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Joe Biden calls for a national mandate on masks for 3 months. New York cancels its 9/11 ceremony over coronavirus concerns. Anxiety and depression has skyrocketed during lockdowns. California rules that a magazine ban is unconstitutional. FBI Attorney Kevin Clinesmith pleads guilty to falsifying Carter Page FISA warrant. James O’Keefe joins us on restoring his Second Amendment rights. Trump Campaign Adviser Stephen Moore joins us on the payroll tax cut.

Today's Dana Show podcast is brought to you by today's Small Business Spotlight, Hero Soap Company! Visit their website at 2020 fight starts by mispronouncing Kamala’s name. Twitter’s censor used to work for the Harris Campaign. More on Kamala’s record. The media criticizes Trump for praising a candidate who has quoted conspiracy theories. Many small businesses are permanently closed. President Trump signs a peace agreement between Israel and the UAE. Graham Allen joins us on his book America 3:16.

Joe Biden selects Sen. Kamala Harris as his Vice President. Dana brings the receipts of all the times Harris has attacked Biden. How should the Trump/Pence ticket strategize to win in November? Dana does a deep dive on Kamala Harris’ record as California DA. If Kamala Harris becomes President, say goodbye to your guns. Rep. Thomas Massie joins us on COVID-19 relief, opening schools and more.

The White House Press Conference gets halted after a shooter is stopped outside the White House. Kamala Harris unfollows Joe Biden on Twitter. Dana breaks down the remaining choices for Biden’s VP. Trump floats the idea of giving his RNC acceptance speech from Gettysburg. A famous Evangelical elite blasts churches for being racist. Congressman Chip Roy joins us on the next round of coronavirus relief.

The President signs an Executive Order for COVID relief. Portland protesters set fire to a police station. Some churches are still not letting people in. James O’Keefe from Project Veritas joins us on getting denied a firearm. Hawaiian shirts are canceled. Dana explains how skin color is now more important than qualifications.

Sergio Sanchez fills in. What role should tech companies play in promoting equal speech? An Oakland A’s coach was caught giving the Nazi salute during a game. Joe Biden cleans up after claiming Latinos are more diverse than Blacks. We go to the phones. Former Young Republicans Chair Nicolee Ambrose joins us on the 2020 Election.

Sergio Sanchez filling in. With the clock ticking until the next election, senators are conducting a FISA abuse investigation. More debates over the separation of church and state when it comes to freedom of religion. Lawmakers still haven’t come to an agreement on unemployment benefits before they are set to leave for August recess. One of President Trump’s tweets was taken down because he wrote that children “are almost immune,” to COVID-19. Billionaire Oprah Winfrey denounced white privilege. Dr. Siegel says he is concerned for Biden after seeing videos of him.

Sergio Sanchez filling in. De Blasio says he will have to lay off 22,000 city employees if the government doesn’t provide federal help. Leaked footage of the George Floyd incident shows he resisted arrest, according to attorney Leo Terrell. Pelosi calls federal police unidentified storm troopers. More on protests. Dr. Quentin Brogdon joins Sergio to discuss the current state of affairs. A local reporter, injured from the blast, described the explosion in Beirut. Trump calls NBA players kneeling during the National Anthem “disgraceful.”

Neel Kashkari, an American banker, believes there should be a “hard” shut down in the U.S. until the November election to “save the economy.” People are protesting sending kids back to school with gruesome signs. VP Pence is pushing people to file for an absentee ballot if they can’t go to a polling location as mail-in voting is “ripe with fraud.” Dana’s local school board meeting was a hot mess. An explosion at a warehouse rocked Beirut today. Brad Thor joins Dana to talk about his new best-seller: Near Dark - and the current state of societal affairs.

Lawmakers on both sides support changes to TikTok or its end. Conde Nast entertainment chief Oren Katzeff replaced over tweets from nearly 10 years ago. Pelosi says she doesn’t have confidence in Dr. Birx. Sen. Marsha Blackburn joins the show to discuss the security risks and privacy violations by apps like TikTok and how the CCP is collecting and using this data, A video emerged of Portland protesters burning bibles, the American Flag and more. Former athletes are speaking out on not kneeling during the national anthem.

Rep.Jordan grills Dr. Fauci about whether protests should be limited. Dana compares voting for the person vs voting for the issue. More maskholes emerge. The Senate hits a stalemate on the next coronavirus bill. Julio Rosas from TownHall, joins the show to discuss the riots in Portland.

President Trump floats the idea of delaying the November Election. Herman Cain passes away from the coronavirus. The “Wall of Moms” in Portland turns out to be racist. The President repeals Obama’s fair housing law. A Norwegian flag is removed from a Michigan B&B after mistaking it with the Confederate flag. Dana talks about whether or not kids should go back to school. Kamala Harris, “California’s Top Cop,” hinted as Joe Biden’s running mate.

Trump retweets a video of a doctor promoting Hydroxychloroquine. More leaks hint at Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate. Is the Right embracing Cancel Culture with COVID doctors? Andy McCarthy joins us to break down the Barr Hearing. More on Barr hearing. Dana explains how the Left is undermining the cornerstone of America.

AG Barr testifies on Capitol Hill. Surfing is now racist. St. Louis Circuit Attorney is accused of tampering evidence to secure the charge against Mark McCloskey. NYC will cover their seal because it features a Native American holding a tool to measure the depth of water. Dana explains how the idea of freedom has changed. St. Louis gun owner Mark McCloskey joins us on the latest with his case.

Dana gives a coronavirus update. Jerry Nadler calls Antifa riots in Seattle and Portland a “myth”. The WNBA walks out of the arena while the National Anthem is being played. Chevron will lay off White people to increase diversity. Dana explains why people are fleeing out of cities.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. Trump defends sending troops into Portland. COVID-19 continues to spread in Texas and Florida. The President leaves the decisions to reopen schools to the states. We go to callers. Jennifer Nassour joins us on the latest with battleground states.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. Nancy Pelosi calls Federal law enforcement officers “storm troopers”.Portland’s Mayor gets tear gassed while “protesting”. President Trump launches Operation Legend. Would you take a pay cut to work the rest of your life at home?

A “planned ambush” at a funeral occurs in Chicago injuring 15. Dr. Fauci says kids should try and return to school. Riots in Portland continue to get worse. Rep. Briscoe Cain joins us on a Federal mask mandate. Sen. Josh Hawley joins us on the latest with China, TikTok and more.

St. Louis charges the McCloskey family after their private property was raided by rioters. The New York Times plans to run a story revealing Tucker Carlson’s home address. Missouri AG Eric Schmitt joins us on the latest with the McCloskey’s. Red Bull gets in trouble for firing high level executives for being “too woke”. Rep. Louie Gohmert joins us on protecting the Second Amendment.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace presses Trump on a number of issues. Riots and looting continue in Portland. A Kentucky couple was put on house arrest after refusing to sign a self-quarantine order. Trader Joe’s gets canceled over some packaging. Governors continue to grapple with how to go back to school. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us the latest with China and Hong Kong.

Berkeley police will no longer be tasked with issuing traffic citations. Ruth Bader Ginsburg announces her liver cancer has returned. Will mandatory masks be used as voter suppression. The Florida Sun-Sentinel endorses Sheriff Scott Israel’s election. Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp joins us on how he is handling his state during the pandemic. St. Louis’ Public Safety Commissioner blasts city leadership over protesters. College basketball coaches call for an end to ACT/SAT requirements for athletes.

President Trump demotes Campaign Manager Brad Parscale. Dana breaks down what that means. The media freaks out after the President takes a picture with Goya Foods. Dana explains why America is built on systemic Leftism, not systemic racism. St. Louis gun owner Mark McCloskey joins us on the investigation into protesters ambushing his property. Georgia’s Governor will not mandate its citizens wear masks. Dana’s son discovers synth-pop, some people are defending Nick Cannon.

The President makes “controversial” comments on police brutality in his CBS interview. Dana breaks down the latest coronavirus numbers in certain states. Texas implements fines for not wearing masks. Tommy Tuberville beats Jeff Sessions in Alabama’s Senate Primary. Sen. Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles join us on the pandemic, cancel culture and much more. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donates millions to some of America’s Mayors. Roger Stone joins us on the President commuting his sentence.

California locks down again. The NBA bans “Free Hong Kong” from the back of jerseys. Ricky Gervais defends Conservatives. Dana explains why Tucker Carlson shouldn’t apologize for criticizing Sen. Tammy Duckworth. Chicago unveils the “Census Cowboy”. White people wearing dreadlocks are canceled.

Mask-shaming hits an all-time high over the weekend. Betsy DeVos threatens halting funding if schools don’t open in the fall. The Washington Redskins drop their team name. Missouri’s Attorney General Schmitt joins us on the latest with 2A and more. AOC says the crime rate has spiked because of poverty.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. Coronavirus cases surge in Texas. Migrants are bringing COVID-19 across the border. Cancel Culture comes for Goya Foods after its CEO praises President Trump. We go to callers for Open Line Friday. Baseball is making adjustments before its Opening Day two weeks away.

The Supreme Court wraps up its decisions for the season, forcing Trump to turn over his tax returns. China bans Hong Kong protest or songs in schools. Mask-shaming is at an all time high. Vancouver Police are investigating who drove skid marks over a gay pride crosswalk. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich joins us on the 2020 Election. Joe Biden releases his plan on the US supply chain. Don Lemon says Jesus was imperfect. Lady Antebellum gets into a legal battle over their new name.

The Supreme Court rules employers with religious objections can be exempt from ACA's birth control mandate. Police charge citizens with a hate crime after painting over the Black Lives Matter mural. President Trump urges for schools to be open in the fall. Traffic signals are racist. Eagles Receiver DeSean Jackson apologizes for his anti-semitic remarks. Kurt Schlichter joins us on The 21 Biggest Lies About Donald Trump.

Dana recaps Independence Day Weekend. Riots and violence occur all weekend in many cities all weekend due to lack of police. Texas Governor mandates mask wearing. Dana gives a historical context for removing statues. Atlanta’s Mayor blames Trump for the violence in her city. Facebook stands up to China.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. The Supreme Court unanimously keeps the Electoral College intact. Atlanta has one of its deadliest weekends. Studies show hydroxychloroquine cut the coronavirus death rate significantly. Sports teams are considering name changes. The media wants to tear down Mount Rushmore. The latest on the Mexican border. The remains of Vanessa Guillen are found and identified.

Dana talks about the dinner table debate she had with her family. Bill de Blasio wants to paint Black Lives Matter in front of Trump Tower. Parks are now racist. New York protesters occupy City Hall. Dana discusses more reasons why we’re in a revolution not a protest. Protesters descended upon rich people’s homes in the Hampton’s.

The media praises Joe Biden for slamming Trump on Russia and the coronavirus. Rand Paul confronts Dr. Fauci on the inconsistencies in the task force. The St. Louis gun owner owns CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Dana forces her kids to listen to her music. Parler CEO John Matze joins us on the growth of his Twitter alternative.

How has this cultural movement evolved from a protest to a revolution? Dana explains how we have to live with the coronavirus, not try to get rid of it. St. Louis announces a full investigation into protesters intruding onto private property. Roger Stone joins us on the latest with his sentencing. McDonald's changes their social media to reflect Black Lives Matter. Mark Zuckerberg refuses to bend a knee to the rage mob.

A St. Louis couple defends themselves with firearms after protesters break through private property. President Trump accidentally retweets a video from The Villages where a man yells “White power”. Dana explains how the Missouri couple did not practice a safe self-defense strategy. The Supreme Court strikes down a Louisiana abortion law. Cancel Culture comes for The Simpsons. Stephen Yates joins us on reports Russia held bounties for US troops in Afghanistan.

Florida and Texas begin to shut down bars amid rising coronavirus cases. Dana puts the latest coronavirus numbers in context. Recent polls show Trump losing in key battleground states. Some in media want to cancel the debates. We go to the phone for Open Line Friday. Cancel Culture comes for Disneyland.

Coronavirus cases rise in many states but the numbers need a closer look. Cancel Culture comes for cartoons and Dixie Chicks. Black Lives Matter threatens to “burn the system down”. Democrats want to ban political ads on Facebook. Some want the Emancipation Memorial in DC taken down. Carly Fiorina says she will support Joe Biden.

The FBI determines the noose in Bubba Wallace’s garage was just a rope pool that had already been there. Dana explains why NASCAR can’t get away with this. Cancel culture comes for The Master’s and real estate. An Oregon county only mandates White people wear face coverings. NPR says ice cream truck music is triggering.

Dr. Fauci testifies on Capitol Hill. President Trump urges jail time for protesters who toppled statues. Foreign food recipes are now racist. Jimmy Kimmel apologizes for The Man Show. Jesus being White is canceled. A man doxes a woman’s private info after she flips him off. A noose is found in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR garage.

President Trump holds his first official campaign rally in Oklahoma. Dana explains the difference between saying “Black Lives Matter” and the BLM movement. More cancel culture. Western culture is getting removed throughout the country. Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP gets violent over the weekend. Gov. Cuomo still claims the coronavirus came from Europe. Stephen Yates joins us on the latest with John Bolton.

Facebook removes a Trump ad because it features an offensive symbol. Chick-Fil-A’s CEO says White people should shine Black people’s shoes. Atlanta police are walking off the force. We go to the phones for Open Line Friday. Dana wants to make her own moonshine. Dana opens her Mailbag of Hate.

The Senate GOP introduces a police reform proposal. NBC falsely reports that Google stripped The Federalist of its ad revenue over its comments section. Stephen Yates joins us on the India/China conflict. Dana explains how Conservatives are losing on Big Tech. Bill Melugin from FOXLA joins us on Antifa and more. Aunt Jemima gets canceled. Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn joins us on law enforcement reforms in Congress.

President Trump signs an Executive Order on police reform. Oklahoma State Football Coach Mike Gundy gets forced to apologize for wearing a t-shirt. Neil Gorsuch sides with the Liberal side of SCOTUS on LGBT rights. Carrie Severino from Judicial Network joins us on the outcomes of the Supreme Court’s decision. Dana gives another CHAZ update. Dana explains how the shooting of Rayshard Brooks is different from others.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. SCOTUS rules members of the LGBT community can not be fired for their orientation. CHAZ changes its name to CHOP. Atlanta police fatally shoot Rayshard Brooks twice in the back. Professional sports commissioners are meeting to discuss race relations/coronavirus. A South Carolina Black man knows his rights.

Trump tweets that Seattle needs to get control of the “CHAZ”. Dana explains why you need to pay attention to where your money goes when you donate to social justice campaigns. We go to the phones for Open Line Friday. Townhall Senior Writer Julio Rosas joins us live from Seattle. The President floats the idea of School Choice. Rep. Thomas Massie joins us on US meat shortages, his efforts to reform law enforcement, and more.

Seattle protestors block off 6 blocks and claim their “autonomous zone”. Dana explains why Gone With The Wind should not be removed. Country band Lady Antebellum changes their name to “Lady A”. NASCAR bans the Confederate flag at its races. Sen. Josh Hawley joins us on law enforcement, big tech and more.

Al Sharpton politicizes George Floyd’s memorial service. Cancel Culture comes for Hollywood? Dana fact checks the claim that Camden, New Jersey defunded its police department. Will Joe Biden eventually back the #DefundThePolice movement? Nick Jr. pulls Paw Patrol for a month to give way for Black voices.

Have we reached a point of Cultural Marxism? Should America have locked down as aggressive as it did/barbecue? Gone With The Wind, RBG, and more get canceled. J.K. Rowling gets ridiculed about her position on women. A phone call from the Chicago City Council shows the Mayor ignoring pleads from the police for more help. Dana explains how we can no longer ask questions in society.

House Democrats introduce legislation to reform law enforcement. Dana explains how Democrats are gambling the suburbs in an effort to create change in cities. James O’Keefe from Project Veritas joins us on Antifa. Why are people hesitant to endorse the Black Lives Matter movement. Stephen Yates joins us on law enforcement, Hong Kong & more.

The unemployment rate plummets amid the reopening of the economy. The New York Times flipped out after Tom Cotton’s editorial got taken out of context. Dana explains why James Mattis is wrong. Andy McCarthy from National Review joins us on Antifa, the Insurrection Act and more. Buffalo Police push an elderly man knocking him unconscious. Dana dives into the statistics of officer-involved shootings.

James Mattis writes a scathing op/ed bashing President Trump. Drew Brees gets canceled for saying he respects the American flag. Black Lives Matter starts a movement to Defund The Police. Sen. Tom Cotton writes a piece that gets taken out of context. Rod Rosenstein testifies on Capitol Hill over the FISA process. Experts suggest sexual practices spread the coronavirus. Dana explains how Ferguson, MO is an outlier to the case for criminal justice reform.

A retired police captain was killed during a looting overnight at a pawn shop in St. Louis. Dana explains how the destruction of Black-owned businesses ruins the overall goal. Former Bush Administration officials form a pro-Biden SuperPAC. Minnesota’s AG increases its charge against former officer Derek Chauvin. LEGO requests its affiliates pull marketing for police, fire play sets following George Floyd’s Death.

President Trump gets criticized for taking a spontaneous walk to St. John’s Church. Polk County, FL Sheriff Grady Judd joins us on encouraging citizens to arm. Dana explains why the threat to end the Second Amendment is over for a generation. Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn joins us on law enforcement’s responses to protests and riots. Millions on Instagram post a black square to represent #BlackoutTuesday. Congressman Chip Roy joins us on how to reform law enforcement.

Dana breaks down the misinformation amid the riots across the country. The White House labels Antifa as a terrorist organization. Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik joins us. Dana explains where we go from here.

President Trump announces an Executive Order. Dana breaks down another night of riots in Minnesota. Riots caused the destruction of some Black businesses. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on US retaliation to China. The White House announces the US will cut all funding to the WHO. Rick Ector from Detroit Carry & Conceal joins us on the importance of the Second Amendment amid the death of George Floyd.

President Trump plans to sign an Executive Order against social media platforms. Riots occur in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd. What would social media look like if Trump changes Section 230. Dana explains how SpaceX is leading the way in private sector advancements.Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy joins us on fully reopening his state.

Has mask-wearing become the new virtue-signaling? Twitter launches its fact-checking tool on Trump’s tweets. Reports in media of coronavirus statistics are often skewed or taken out of context. SpaceX is launching 2 NASA Astronauts into space. Grover Norquist joins us on Joe Biden’s proposed tax plans.

Dana recaps how Americans took part in the holiday weekend during a pandemic. Joe Biden tells African-Americans “you ain’t Black” if you vote for Trump. Dana breaks down the viral video of “Central Park Karen” and her dog. The Internet tries to cancel Jimmy Fallon after an SNL sketch gets resurfaced. Texas AG Ken Paxton joins us on mail-in voting. The CDC releases guidelines to reopen schools. 4 Minneapolis police officers are terminated after a fatal arrest.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana with all the latest headlines and news from around the globe.

Should Republicans prioritize investigating the Obama Administration for unmasking? The Governor of Illinois threatens to shut down businesses if they try to reopen. Meat prices are skyrocketing. Burgess Owens joins us on his run for Congress. Dan gives the latest updates on “Obamagate”. Stephen Moore joins us on how he is advising the White House on reopening America.

President Trump cuts red tape as it concerns small businesses. Dana gives a Karen update. Are private businesses legally forced to implement policy? Fox News’ Pete Hegseth joins us on American Crusade: Our Fight To Stay Free. The latest updates with the shooting of Ahmaud Arberey.

The President tells reporters that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for a “couple weeks”. Democrat leaders are backtracking on their tough lockdown measures. We go live to the President speaking on Capitol Hill. California is offering financial aid to illegal immigrants. A mask is designed to allow you to eat through it. Carbon emissions drop 17% as people are locked in their homes. The Left continues to brush off Tara Reade’s allegations.

Barack Obama gives a politicized virtual commencement address. An Oregon salon owner who was fined for reopening joins us. AG Bill Barr states how he needs to keep the Justice Dept. unbiased. Andy McCarthy from National Review joins us on Michael Flynn, the FBI and more. The rage mob comes after Elon Musk. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on China, Saudi Arabia and more.

The President holds a press conference introducing his vaccine team, “Warp Speed”. Michigan Barber Karl Manke joins us on Gov. Whitmer revoking his licenses. The problems with telehealth. Holly Harris from Justice Action Network joins us on prison systems during the pandemic. Country legend John Rich joins us on Redneck Riviera Friday.

Dr. Rick Bright testifies on Capitol Hill. Many states lift their stay-at-home orders as Americans plan to go out. Joe Biden claims he knew nothing about investigating Flynn. Former Trump Deputy National Security Advisor, KT McFarland joins us on Revolution: Trump, Washington and “We the People” and the Michael Flynn fallout. A Michigan barber gets his license revoked. Dallas salon owner Shelly Luther joins us on her journey to get justice.

Los Angeles does damage control after extending a stay-at-home order until August. The media buries the conclusion of a study showing positive effects of hydroxychloroquine. CNN adds Greta Thunberg to their coronavirus panel. Sen. Josh Hawley joins us on his plans to reopen America and the latest bills in the Senate. LA’s mayor lays out interesting plans for opening the beaches.

Dr. Fauci testifies virtually on Capitol Hill. Michigan Governor puts a 77-year-old barber in jail for opening. Dana explains how Hollywood is adapting to a new lifestyle. Brian Kilmeade from Fox and Friends joins us on Sam Houston & The Alamo Avengers. Los Angeles extends its stay-at-home orders for 3 months. Dana gives her position on the Georgia murder.

New revelations show how Obama may have knowledge of the FBI targeting Michael Flynn. Dana shares the story of a local business in her town and the struggles they went through. The latest on the story of Ahmaud Arbery. Congressman Louie Gohmert joins us on Michael Flynn, reopening America and more. MSNBC selectively edits a video of an interview with Bill Barr. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on US retaliation with China.

1 in 5 Americans are now unemployed. The House releases transcripts of the closed-door Russia probe. The Chinese government report warns of armed confrontation with the U.S. over the coronavirus. Author Iain Murray joins us on his piece regarding the death of Urbanism after the pandemic. Two men in Georgia are charged for murdering an unarmed Black man

Texas Governor Greg Abbott releases salon owners from jail. A viral documentary encourages a conspiracy theory that pushes worldwide vaccinations. Joe Biden is killing feminism. Congressman Chip Roy joins us on “Let America Open”. The Justice Dept. drops its case against Michael Flynn. Texas LG Dan Patrick joins us on Texas’ the case of Shelly Luther, reopening and more.

Salon owner Shelly Luther defends herself after a judge puts her in jail for safely reopening. Dana discusses the un-American government overreach to keep people locked down. Gyms are going to force people to wear gloves. Canadian police draw their guns on an 8-year-old girl wearing a Storm Trooper costume. A case of a Georgia man who was chased and killed while jogging will go to grand jury. Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn joins us on how communities are handling people leaving their homes.

China is still lying. A man wears a KKK outfit to a grocery store. Dave Rubin joins us on his new book, coronavirus and more. Anti-Trump Republicans launch a project trashing Trump called The Lincoln Project. The case against Colorado baker Jack Phillips is being tried again

Trump says he’s confident there will be a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year. Cities and states are getting combative with citizens who aren’t practicing social distancing. Americans in urban areas plan to move out of cities in the future. Will the FBI be held accountable for Michael Flynn? Democrats urge mail-in voting. US intelligence says that Chinese leaders intentionally concealed the severity of the coronavirus. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on China’s cover ups and more.

MSNBC puts Joe Biden on the spot with Tara Reade’s allegation. Dana has picked up weird quarantine habits. The Washington Post runs defense for Communist China to defend the Wuhan lab. Andy McCarthy from National Review joins us on the latest with Michael Flynn.

Evidence is revealed of the FBI trying to frame Michael Flynn. Republican-run states are getting harsher treatment for reopening their businesses. California will close its beaches. Congressman Andy Biggs joins us on his role on the Economic Revival Task Force. The artist of the Land O’ Lakes Indian says the image wasn’t a stereotype. Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA joins us on reopening America.

Some states begin to safely open businesses this weekend. Dana explains the perspective of the small business owner.How is the economic recession is being caused by the delay of elective procedures? Wisconsin police confront a woman who let her kid play at a neighbor's house. Mayor Bill de Blasio tweets anti-semitic remarks regarding breaking up a Jewish funeral. Colleyville, Texas Mayor Richard Newton joins us on his decision to reopen the town.

The US may face a food shortage due to the supply chain. More evidence of poor mental health urges businesses to reopen. Joe Biden is having a “women’s town hall”. We go to the phones for listeners’ suggestions for helping small businesses.

States are adjusting their numbers to correctly label COVID-19 deaths. China should be solely responsible for American deaths. The weekend news circuit was silent over Joe Biden’s sexual assault allegations. The Pentagon releases videos of UFO’s. The Supreme Court refuses to hear a Second Amendment case from New York. Small businesses are collapsing. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on reports of Kim-Jong Un’s death, China and more

The President signs a $500 Billion package to replenish funds for small businesses. Trump and the media clash over a statement on disinfectants. We go to the phones for Open Line Friday. Texas Governor Greg Abbott joins us on his plan to reopen Texas.

The media creates a feud between the President and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. Bill de Blasio’s snitch hotline gets filled with crude pics and memes. Governor Cuomo tells laid-off workers to go find jobs as essential workers. Roger Stone joins us on the judge lifting his gag order. Anderson Cooper hammers the Las Vegas Mayor on her comments on casinos. Vox calls an Atlanta plaque depicting Chinese President Xi as Winnie the Pooh, racist.

The President announces a 60-day halt on immigration. More instances occur of police arresting people for being in public. A Texas Mayor gets called out for getting her nails done. Congressman Chip Roy joins us on the House’s plan for small businesses and how to reopen the economy. YouTube says it will take down content that goes against the WHO. Fox Business' Charles Payne joins us on the state of the economy and oil prices.

States make plans to re-open certain parts of the economy in a safe fashion. Katie Couric urges networks to stop airing White House press conferences. Georgia is the first state to lift stay-at-home orders. Conflicting media reports emerge about the health of Kim-Jong Un in critical condition. The Senate agrees on a deal to replenish the Paycheck Protection Program. Sen. Jim DeMint joins us on the goals with the Economic Revival Task Force.

Media still has conflicting narratives to blame Trump. Protests are planned in many states throughout the week. Crude oil prices go negative for the first time in US history. Necessary industries are on their last leg. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins on a possible US retaliation against China.

President Trump releases his 3 phase plan to reopen the states’ economies. Governors have begun announcing their individual plans. Land O’Lakes is removing the Native American off their label. Texas Sheriff Bill Waybourn joins us on how states will handle reopening the economy. An antibody test in California shows much more people may be infected than results have shown. We go to the phones for Open Line Friday.

Trump plans to meet with America’s governors. The small business loan program runs out of money. Michigan’s lockdown draws hundreds of protesters in the state’s capital. More evidence shows that COVID-19 originates in a lab in Wuhan. Andy McCarthy from National Review joins us on Trump’s request to reconvene Congress and more.

The President halts funding to the WHO. Dana breaks down some blueprints for reopening states. U.S. Diplomats warned about safety risks in Wuhan Labs studying bats two years before the coronavirus outbreak. Listeners call in to vent. GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel joins us on Michigan’s lockdown orders, 2020 and more.

The Coronavirus Task Force press conference goes off the rails. Dr. Fauci shuts down a reporter trying to create a narrative. Dana explains the importance of Federalism. Barack Obama finally endorses Joe Biden. The prices of cars may skyrocket. Kids and teenagers are not being noticed enough.

Some in the media are trying to pit Dr. Fauci against President Trump. Trump floats the idea of taking control of re-opening the American economy. States have increased their surveillance over Easter weekend. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on China, OPEC and more. Bernie Sanders officially endorses Joe Biden. Surgeon General Adams is called a racist after his comments regarding the African-American population.

The idea gets floated of issuing certificates to Americans immune to the virus. A PBS reporter asks the Surgeon General if he’s using offensive language to African-Americans. Disney puts pressure on ESPN to cancel Dana White’s UFC island.

President Trump continues to go after the WHO after claiming the US was “pointing fingers”. The Senate hits a stalemate after debating more funding for small businesses. Dana shares the latest media malpractice concerning the coronavirus. Grocery stores are starting to close off “non-essential” aisles. A reporter asks Trump if he would consider pardoning the Tiger King.

Bernie Sanders suspends his presidential campaign. Dana shares a personal story of a friend with the coronavirus. Counties across America are enforcing stay-at-home orders a little too seriously. Trump threatens to halt funding to the WHO for backing China’s cover-ups. A publication warns of attempting DIY activities during quarantine due to an increase in injury.

Dr. Fauci expresses how life may not be back to normal for a very long time. Technical difficulty. President Trump gets accused of racism for calling out a state TV reporter at the press briefing. Dana explains how China is hijacking the supply chain for medical supplies. Conspiracy theories fly concerning Trump’s support of hydroxychloroquine. Joe Biden continues to struggle on his coronavirus responses. My Pillow’s Mike Lindell joins us on what his company is doing during the pandemic.

Some parts of the world have seen a plateau in cases and are planning to lift lockdowns. Dana breaks down the latest data. More anecdotal evidence shows the use of hydroxychloroquine and zinc can relieve coronavirus symptoms. The UN adds China to its Human Rights Panel. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich on government’s responsibility during this pandemic.

Canada claims China’s coronavirus numbers are not falsified. How can America start opening up the economy without spreading the virus? Dana explains why the Federal government should not implement a stay-at-home order for all Americans. We go to the phone for Open Line Friday. Navy Capt. Crozier is fired for a letter about the coronavirus on the USS Roosevelt. Country legend John Rich joins us on Redneck Riviera Whisky.

A medical professional goes on TV spreading false info from the WHO. The jobless claims break all records. Congressman Thomas Massie joins us on his decision to bring Congress back to DC for the stimulus vote. Senator John Cornyn joins us on the US’ response to the pandemic. Japan slams the WHO for being China’s propaganda machine.

US Intelligence finally reports China has been giving false info about its coronavirus cases. The media spins Mitch McConnell’s remarks about Impeachment. Dana gives the lay of the land for the next two weeks. Governors are starting to close parks and enforce fines. Dana explains how churches should respond to Easter services.

The media freaks out that My Pillow’s CEO talks about God at the press briefing. Dana discusses the latest models and projections for the virus. Restaurants and businesses are adapting to new sales models. State governments are starting to get authoritarian with their stay-at-home orders. Celebrity culture is being ridiculed for trying to stay relevant.

The President extends the CDC guidelines until April 30th. Nancy Pelosi blames Trump for not acting sooner. Dana discusses some of the media’s malpractice this past weekend. More evidence reveals China lying about their death toll. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on China’s latest coronavirus cover-up.

This podcast episode is sponsored by Acre Gold. Go to... GETACREGOLD.COM/DANA. Acre is giving away a gold bar for the month of March. To win listeners can tweet why they should win and mention @get_acre to win the free gold.The House of Representatives gets heated after Rep. Thomas Massie forces all members to return to DC to vote. The House passes the emergency stimulus bill before heading to White House. We go to the phones for Open Line Friday.

This podcast episode is sponsored by Acre Gold. Go to... GETACREGOLD.COM/DANA. Acre is giving away a gold bar for the month of March. To win listeners can tweet why they should win and mention @get_acre to win the free gold.Jobless claims hit the highest number ever recorded, as expected. The WHO continues to use misleading info from the Chinese government. A Senior Washington Post Reporter snitched on a Twitter user to his parents. Dana explains the difference between this stimulus bill and government handouts. Tiger King. Bill de Blasio tries to make up for his incompetence.

This podcast episode is sponsored by Acre Gold. Go to... GETACREGOLD.COM/DANA. Acre is giving away a gold bar for the month of March. To win listeners can tweet why they should win and mention @get_acre to win the free goldThe Senate and White House agree on a stimulus bill. Los Angeles County halts shutting down gun stores after deeming them non-essential. Dana reveals more details from the House spending bill. American Gun Works President, Jeff Bergman joins us on the demand for firearms during the pandemic. The war between Socialism and Capitalism is happening in real time. Author Dr. Gordon Chang joins us on the US dependence on China in the supply chain.

Nancy Pelosi writes a slush fund House stimulus bill. Dana explains how big government slowed the shipment for surgical masks. An Arizona woman drinks fish tank cleaner thinking it would help her coronavirus. Senator John Cornyn joins us on the latest with the Senate stimulus bill. President Trump hopes we can return to normal by Easter.

Senate Democrats block an immediate relief bill to help working families. Dana breaks down the unnecessary funding in the Democrat’s stimulus bill. Sinclair Correspondent James Rosen joins us on government bureaucracy in the coronavirus pandemic. Media and Dems try to politicize the government’s response. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on China’s responsibility for this outbreak.

President Trump shuts down a reporter during a press conference. What is the role of the press to not cause panic? We go to the phones for Open Line Friday. Does shutting down a way of life circumvent the Constitution? Dana thanks the truckers all over the country.

This podcast episode is sponsored by Acre Gold. Go to... GETACREGOLD.COM/DANA. Acre is giving away a gold bar for the month of March. To win listeners can tweet why they should win and mention @get_acre to win the free gold.The WHO defends China’s claims about COVID-19. Dana discusses the red tape bureaucracy in the way of handling the pandemic. A reporter asks Trump if he thinks Chinese food is racist. Dana introduces a new segment to get through your quarantine. Spring Breakers are still partying on Florida beaches. The Dixie Chicks ironically bemoan cancel culture.

This podcast episode is sponsored by Acre Gold. Go to... GETACREGOLD.COM/DANA. Acre is giving away a gold bar for the month of March. To win listeners can tweet why they should win and mention @get_acre to win the free gold.A reporter asks Trump if his labeling of the “Chinese virus” is racist. Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Michael Jelinek joins us to help explain the latest developments. Dana has no idea what a bidet is. Congressman Chip Roy joins us on everything regarding the House stimulus package. Unusual businesses are teaming up to help out during the pandemic. Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA joins us on his new book, The MAGA Doctrine.

Ohio postpones its primary. Dana explains why it’s important to live in the context of what you have. Trump announces new testing procedures adversely to some media headlines. Ted Nugent joins us on his tour, COVID-19 & more. More Conservatives are jumping on the idea of giving out $1000 to low income citizens.

The era of social distancing and quarantines begin. Mitt Romney proposes giving all Americans $1,000. Dana explains the symptoms of the virus. The news media spins Trump’s words on ventilators and respirators. False rumors swirl about gun confiscation. Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn joins us on how law enforcement is approaching this pandemic.

Dana updates the latest on COVID-19. Should Americans be concerned about China’s influence? We go to the phone for Open Line Friday. President Trump declares the pandemic a National Emergency.

President Trump suspends all travel from Europe for 30 days. Dana gives you the most accurate information about the virus. The media had crazy reactions to Trump’s address. Dana breaks down the House coronavirus funding bill. There’s no toilet paper anywhere, for some reason. The city of Newark threatens to prosecute citizens who make false coronavirus reports.

Bernie Sanders stays in the race after losing Michigan. The WHO officially declares the coronavirus a global pandemic. Joe Biden argues with a factory worker over the Second Amendment. The US expands its containment efforts nationwide. Dana explains why not to politicize Joe Biden’s speech impediments. The Trump Administration tries to cut off resources from China.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. Biden leads all polls on the day of another round of primaries. Joe Biden screams at a union worker about taking his guns away. Dr. Drew slams the media for the panic ruining people’s lives. Minnesota teachers go on strike. More schools and businesses closed down amid the coronavirus.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. The latest updates on the coronavirus. Bill Maher defends Chris Matthews after his departure from MSNBC. We go to the phones for callers. Should Tulsi Gabbard have a spot on the debate stage Sunday night?

What kind of math is this? Brian Williams takes us through an equation that will make your head explode. Dana takes your calls on Open-Line-Friday. Ronna McDaniel joins us as a guest on the show. Tips for avoiding the Coronavirus. Police have to be called to a Costco.

The Supreme Court releases a statement after threatening remarks were made by Chuck Schumer. Elizabeth Warren drops out of the race for President. Maj Toure from Black Guns Matter joins us on 2A. Bill Clinton reveals he hooked up with Lewinsky to manage his anxiety. Dana previews the next round of primaries.

Joe Biden sweeps Super Tuesday thanks to James Clyburn. Dana breaks down the exit polls. The Supreme Court takes up a case on abortion. Bernie Sanders holds a press conference railing on corporate media. Dana updates the latest on the coronavirus. Chuck Schumer threatens Kavanaugh and Gorsuch in front of the Supreme Court.

It’s Bernie vs. Biden on Super Tuesday. Donna Brazile attacks Ronna McDaniel for claiming the DNC is robbing Bernie again. Bloomberg has tough questions to answer about gun control. Dana previews Super Tuesday. Mike Bloomberg’s Fox News town hall went disastrously. The Left continues to politicize the coronavirus.

Pete Buttigieg drops out of the race for President. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on Afghanistan, the coronavirus and more. Amy Klobuchar suspends her campaign and endorses Joe Biden. Dana bought Socialist Monopoly and played it with her family. Republican megadonor buys a massive stake in Twitter.

Live from Nashville. The media fear over the coronavirus grows. Country star John Rich joins us Redneck Riviera, his new show on Fox and more. The coronavirus fight gets politicized. We go to the phones for Open Line Friday. Dana gives an early preview of Super Tuesday. A caller left an interesting voicemail for Mailbag of Hate.

The first domestic person-to-person transmission of the coronavirus has occurred in the US. The President puts Mike Pence in charge of the coronavirus effort. A murderer kills 6 open firing on the Miller-Coors Brewery in Milwaukee. Former Senator from South Carolina Jim DeMint joins us on the South Carolina Primary. A study shows humans enjoy putting people down.

Live from Washington D.C. Dana recaps the South Carolina Debate. Joe Biden claims 150 Million people died from gun violence. Dana breaks down the latest polls. Elizabeth Warren changes her story on her “pregnancy discrimination”. Is the coronavirus being used as a political weapon? Bernie Sanders TRIPLES down on defending Fidel Castro.

Live from New York City. Bernie Sanders doubles down on his Fidel Castro comments. Dana previews the South Carolina Debate. Dana’s latest book Grace Canceled highlights the arguments about Socialism by Bernie Sanders. The US becomes more weary of the coronavirus. A new Illinois bill aims to remove religious exemptions for vaccines in the state. Dana breaks down the personal reasons as to why she wrote her latest book.

Live from New York City. Bernie Sanders wins Nevada. Dana explains how a Socialist candidate is the Democrat front-runner. Clint Eastwood ditched Trump for Mike Bloomberg. Dana discusses instances of media malpractice regarding Russian interference in 2016. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on Russia and more

Intelligence officials say Russia is trying to help Trump get re-elected. Hollywood slams Trump for criticizing Parasite for winning best picture. We go to the phones for Open Line Friday. Bloomberg is plotting a brokered convention strategy. Dana updates the Democrat field. Dana opens a special edition of Mailbag of Hate.

Debate recap. Bloomberg gets trashed over his non-disclosure agreements. Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar battle over the “moderate” lane. Bloomberg calls out “democrat socialism” for sounding like Communism. Mike still struggles to apologize for stop-and-frisk. Trump makes his first comments after Roger Stone is sentenced. Ned Ryun from American Majority joins us on the debate and the future of the Republican Party.

Bernie and Bloomberg have a “heartattack-off”. Pete Buttigieg uses Chirstianity to explain why not to vote for Trump. Dana previews the Nevada debate. China revokes the press credentials of Wall Street Journal reporters. Bloomberg is paying people $2500 a month to blow up their contacts’ phones advertising Bloomberg. Tarrant County, Texas Sheriff Bill Waybourn joins us on law enforcement is tackling sex trafficking.

Michael Bloomberg makes the Nevada debate stage. The Left tries to frame Bloomberg as the Democrat version of Trump. Sydney Pride removed a lesbian event because it was being transphobic. How does faith play a role in the future of politics? A former San Francisco Giants player won’t get invited to the reunion because of his support of Trump.

Concerns are raised in Nevada over a possible technological disaster in the upcoming caucuses. The Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee shelves the bill to ban semi-automatic firearms to 2021. More audio resurfaces of Mike Bloomberg making classist and ageist comments. Tom Steyer tries to spin the facts about the strength of the economy. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us coronavirus, the Logan Act and more

Bernie Sanders leads in the polls in Nevada. The FBI will not pursue charges against Andrew McCabe. Mike Bloomberg continues his apology tour for stop-and-frisk. Andy McCarthy from National Review joins us on Roger Stone, Andy McCabe and more. We go to the phones for Open Line Friday.

Attorney General Bill Bar is under fire for accusations that Trump influenced the Roger Stone sentence. Mike Bloomberg is on a meme buying spree. Samantha Bee trashes PragerU for teaching young Conservatives. DNC Chair Tom Perez claims there’s no divide in the Democrat Party. Devin Nunes summarizes the past 3 years in the Dept. of Justice in 2 minutes. Parkland father Andrew Pollack joins us on the latest with this fight to keep schools safe.

Bernie Sanders wins the New Hampshire Primary. Bill Barr intervenes in the sentencing of Roger Stone. Socialists drop opposition videos on Klobuchar and Bloomberg battles Steyer. Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas joins us on Virginia’s attempt to ban semi-automatic weapons. A disturbance on an American Airlines flight causes a conversation about seat reclining. Dana discusses updates with the Coronavirus.

President Trump holds a rally in New Hampshire telling Republicans to go vote for the weakest Democrat. Audio resurfaces of Michael Bloomberg discussing racially profiling minorities using stop-and-frisk. The White House releases its 2021 fiscal budget. Daniel Horowitz from Conservative Review joins us on the budget. The Virginia House of Delegates votes on banning semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. Democrats want the video of Pelosi practicing tearing up Trump’s State of The Union censored.

Dana recaps the political Oscars. A Jacksonville man drove through a tent that was selling Trump merchandise. Amy Klobuchar jumps in the polls the eve before the New Hampshire Primary. Dana warns of the threat of Michael Bloomberg after Super Tuesday. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on Trump’s firing of Vindman and more.

Bernie and Buttigieg are neck-and-neck amid the New Hampshire debate. Michael Bloomberg is paying influencers to make him look cool. Republican Joe Walsh ends his White House bid to take down Trump. Filmmaker Michael Pack joins us to talk about his documentary, Created Equal, on Clarence Thomas. Democrat James Carville rants to Vox on the current Democrat Party

President Trump takes a victory lap speech after being acquitted. Nancy Pelosi unleashes at Trump. The mess in Iowa continues the day before the New Hampshire debate. Democrats are now praising Mitt Romney after trashing him in 2012. Pete Buttigieg doesn’t condemn partial-birth abortions.

Dana recaps the State of the Union. Dana explains why it’s good to have a healthy Democrat party going forward. Is Pete Buttigieg the media’s new presidential preference? Sen. John Cornyn joins us on Impeachment, State of the Union and more. Mitt Romney votes to convict and remove President Trump. Congressman Chip Roy joins us on his reactions to the State of the Union.

Dana recaps the Iowa debacle. Democrats play the blame game as to the problem with Iowa. Dana breaks down some of the polls after the Iowa Caucus. Have we reached a generational change where it concerns the Democrat Party? A growing number of women are paying to confront their privilege and racism at dinners that cost $2,500. Is Joe Biden’s downfall inevitable?

Will Bernie win Iowa? Dana explains the controversy surrounding a poll. Reports from China about the coronavirus are getting suspicious. Democrats are desperately trying to take down Bernie. A warrant is issued for a Colorado woman for lying in a red flag law filing. Michael Bloomberg airs a gun control Super Bowl ad. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on Brexit and more.

The Senate Impeachment Trial goes on another day. Sen. Lisa Murkowski votes “no” on more witnesses. CNN says Trump's coronavirus task force wasn’t diverse enough. Former US Army National Guardsman Sergeant Derrick Miller joins us on political correctness and more. Dana explains the history of the WHO. An Iowa is releasing a sex offender after he changes his gender.

The Senate plans to wrap up the Impeachment Trial by the weekend. Chief Justice John Roberts refuses to read a question from Rand Paul after he writes the whistleblower’s name. Dana explains how Elizabeth Warren’s proposed plan to fight misinformation is dangerous. A Christian school was sued by parents who claimed their daughter was kicked out for being gay. A California sheriff was forced to turn over personal information of gun-owners to a local newspaper. Congressman Chip Roy joins us on the Impeachment Trial & more.

Today's Dana Show is brought to you by Booknotes. Start your seven-day free trial at CNN panel mocks Trump and his voters. Pete Buttigieg couldn’t agree with a pro-life Democrat at the Fox News town hall. Dana explains how we should accept redemption for all people. Trump retweeted Dana. Beto is back to flip Texas blue. Bernie Sanders’ way to win the primary just got easier. Former Chief of Staff for John Bolton, Fred Fleitz, joins us on the Impeachment Trial and Bolton’s new book.

A manuscript leaks from John Bolton’s newest book with revelations about the phone call with Ukraine. The Trump legal team begins its defense case in the Impeachment Trial. A notable pastor had an interesting metaphor for removing Satan. Diddy says that the Grammys still don’t appreciate Black talent. Virginia holds a town hall full of misinformation about firearms.

Live from SHOT Show in Las Vegas. A CBS report states the President wanted the Ukrainian Ambassador fired.President Trump becomes the first US President to address the March for Life. Joe Rogan endorses Bernie Sanders and the Internet loses its mind. Author and Navy SEAL Sniper Jack Carr joins us live from SHOT Show 2020. Megyn Kelly states the double standard over Robert Downey Jr.’s blackface in Tropic Thunder. 13 Hours actor Max Martini joins us live to discuss his new film Sgt. Will Gardner.

Live from SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Cam Edwards from Bearing Arms and UFC champion Randy Couture joins us live in studio. The US begins to take caution after a Chinese city shuts down because of the coronavirus. Actor and director Randal Reeder joins us live to discuss to 2A, Deadpool & more. National Review fact-checks Pete Buttigieg’s military duties. Former Delta Force Army soldier and musician Brad Thomas joins us live at SHOT Show.

Live from SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The Senate kicks off day 2 of the Impeachment trial. Party polarization hits an all time high. A Target customer tried to publicly shame a manager for not selling him a toothbrush. Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski joins us live in studio on 2A, impeachment and more. Mitch McConnell has a new nickname. John Lott, President of Crime Prevention Research, joins us on potential gun control laws.

The Senate begins impeachment trial. The governor of Virginia takes credit for de-escalating the gun rally in Richmond. Another Bernie staffer is exposed for dangerous rhetoric. The US has confirmed a case of a virus from China that could be a pandemic. Dana explains the craziest Dem soundbites in 24 hours.

Thousands of law-abiding gun owners protest Virginia’s proposed firearm laws at the State Capitol in Richmond. Puerto Rico uncovers their supplies from FEMA after Hurricane Maria. Cam Edwards from Bearing Arms joins us live from Richmond to discuss the 2A rally. Heather Heyer’s mom says Virginia Democrats are going too far left. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on Iran, Ukraine and more.

President Trump assembles his Senate trial defense team. The media rings their hands over Senator McSally calls a CNN reporter a “liberal hack”. Dana discusses how Trump can get re-elected in the era of incivility. Congressman Thomas Massie joins us on gun control, impeachment and more. Trump makes a snarky remark to Democrats in front of the LSU football team. Dana opens her Mailbag of Hate.

Nancy Pelosi has an autograph ceremony to celebrate the Impeachment articles. Was Elizabeth Warren’s off mic quip the downfall of her race? Planned Parenthood launches a $45 Million campaign to endorse Democrats. Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe joins us on exposing Bernie Sanders’ staffers rhetoric. Senator Martha McSally called a CNN reporter a “Liberal hack”. Senators were giving flashcards on what to say to avoid reporters.

Eilzabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders get heated after the Iowa debate. Is Nancy Pelosi sending the Articles to the Senate to take down Bernie? Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas had Ukranian ambassador Marie Yovanovitch surveilled. Dana discusses Virginia and Colorado’s latest crackdown on firearms. An Alabama woman was sentenced to life in prison after reportedly defending herself against a rapist who was trying to kill her brother. Dana does a special Wednesday edition of Mailbag of Hate.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren’s feud trickles into Tuesday night’s debate. The rage mob came for Vince Vaughn after he spoke with the President at the National Championship. NBC highlights a transgender man’s menstrual pain. Project Veritas exposes Sanders campaign staffers for violent rhetoric. Dana previews the Iowa Democrat Debate. Dana discusses some states’ 2020 gun control proposals.

Nancy Pelosi claims Iranian protesters are out against the US. The CEO of a Canadian company blames Trump for the Ukrainian plane shot down. No females were nominated for Best Director at the Oscars. A Pacific island nation claims bungee jumping is cultural appropriation. AOC is not quite sure how the DOW works. A glitch on Facebook reveals Greta Thunberg’s dad writes her posts.

President Trump holds a rally in Ohio. Dana explains how Trump’s foreign policy has always been consistent. Rep. Collins apologizes for his comments on terroists. Congressman Chip Roy joins us on the latest War Powers bill. The media criticizes Rep. Stefanik for filtering a photo of Pelosi. Dana opens her Mailbag of Hate.

Speculation rises as to how the Ukrainian flight crashed in Iran after takeoff. Nancy Pelosi says she will continue to hold onto the Articles of Impeachment “when she’s ready”.Cardi B wants to move to Nigeria. Ilhan Omar says she has PTSD because of Iranian tensions. US Marine & former Defense Dept. Intelligence Agent Jason Buttrill joins us on the latest with Iran. Senator Mike Lee says Congress should have been briefed before killing Soleimani. Twitter will limit replies to certain tweets.

Iran launches missiles into US bases in Iraq resulting in no casualties. Dana breaks down how the Iran deal led to the situation today. Democrats are pushing Pelosi to send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. The View applauds a White supremacist for not supporting Trump anymore.

Dana discusses the latest on the conflict with Iran. TIME Magazine tries to help explain to your kids how to cope with potential war. Dana explains how the Democrats have framed the conflict. The 2A fight in Virginia continues. CNN settles its lawsuit with Covington student Nick Sandmann. National Review’s Andy McCarthy joins us on the latest with Impeachment and more.

First live show of 2020. Ricky Gervais crushes his hosting gig for the Golden Globes. Dana discusses her take on the killing of the Iranian military general. The media had their share of hot takes regarding the Iran strike. US Marine & former Defense Dept. Intelligence Agent Jason Buttrill joins us on Iran. Virginia plans to implement red flag laws in 2020. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on Iran and more.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. The US strikes and kills Iran’s top military general. Terrorism expert Dr. Peter Brookes from the Heritage Foundation joins us to break down the details. We take callers for Open Line Friday. President Trump speaks live on the US decision to strike Iran.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. The US sends troops to the Middle East after the US Embassy in Baghdad is attacked. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us to break down the latest conflict in Iraq. Joe Biden retains a commanding lead in 2020 polls. We go to the phone lines. Sergio discusses the failed foreign policy of the past few administrations.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. A gunman kills 3 in a Texas church. Pete Buttigieg calls out Joe Biden on his foreign policy decisions. Sergio Sanchez discusses the failed predictions for 2019. Sergio gives an update on border patrol.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. NASDAQ opens up at 9,000 for the first time ever.Mayor Pete says Jesus was a refuge. Baltimore’s mayor says he is not responsible for the murder rate.

Jeff Fisher fills in for Dana today. The Lord of the Rings production is looking for “character faces” as extras. Is that you? Say goodbye to your deodorant - Hollywood is going all natural, should you? Jeff gives his takes on the headlines in today’s political landscape. Our “Florida Man” segment takes a dark turn for one robber who chose the wrong house to break into. Netflix releases its’ 5 most asked questions in one of their interviews. Hear them all in this hour’s “Quick 5”.

Last live show of 2019. Dana recaps the Democrat debate. The publication Christianity Today says Trump should be removed from office. Elizabeth Warren lists a sexual predator as one of her prolific donors. American Majority CEO Ned Ryun joins us on his new book, 2020 and more. West Point confirms the supposed the “white power” hand sign was just the “circle game”. The Dana Show reveals their 2019 accidental band names.

Dana reacts to the House impeaching the President. Washington Post reporters post a picture on Twitter celebrating Impeachment. Social justice warriors come after J.K. Rowling after she makes comments about gender. Tulsi Gabbard votes “present” for Impeachment. Congressman Louie Gohmert joins us on his passionate House speech against Impeachment.

Chuck Schumer sends a letter to Mitch McConnell urging him to be impartial during the Impeachment process. Dana explains the hypocrisy of the Impeachment debate. The House sneaks through an omnibus spending bill. Jack Dorsey publicly unfollows Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook. Dana comments on the House passing Federal paid family leave.CNN’s Brian Stelter thinks it’s inappropriate for a Supreme Court Justice to go on Fox News.

The Senate preps for the inevitable Impeachment trial. Dana explains the other bills the House is voting on before the year’s end. Some Republicans write an op/ed in the New York Times coming out against Trump. Michael Bloomberg’s past offensive comments resurface. Ret. Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher joins us on Trump pardoning him after his trial.

James Comey gets pressed on his responsibility while approving FISA applications. The rage mob comes after the Hallmark Channel. A Naval cadet made a hand gesture on camera and people are accusing him of a “White power” sign. The National Guard responds to Virginia lawmakers threatening to use them to confiscate firearms. Congress plans to raise the age of tobacco to 21 in 2020. Dana recaps the UK elections.

Sergio Sanchez hosting for Dana. Sergio discusses the impeachment process, the IG report, FISA. appointments of federal judges, remembering the Alamo and an interview with Houston Police Union President Joe Grimaldi.

The House of Representatives debate the Articles of Impeachment. The Pensacola terrorist was radicalized before coming to the US. An Illinois woman shoots her children’s father in self-defense. The FBI says it has a chilling effect after attacks from AG Barr and Trump. The Dana Show reveals their LEAST favorite Christmas songs.

Inspector General Horowitz testifies on FISA abuse. TIME Magazine names Greta Thunberg its person of the year. Dana fact-checks the theory that there is a hunting loophole regarding the Pensacola shooting. AOC compares mothers to dogs when discussing paid family leave. The new “Richard Jewell” film is under fire for its depiction of a female journalist. Former Navy SEAL Jared Ogden joins us on the rage mob coming after his business.

House Democrats introduce two Articles of Impeachment. A Houston police officer is murdered after responding to a domestic violence complaint. Updates on the shooting in Jersey City. Elon Musk wins his defamation lawsuit, The rage mob goes after a veteran-owned business because its training system involves minimizing bystander casualties. Social justice warriors go after the Nativity Scene. National Review’s Andy McCarthy joins us to break down the IG report and the Articles of Impeachment.

More details are released about the Pensacola attack. Trump gets accused of being anti-Semitic. The Inspector General report is released on FISA abuse. Michael Bloomberg continues to spend to try to buy his nomination. A mom was scolded on Facebook for calling Santa, Father Christmas because it’s not “gender neutral”. Investigative reporter Lee Fang stalks Devin Nunes at his hotel. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on the IG report, Middle East & more.

A Saudi National kills 3 at a Pensacola Naval air station. Joe Biden unloads on a voter at a speaking event. Dana explains firearm law concerning military bases. Rep. Chip Roy joins us to discuss criminal justice reform and more. Media Matters takes Nikki Haley’s words about the Confederate flag out of context. Dana opens her Mailbag of Hate.

Nancy Pelosi announces she is moving forward with Articles of Impeachment. Rep. Al Green was mad there were no constitutional lawyers of color at the impeachment hearings. A Black Lives Matter protester interrupted a Buttigieg town hall in South Carolina. Whole Foods Magazine names Mitch McConnell Person of the Year for his stance on hemp. Wall Street Journal writes the Trump tax cuts have lowered the burden on the US. An ad running for a Democrat’s Congressional campaign mocks gun violence.

Constitutional experts are brought to Capitol Hill to testify on Impeachment. Leaders at the NATO Summit get caught off mic making fun of Trump’s press conference. Dems blame Kamala’s dropout on racism. Dana explains the use of Impeachment throughout American history. Dana reacts to the “sexist” Peloton ad. Ron DeSantis’ polling numbers in Florida are through the roof.

President Trump meets with President Macron at the NATO Anniversary in London. Mark Ruffalo declares capitalism is robbing us of our future. George Conway continues to rage-tweet about his wife’s boss. The Trump Campaign will not issue media credentials for Bloomberg News. Pete Buttigieg claims anyone who voted for Trump turns their head on racism. The IG report is expected within the week. Green Beret and Black Rifle Coffee Founder Evan Hafer joins us on Starbucks writing slurs on police officers coffee and more.

The Supreme Court hears a case on firearms in New York. Former FBI lawyer Lisa Paige speaks up. Michael Bloomberg wants to raise taxes on the poor to regulate their behavior. The rage mob comes for the Hallmark Channel. Missouri looks to impose new firearm sanctions. A Newsweek reporter falsely claims Trump spent his holiday playing golf. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us Iraq, Brexit, and Hong Kong.

Hunter Biden gets caught smoking crack cocaine at a DC strip club. UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn butchers an interview to condemn anti-semitism. It’s apparently racist to dislike Indian food. The media speculates Trump had a heart attack. Social justice warriors want to ruin Thanksgiving. CBS picks up one of Stacey Abrams’ romance novels to turn into a TV show. Ilhan Omar denies being an asset for the UAE.

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher is free to retire and no longer under review. The release of the IG report on FISA is due after Thanksgiving. Frozen 2 already has its historical backlash. A New York Post writer complains that an ad for firearms ruined his Christmas spirit. Michael Bloomberg claims his news outlet won’t editorialize his 2020 campaign. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on Hong Kong and more.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. Joe Biden says the Obama Administration had no scandals. Climate protesters disrupt the Harvard-Yale football game. Sergio Sanchez breaks down the timeline of Colin Kaepernick’s workout. The latest on Chick-fil-a

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. As the Impeachment hearings wrap up, Sergio explains what happens next. Shepard Smith makes comments about the state of journalism. Joe Biden tells an immigration protester to vote for Trump. Sergio gives updates on the Jeffrey Epstein investigation.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. Callers express their opinions on the Impeachment hearings. Should Trump testify? Sergio recaps the Democrat debate. Sergio explains why Elizabeth Warren’s health care plan is dangerous.

US Ambassador to the EU, Gordan Sondland, testifies in the Impeachment inquiry. Dana explains what “quid pro quo” actually means. Charles Barkley is forced to apologize after joking to a female reporter. Democrats plan to go after Mayor Pete at the debate in Atlanta. More on Ukraine. Dana discusses the social justice warrior stories of the week.

State Department officials testify in the Impeachment inquiry. Eric Swalwell lets a fart slip in his MSNBC interview. Dana explains how the Right should not imply cancel culture on Chick-Fil-A. Charlie’s Angels tanks at the box office and critics are blaming sexism. Elizabeth Warren pledges to end traffic violence. The White House softens its stance on civilian settlements in the West Bank.

Pete Buttigieg butchers his rollout to benefit Black Americans. Kanye West takes people to church and visits prison inmates. We go to the phones for a special Open Line Monday about Chick-fil-a’s decisions. Colin Kaepernick pulls a publicity stunt in his open workout. Trump pardons twp service members. California rules against Center for American Progress after publishing a story on Planned Parenthood. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on Hong Kong, Israel + more.

Ukranian Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch testifies on Capitol Hill. Roger Stone is found guilty of all 7 counts. Rep. Elise Stefanik owns Adam Schiff in the Impeachment hearings. Sean Spicer joins us to discuss the Impeachment hearings and Dancing With The Stars. Dana gives updates on the school shooting in California. Rashida Tlaib was misusing her campaign funds.

A 15 year-old open fires at a high school in Santa Clarita, CA killing two. All of the updates plus reaction from Washington and the media. Karen Worcester from Wreaths Across America joins us on their projects for the holiday season.

The Impeachment hearings begin. Dana explains the history of foreign policy between branches of government since the Revolutionary War. House Republicans grill witnesses on the purpose of the Impeachment. Ellie Goulding is threatening to cancel her Thanksgiving halftime show after her fans are mad she posed for a picture with the Salvation Army. Mattel has introduced gender-neutral Barbie. Wired says that science is historically sexist.

Impeachment hearings are set to begin Wednesday. Joe Biden looks toward the government to censor false ads on Facebook. Michael Bloomberg files to run for President. The Supreme Court allows Sandy Hook to sue Remington firearms. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio defends NYPD after ticketing someone selling churros. Northwestern’s student newspaper apologizes after doing good reporting.

Veteran’s Day 2019. Socialists continue to slam billionaires to help push for a wealth tax. A man was harassed by police in California for eating a sandwich on a train platform. Sean Spicer has another week on Dancing with the Stars. A baby Trump balloon flew at the Alabama-LSU game and a fan popped it. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on Hong Kong, Brexit, and more.

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg files to run for President. Adam Schiff sets the rules for Impeachment next week. Trump introduces the MAGA challenge. The CBS reporter who was fired over the Epstein leak speaks out. James O’Keefe from Project Veritas joins us on Epstein, the Impeachment inquiry and more.

The President holds a rally in Louisiana. ABC claims they are investigating who squashed the Epstein story. Protesters disrupt Melania Trump’s visit to a children’s hospital. Joe Biden attacks Elizabeth Warren for being “elitist”. Facebook mulls over censoring some political ads. Andy McCarthy from National Review joins us on Impeachment.

The Commonwealth of Virginia flips all branches of its government to blue. A Democrat wins the Kentucky Gubernatorial election in an upset. Don Jr. tweets out a link to the whistleblower’s identity. American tourists are killed in Mexico by a drug cartel. UK rapper Zuby joins us to discuss gender, Kanye West’s album and more.

The media continues to hide the whistleblower’s identity from being revealed. ABC News squashed the Jeffrey Epstein story for 3 years. A female publication slams Nationals’ catcher Kurt Suzuki for sporting a MAGA hat. Pete Buttigieg continues to quote scripture to support his policies. Election Day 2019: Why it’s so important to go out and vote. Donald Trump Jr. joins us on his latest book, Triggered and the hypocrisy on the Impeachment inquiry.

Adam Schiff talks about even more impeachment charges he's planning to bring up against President Trump. Beto O’Rourke drops out of race - without notifying his supporters or campaign staff first. A horse named Covfefe is dominating the race tracks, the "Squad" endorses Bernie, and Trump becomes the first president to attend a UFC event. A badass pregnant woman takes down a pair of armed robbers, AOC supports NYC subway fare protests and Dana demolishes Richard Spencer and the media's coverage of his disgusting racist rants. The Nationals visit the White House and face backlash from "fans," Beto supporters discuss their bizarre rally chants, and SNL takes on Elizabeth Warren’s medicare for all plan, plus a Doula loses her job in the UK for offending trans activists - by saying “only women can have babies.”

Elizabeth Warren unveils how she’ll pay for her health care plan. A Pennsylvania lawmaker makes awful comments about miscarriages. A former regional director of Starbucks claims she was fired over her race. Actor and animal activist Leo Grillo joins us on California wildfires and Delta Rescue. Dana goes to the phones for Open Line Friday. Dana opens her Mailbag of Hate.

Dana’s favorite holiday. The House votes to advance its Impeachment investigation. The media fact-checked a doctored image of the service dog receiving the Medal of Honor. Deadspin fires all of its non-sports writers. It’s racist to wear “greenface”. Twitter bans political ads. Kane gets forced fed candy corn.

Democrats release their Impeachment inquiry. Socialists complain the CEO of Walmart makes more than a cashier. Pete Buttgieg explains how he will pay for his health care plan. David Limbaugh joins us on his latest book, Guilty by Reason of Insanity. The NCAA will allow its athletes to profit off its name, image, and likeness.

Democrats decide to take the Impeachment inquiry public. Democrats still try to avoid the Trump Administration credit for capturing the ISIS leader. Resigned Representative Katie Hill slams “right-wing” media for exposing her affair. PC culture is cracking down on Halloween costumes. A judge allows Covington Catholic School’s lawsuit to move forward. Lt. Col. Allen West joins us on Turkey & Syria, and 2020.

US-led forces capture and kill ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. The media tries to spin the killing to make Trump look bad. President Trump chooses not to tell Congressional leadership about the ISIS raid. Dana explains her reaction to Kanye West’s latest album. Congresswoman Katie Hill resigns after having an inappropriate relationship with a staffer. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us to discuss the raid on ISIS, China and more.

The DOJ opens up a criminal investigation into its own dealings with Russia investigation. Democrats politicize Elijah Cummings funeral.The Hallmark Channel is having its ChristmasCon in New Jersey. Beto O’Rourke reinforces his goal to confiscate firearms. Dana opens her Mailbag of Hate.

Trump touts the economy at a rally in Colorado. Mark Zuckerberg gets asked some ridiculous questions from lawmakers. Vox posts a Marxist-type article about business. Florida votes to not reinstate Sheriff Scott Israel. Lindsay Graham holds a press conference in response to the Impeachment inquiry. Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett joins us to discuss Witch Hunt.

Mark Zuckerberg testifies on Capitol Hill, again. The NAACP goes after Bed, Bath & Beyond for displaying black pumpkins. A transgender woman loses his court case after trying to force a spa to give a bikini wax. Studies show thinking more leads to a shorter life. Dana praises Mark Zuckerberg’s handling of getting grilled by Democrat lawmakers.

More in-fighting continues between Hillary Clinton and 2020 Democrats. A jury rules against a Texas dad trying to save his 7 year-old son’ gender transition. China bans all deliveries of black products. Florida votes to not reinstate Sheriff Scott Israel. Homelessness hits its highest peaks in California. Democrats freak out over Trump using the word “lynching”.

Mitt Romney confirms he uses a burner Twitter account. A California bill limits freelance writers to a certain amount of stories per year. Tulsi Gabbard responds after Hillary Clinton calls her a Russian asset. A White man named Tupac Shakur was arrested after threatening a police officer with a knife. President Trump reverses his decision to hold the G7 at his resort over the emoluments clause. El Chapo’s son is arrested then released after a shootout with the police.

Turkey insists its ceasefire will last 180 hours. James Mattis roasts Trump at a fundraising dinner. Kellogg’s wants to make sure everyone is LGBTQ friendly. We go to phones for Open Line Friday. Dana and Kane recap going to the Trump rally in Dallas. Facebook takes a stand against China.

Democrats walked out of a meeting at the White House over Syria. Trump writes a letter to President Erdoguan telling him to not be a “tough guy”. The US and Turkey agree to a ceasefire in Syria. The UK gets its first Chick-Fil-A. A Pennsylvania high school football team got in trouble for winning. James O’Keefe from Project Veritas joins us on his latest project #ExposeCNN.

Trump says the PKK may be more of a terrorist threat than ISIS. Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg go back and forth over firearm policy. Former Marine and analyst Jason Buttrill joins us on Syria, Turker, and the Kurds. Dana recaps the craziest moments of last night’s debate. Parkland father Andy Pollack joins us on Florida reinstating Sheriff Scott Israel.

Russian forces patrol between Turkish and Syrian forces. Lebron James defends China while saying the Rockets owner is misinformed. A Fort Worth police officer is free on bond after fatally shooting an unarmed Black woman. GQ describes how masculinity is changing. Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates joins us on China/NBA, Syria and Turkey. A Panera Bread worker gets fired over posting how their macaroni and cheese is made. News networks displayed a video of a Kentucky gun range claiming it was in Syria. Dana recaps her trip to see The Joker.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. Congress continues with its Impeachment inquiry. Should we continue Columbus Day? Ted Cruz rips China’s “dictatorship”. A passionate caller expresses his opinions on switching political parties. Bernie Sanders separates himself from Elizabeth Warren. Two incidents occur separately regarding police officers and deadly force.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. Beto O’Rourke says churches who don’t accept same-sex marriage should lose their tax-exempt status. Warriors coach Steve Kerr compares Communism to owning an AR-15. CNN holds a presidential town hall on LGBTQ rights. Trump sends 2,500 troops to Saudi Arabia. Chelsea Clinton may run for public office.

Sergio Sanchez fills in for Dana. Two foreign individuals have been arrested in connection with campaign finance laws. The NBA continues to silence speech about Hong Kong’s freedom. The Trump Campaign threatens to sue Minneapolis over security concerns. General Motors tries to end its workers’ strike.