Slaves of Mary - Sermon of the Day
The Slaves of Mary

Excerpts from a private collection of Catholic sermons, missions, and conferences that were recorded and made available on the internet between 2003 and 2015. This podcast is dedicated to the Holy Mother of God.

Take up your cross.

If we want to make room for God, we need to make time for both interior and exterior silence.

Baptism remits all sin and punishment due to sin, floods the soul with sanctifying grace, unites a soul to Christ giving the soul supernatural virtues, the soul is marked with a permanent character allowing it to receive the other sacraments, and the gates of heaven are opened to that soul. Baptism should hold high priority.

Our Lady of the Rosary, Pray for us! Occupied by the Turks in 1498, Lepanto is chiefly celebrated for the victory which the combined papal, Spanish, Venetian, and Genoese fleets, under Don John of Austria, gained over the Turkish fleet on 7 Oct., 1571. The latter had 208 galleys and 66 small ships; the Christian fleet about the same number. The crusaders lost 17 ships and 7500 men; 15 Turkish ships were sunk and 177 taken, from 20,000 to 30,000 men disabled, and from 12,000 to 15,000 Christian rowers, slaves on the Turkish galleys, were delivered. Though this victory did not accomplish all that was hoped for, since the Turks appeared the very next year with a fleet of 250 ships before Modon and Cape Matapan, and in vain offered battle to the Christians, it was of great importance as being the first great defeat of the infidels on the sea. Held by the Venetians from 1687 to 1689, and thence by the Turks until 1827, it became in the latter year part of the new Greek realm. Today Naupactus, chief town of the district in the province of Arcarnania and Ætolia, has 4,500 inhabitants, all Orthodox Greeks. The roadstead is rather small and silted up; the strait connects the Bay of Patras with the Gulf of Corinth.

Backbiting and Rash Judgement - Am I doing it?

What would you give up for Holy Communion? Human love gives up at some point, Divine love does not. The infirm require a physician. How much time do we waste being afraid of the devil? The most Holy Sacrament has greater efficacy to sanctify souls than all other spiritual means. The soul derives more profit from one communion than from fasting a week on bread and water.

Virtuous families modeled after the Holy Family can raise up saints. Selfish people are lonely and unhappy. We need to conquer ourselves and put others first. Doing our duty tells others that we can put ourselves second.

If we praise people who are unworthy they will be flattered. If we praise people when they are worthy they will be embarrassed. He is one who has not been enticed by the good things of this world. He does not wear fine clothes and certainly he does not care for political correctness.His one aim is to do the will of God.

It looked good, smelled good, and probably tasted good. What we have is a virtue deficiency. Our Lord is the Good Shepherd. His sheep follow him.

It is important to have a sense of humor, so that we can see the hand of God through things, and the presence of God in trials. It brings joy. The devil likes to fish in troubled waters. Without virtue, blind mistakes are made and our focus is moved away from the end. Without virtue we get fearful and angry. Faith can fail through dangerous media that attacks our beliefs. Lack of prudence can relate to excessive fear about the future.

The Importance of the Liturgy in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Evil is destroyed and the moral order is restored when we practice meekness. Meekness doubles our actions. The sermon also discusses meekness as it is related to confessors and the requirements of valid confessions (specific to deliberate willful mortal sin). Meekness towards ourselves is essential for establishment of the moral order. It is easy to look at the world and see the sins and failings of others. The higher the calling the lower the fall. It is pride to think we do not have within us what it takes to be a Judas. Without meekness we are miserable to be with.

A quick sermon on "types" and the Eucharist.

General tips on what is needed for absolution.

We believe it because God said it. Faith in little things leads to faith in big things.

Happy are the peacemakers. St. Rita, patron saint of the impossible, pray for us!

2011 sermon about persecution in the end of times.

2008 sermon that provides some insight into the various struggles and conditions of the early churches. The priest lays out potential modern day parallels to struggles and conditions we might be dealing with ourselves.