Independent business analyst and small business owner J Cleveland Payne offers success tips for business owners and professionals every week in a quick and concise format.

  • Do Not Ignore Your Customers, Even If You Choose To Ignore Their Feedback (TMBW 180)
    If you have an unhappy customer or see negative reviews online about your business, you need to address the customer immediately. They may or may not have a legitimate point, but they always deserve acknowledgment.
  • “Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” (TMBW 179)
    This episode will examine the good and the bad in following a quote about business and success from Steve Jobs.
  • Schedule Things To Do In Your Time Off To Keep You Away From Work (TMBW 178)
    Your employees need you to be away to see (and prove) they can perform without you. It would help if you found a hobby to focus on while you are away from work to ensure you stay out of it.
  • Know Your Proper Customer Balance (TMBW 177)
    Determine how many one-and-done, short-time loyal, and lifer-type customers you need to maintain healthy profits and business success.
  • “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” (TMBW 176)
    This episode will examine the good and the bad in following a quote about business and success from Warren Buffett.
  • Lead Like Your Authority Should Not Be In Question (TMBW 175)
    Show your security to be in charge without being overbearing and cruel. You will find your authority questioned less when those under it are given little reason to doubt it.
  • Hire People Who Won’t Force You To Change The Master Passwords When You Fire Them (TMBW 174)
    This is another reminder to be slow to hire and quick to fire, as the wrong employee can quickly take down your organization and force you to put way to much work into restating basic protocols and operating procedures.
  • “Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.” (TMBW 173)
    This episode will examine the good and the bad in following a quote about business and success from Oprah Winfrey.
  • Getting Career-Level Outputs From Hobby-Level Inputs Is Never Going To Happen (TMBW 172)
    Because you just can't. Take the focus of your side hustle seriously if you want it to be a real business that will eventually pay the bills.
  • Options Keep You From Rock Star Employees (TMBW 171)
    A talented employee with options on who to work for is a problem for mediocre workplaces. You need to pick your game up as an employer.
  • Observe How They Act After They Have Been Recruited (TMBW 170)
    Watch how your employees act after they had met with you and compare to how eager they seemed before the formal interview process began.
  • Your Business Conference Is Probably Just An Overhyped Concert (TMBW 169)
    The hype can easily be justified, assuming you go home and put in work and integrate the idea from your motivation party.
  • Your Consultant's Specialty Is BS... (TMBW 168)
    Who needs a resilience expert or social media ninja? Maybe that is what you say you are, but your title is asinine.
  • You Have Stop (Or Pause) Doing Something To Start Doing Something Else (TMBW 167)
    You cannot put your full focus on growing new things if you are stuck managing all of the old things.
  • If You Can Make Progress In An MLM, You Can Make Progress In Real Sales (TMBW 166)
    If your not-independent-business-side-hustle seems to be working for you, it might be time to consider working for a boss that offers a product you can sell without having to purchase it first.
  • A Hobby Can Become A Real Business If The Conditions Are Right (TMBW 165)
    That thing you enjoy doing that can generate money may be just a hobby, but if it can pay for itself and lows you some room for growth, there is a possible path to it growing into a sustainable side business, or even a full time business.
  • #164 - Run A Boring Business To Help Retention
    A firm simple but functional structure may not be exciting, but will lead to less burnout and turnover from the main staff.
  • #163 - Double Your Leads To Double Your Conversion Rates
    If you producing a solid lever of revenue from your current leads and conversion policy, doubling your efforts is the simplest way to double your revenue.
  • #162 - Read The Fine Print
    One of the best way to show your master of business is the mastery of knowing what is actually in the contracts and terms of agreement you sign and agree to. Time to make use of another skilled you have already mastered, reading, and read the fine...
  • #161 - Stop Limiting Your Employee's Promotion Opportunities
    If you keep a person from advancing in your organization because of your need for them to do the thing they are already doing, in enough time, they will find that position with another employer.