Independent business analyst and small business owner J Cleveland Payne offers success tips for business owners and professionals every week in a quick and concise format.

  • Maybe You Were Not Meant To Be An Entrepreneur - TMBW 225
    Deciding that you have binged too many Gary Vee videos a few years back and the entrepreneur's life may not be all it's cracked up to be is an epiphany. This doesn't stop you from using your entrepreneurial mindset to help other businesses grow and...
  • Always Write It Down - TMBW 224
    Handshake deals have been made and lived by since the dawn of time. But this is the 21st Century, and we humans have repeatedly proven that we should not be such a trusting lot. Get all the essential terms and conditions of your deal in ink or in...
  • Can You Make Payroll? - TMBW 223
    Hiring the help you need to succeed as a business is crucial. Paying those who help a fair wage is key. And if you can't afford to pay, that's where the real problems creep in.
  • Don't Mistake Reading With Doing - TMBW 222
    The human mind has a hard time distinguishing a lived experience from one you would read, which is why the power of suggestion and 'fake it til you make it' can happen. But to be a top-level entrepreneur, you must know the difference and ensure you...
  • Keep A Happy List - TMBW 221
    Make a list of things that make you happy to review when you need a boost. Put on it the things like walking outside with your dog, having a little dance party, going to the gym, going to the sauna, or reading a book you like.
  • Every Job Sucks - TMBW 220
    There are aspects of every job that have undesirable elements. This is even true if you have found 'work you love.' But you are not doomed to do all the work that tends to suck your life out.
  • It Is Okay To Lose Out On An Idea - TMBW 219
    When a person steals your idea and takes the glory and the credit, sit back and watch the show. They stole your idea because they have no ideas. You have plenty of ideas.
  • Seriously Consider Taking On A Business Partner - TMBW 218
    Just because you have some knowledge does not mean you're competent. The best business people are not the smartest people in the room, but they are smart enough to know they don't have to be and find partners or hired hands to fill in the missing gaps.
  • Make Very Few Exceptions To The Rules - TMBW 217
    Rational exceptions lead people to ask for not rational exceptions being aked for because you made way for others. Without being cruel, write into policy that exceptions are for extreme and extra special cases and must be reviewed in detail for each...
  • Hold On To Your 'Last Two Dollars - TMBW 216
    Other than putting a Johnnie Taylor earworm in your head, the story of the old lady at the casino makes a great cautionary tale for a business in the need to hear some down home blues to battle the stress of running low on funds.
  • Stop Borrowing Talent - TMBW 215
    Hire talented people to work for you at your convenience. Stop asking people who don't work for you to do tasks for them at their inconvenience. --- My new book, Simple Tips For Business Success: Solid Business Insights Inspired By The Two Minute...
  • Log Your Expenses Daily, Reconcile Your Balances Weekly - TMBW 214
    Another do as a say, not as I currently do very well tip: keep a handle on your business expenses by logging each one daily, then following up wit ha weekly or bi-weekly reconciliation session. Give your accountant a gift as tax season approaches by...
  • Your Ex-Employees (And Ex-Employers ) Are Exes For A Reason - TMBW 213
    A job is a relationship where the power dynamic is not meant to be equal. But a job is hugely comparable with a personal relationship in the way that they have their seasons, and there are plenty of ways to fall into toxicity if you are not careful....
  • When You Cannot Give A Compliment Sandwich - TMBW 212
    There are times when as an employer or an employee, you will not be able to generate a compliment necessary to have a feedback conversation using a compliment sandwich. Prepare yourself for very uncomfortable conversations. And by preparing yourself,...
  • But Do You Have Any Money Now? - TMBW 211
    Everyone has great ideas that, with time, could prove fruitful as a business. But starting a business requires more than just a great idea. Without resources and capital now, that idea could quickly fade away. --- My new book, Simple Tips For...
  • Be Consistent - TMBW 210
    Consistency is a crucial component to making money in business. You have to keep doing what is necessary to be successful day in and day out. This will create long-term positive habits that will help you make money in the long run.
  • Try Using A SaaS Solution - TMBW 209
    Consider trying a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool to increase the efficiency of our organization. Or at least a simple online spreadsheet.
  • Provide Great Service - TMBW 208
    Your ability to maintain a successful and profitable business is a superpower a typical human does not possess. And with your ‘great power’ comes the great responsibility to maintain a high level of service for your customers. Your actions can ‘save’...
  • Don’t Follow Trends That You Know Are Bad Because Someone Else Thinks They’re Good - TMBW 207
    Inspired by the quote from Kevin Rose, “Don’t let others convince you that the idea is good when your gut tells you it’s bad.” When you know your business has no need to jump on a trend, but people think otherwise as they see instant dollars now,...
  • Is Your Idea Even Any Good? - TMBW 206
    There are way too many factors to take into account when starting a business and then maintaining that business to some level of success. But a key factor that have the greatest impact in your start come for the answer to the question, “Is this idea...