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Unbroken explores the Inside-Out nature of life and how this understanding can lead to letting go of unwanted habits, including overeating.

  • Strength in Vulnerability with Sharon Crabbe
    One of Sharon Crabbe’s most profound insights was that we don’t ever need fixing because we can never be broken. She now applies this understanding in her work with children, adults, and horses and recognizes that our strength often lies in our willing...
  • Q&A 32 – Overeating: The loving nature of cravings
    Traditionally we look at food cravings and the drive to overeat as a problem, something to be fixed and overcome. What if we’ve misunderstood the message cravings are trying to send us? And what if they’re actually trying to help us?
  • Peaceful People, Peaceful Dogs with Julie Cluley
    Our state of mind can affect those around us, including our pets. Julie Cluley teaches dog owners to listen to what their dogs are saying, and she also coaches those who are dealing with anxiety and its ripple affects.
  • Q&A 31 – Overeating: Why diets work temporarily
    When we start a new diet or eating plan we often have success for the first few days. Why is that? And why does that success quickly fade away? In this episode, we discuss how this is caused by a lack of understanding about how our thinking works and h...
  • Freedom From Anxiety with Lily Sais
    Experiencing anxiety and panic attacks can often lead us to do more (and more) to try to manage and control them. Lily Sais found herself in exactly this situation – working with children as a school psychologist while suffering in silence about her ow...
  • Q&A 30 – Is fear making us fat?
    When we don’t understand the nature of Thought, our thinking can (innocently) be fearful, to greater or lesser degrees. This, in turn, causes us to need to comfort and distract ourselves with unwanted habits like overeating. Alternatively,
  • What Stress Is Telling Us with Vivienne Edgecombe
    Even when we’re experiencing stress and overwhelm there’s far less for us to do than we sometimes imagine. In this episode I talk to Vivienne Edgecombe about that, about her experience grappling with the idea that she might never have children,
  • Q&A 29 – Overeating: Is there such a thing as relapse? Part 2
    This is part 2 of our conversation about whether or not relapse is a thing. In part 1 I left out an important part of the discussion, so this episode addresses the idea that when ‘relapses’ happen we can view the feelings we’re having to help us get ba...
  • Love Behind Every Feeling with Juliet Fay
    What if we humans are designed so perfectly that every feeling we have comes from a place of love? This is the question that Juliet Fay and I explore during our conversation, as well as looking at control and what it may have to tell us,
  • Q&A 28 – Overeating: Is there such a thing as relapse?
    What’s really going on when we ‘fall off the wagon’? When we revert to the behaviour associated with an unwanted habit like overeating should we refer to that as a relapse? Or is it something else? Something less scary, less serious, and more natural.
  • Relief from Chronic Pain with Chana Studley
    Coach Chana Studley had a personal and difficult experience with chronic pain after three violent muggings. She used all kinds of modalities to manage and try to control the pain but continued to suffer. Then a friend introduced her to the Three Princi...
  • Q&A 27 – Overeating: Why are diets a different kind of suffering?
    Why do we fail so often at diets? The answer may surprise you: it has to do with what and how much you’re thinking and how diets exacerbate that thinking problem, rather than relieve it. You can listen above, on your favorite podcast app,
  • Finding Freedom in Prison with Mason Suehs
    Mason Suehs used to deal with anxiety and a gnawing sense that he was broken by using drugs. This, of course, led to some poor decisions and eventually to two stints in jail. However during his second period of incarceration he took a class offered by ...
  • Q&A 26 – Anxiety and Urgency: Does your past matter?
    When we experience feelings of anxiety and urgency do we need to dig into the past to figure out where they started in order to deal with and resolve them? In this episode I explore how the answer to that question is actually, ‘no’.
  • The Joy of Well-being with Joy Belonga
    Like many others who have been interviewed for this podcast, Joy Belonga describes herself as a lifelong seeker. Until she found the Three Principles as articulated by Sydney Banks. Now, Joy works with her clients to point them back to their innate wel...
  • Q&A 25 – Overeating: What are we escaping from?
    So often we believe we have unwanted habits like overeating because of the circumstances of our lives. We innocently believe that we’re trying to escape from old feelings (maybe even trauma) by doing our unwanted habit. What if that’s not the case?
  • The Unbroken First Responder with Rick Ruppenthal
    Rick Ruppenthal worked for 30 years as a paramedic and knows intimately the challenges that come with that job. He also knows that every human can rely on the innate resilience and well-being that are part of all of us.
  • Q&A 24 – Being Present With Ourselves
    What happens when we try to be present with ourselves, including uncomfortable feelings or experiences we have? Is there a way to be with ourselves the same way a good listener is: without judging the experience or tying to change it?
  • The Truth of Who You Are with Fiona Jacob
    On this episode of Unbroken, Fiona Jacob and I talk about my favorite subject: the field of possibility that is within all of us. That connection we all have to infinite universal intelligence, peace and well-being.
  • Q&A 23 – Love Letters from Wisdom
    We tend to think of our uncomfortable experiences in life – unwanted cravings, depression, anxiety, etc. – as problems. What if instead they are love letters from the innate wisdom and well-being that is within all of us?