Tim ChermakMarketing, Business
Tim ChermakMarketing, Business


The more LOCAL your marketing is, the better. Learn from the most creative real estate agents in the country how they are using the "Platform" local marketing strategy to build a community brand that attracts warm listing leads and referrals.

  • How To "Borrow" Listings In A Low Inventory Market
    Sandi Smith (Realtor in Florida) shares how she built her local brand as a new realtor by "borrowing" listings. In just her first year full-time as an agent, she's on pace for 50 transactions.
  • How To Become Famous In Your Small Town
    Jenny Graham (realtor in Idaho) shares the local marketing strategies she used to promote her small town, and build a brand for herself in the process. 
  • The Real Reason I Moved Back To KW
    Ken Pozek (realtor in Orlando, FL) shares the marketing plan that helped his team sell almost $250 million last year. Over $100m of that volume can be directly tracked to leads from his local Youtube videos. Ken also dives into his recent decision to move back to Keller Williams from Real, and why "rev share" isn't always the most important thing.
  • Lessons Learned Building A Team That Sells 500+ Homes A Year
    Angie Cole (Realtor in North Carolina) shares the specifics of how she built a successful team that sold over $225 million last year, creating $5.5m in total GCI.
  • How I Doubled My GCI From $150k to $300k In One Year
    Stacey Springer (realtor in Tennessee) shares how "fuzzy ROI" helped her double her GCI in just one year.
  • How To Get Listings Within 90 Days
    Autumn Nottingham (realtor in Texarkana) shares how she generated multiple seller leads within her first 90 days using the Platform marketing strategy.
  • The Free Gift Strategy That Generates A 95% Response
    David Durst (mortgage loan officer in Arizona) shares his strategy for staying top of mind and generating referrals from real estate agents. In his very first month he set 4 new appointments with just a $500 budget.
  • Lead Generation Is Not Synonymous With Marketing
    Heather Murray (realtor in Wilson County, TX) shares how she more than doubled her GCI...with only 15% of her business coming from traditional online "leads."
  • How I Added $4m Sales Volume In My First Year With Platform
    Carol Shutt (realtor in Alabama) shares her most effective Facebook ads, video scripts, and marketing strategies she used to grow her business.
  • Why I Stopped Buying Zillow Leads
    Jeremy Hartmark (realtor in Florida) shares why he decided to quit buying Zillow leads, and the marketing strategy he uses instead that grew his sales by 250%.
  • How We Scaled From $20m to $50m Sales Volume (In Just Two Years)
    Jamie Broderick (realtor in Michigan) shares the marketing lessons she learned while growing her team of agents and building her brand.
  • The Gap Of Getting From 20 Transactions To 40
    Shawna Bellendir (realtor in Colorado) shares why she quit CINC and joined Platform Marketing instead...and how that decision helped her scale her business from 20 to 40 transactions per year.
  • The Ultimate Local Marketing Strategy: Position Yourself As An Expert In Your Community....Who Just Happens To Be A Real Estate Agent
    Kim Ross (realtor in Georgia) shares how she is consistently doubling her business every year without buying leads.
  • What Finally Worked After Wasting Money On Radio, TV, And Direct Mail
    Dan Whitacre (realtor in Virginia) shares how he scaled his real estate business to over $30m a year in volume using the "Platform" marketing program.
  • How To Create Your Own Chamber Of Commerce (As A Local Marketing Strategy)
    Michael Grider (realtor in Tennessee) shares how he's built a brand in his community by promoting his favorite local small businesses with his social media ads, rather than talking about himself.
  • How A Husband/Wife Realtor Team Literally 10x'd Their GCI By Focusing On A Specific Niche
    This is an important marketing lesson ESPECIALLY if you're in a big city with more than a couple hundred thousand people. Sarah and Aaron Rose (realtors in Palm Beach County, FL) share why they decided to go all in on marketing to a specific condo community....rather than targeting everyone in their area. The results speak for themselves. They've literally 10x'd their business.
  • Marketing Prediction For Fall/Winter Of 2022
    Tim Chermak shares the ideal lead generation strategy for real estate agents as the housing market shifts.
  • Don't Chase Leads, Get Them To Call YOU
    Kim Mills (realtor in Georgia) shares what happened to her business in the first 2 months after starting the "Platform" marketing strategy.
  • How Realtors Can (Literally) 10X Your Facebook Ad Results
    Bill Catlett (realtor in Lincoln Nebraska) shares the creative strategy he used to get more listings using the "Platform" marketing strategy.
  • Too Good To Be True? How Sara Medina Picked Up 3 New Clients In Her First 4 Weeks Using The Platform Marketing Program
    Sara Medina (realtor in Solano County, CA) shares her results from her very first month implementing the "Platform" strategy.