW 232
    Prepare to make sacrifices in your personal life when establishing your business. In turn, prepare yourself to understand the need for these sacrifices will mostly come from those who work for you who are unwilling to make the same sacrifices (and...
  • Know Your Competition And The Appropriate Tactics For Engagement - TMBW 231
    It's essential to be aware of who (or what) your business competition is and both the appropriate and inappropriate tactics that someone can deploy in defending your business against them in the marketplace.
  • Starting A Business Requires Analytical Thinking, Determined Organization, And Detailed Record-Keeping - TMBW 230
    The very long, poor SEO'ed title for this episode offers three simple truths for preparing yourself mentally for a business launch.
  • When The Clothes Make The Team - TMBW 229
    My thoughts on wearing uniforms for your business, and my thoughts almost always 'yes.' Dressing for success is necessary, even without a formal dress policy.
  • From Seth Godin On The Entrepreneurial Journey (And Maybe Even Life) - TMBW 228
    A recent posting from Seth Godin emphasized your final destination on your entrepreneurial journey and just how final it really is (or is meant to be). See the post at https://seths.blog/2023/06/when-we-get-to-where-were-going/.
  • Should You Start A Gig Hustle, Or Should You Start A Business To Make Real Money? - TMBW 227
    You've figured out what entrepreneurship really is and don't want that. That doesn't disqualify you from starting a small business or signing up for a side gig to bring more money in. Just know the reasoning behind what you try to pursue and the...
  • Understand Your finances - TMBW 226
    Understanding your personal finances means knowing the difference between not wanting to spend over $200 and only having $200 to spend. Understanding your business finances means knowing the impact of what money you can bring in and what money you...
  • Maybe You Were Not Meant To Be An Entrepreneur - TMBW 225
    Deciding that you have binged too many Gary Vee videos a few years back and the entrepreneur's life may not be all it's cracked up to be is an epiphany. This doesn't stop you from using your entrepreneurial mindset to help other businesses grow and...
  • Always Write It Down - TMBW 224
    Handshake deals have been made and lived by since the dawn of time. But this is the 21st Century, and we humans have repeatedly proven that we should not be such a trusting lot. Get all the essential terms and conditions of your deal in ink or in...