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Episode 859: Shut Er Down 2.0 – Several Major Websites Go Down In Widespread Internet Outage – Joe Biden rambles about a ‘man on the moon’ and aliens – My Boyfriend Gave Birth – And He Didn’t Know He Was Pregnant

Episode 858: Breakthrough – Florida Gov. hesitate to push people to get vaccinated despite only half of his state protected – UK Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Vallance Claims 60% Of Hospitalised Patients Are Double Vaccinated – Meet Central NY’s most Covid vaccine-resistant town

Episode 857: Biblical Vaccines – CNN Brian Stelter EXPOSED by Michael Wolff – Fox News Reporter Clashes With Jen Psaki Over ‘Big Brother’ Facebook ‘Spying’ Concerns – Guy ask to be Vice Chairman of Tesla

Episode 856: Trust Us – Tucker Carlson gives MSNBC a special birthday message – I Didn’t Know I Had 2 Vaginas – Rob Gavagan joins the show!

Episode 855: Where Do You Wanna Go – Pitbull Mr.305 Condemns The Cuban Communist Party Showing Support For The Ongoing Protests – Looking for the Perfect Covid-19 Vaccine – 98 Degrees is back

Episode 854: The Critical Race Pest – John Leguizamo Supports Critical Race Theory – The Price of Freedom – Official Trailer – Community protests after man’s racist rant caught on video

Episode 853: Cuba Libre – Thousands protest in Cuba over food shortages and rising prices – Joe dementia getting confused at grocery store – Spotify staffers continue to complain about Joe Rogan’s podcast acquisition

Episode 852: On The Floor – Avanti sentenced – Haitian president killed – Rice Boy Summer

Episode 851: Drawdown – Biden discusses US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan – Tucker: NSA planned to leak my emails to media outlets – Chicago’s most violent weekend of 2021: More than 90 shot, 16 killed

Episode 850: Freedom Day – Don’t forget who betrayed us (Independence Day) – LIL NAS X DEFENDS KISSING DANCER AT BET AWARDS – Donald Trump Jr is High Again

Episode 849: The Craft – Ryan Long and Danny Polishchuk join us on today’s show

Episode 848: Happy Canada Day! – Should Canada Day celebrations be cancelled this year amid residential schools discovery? – How To Talk To a Shy Girl – Meghan McCain announces she is leaving ‘The View’

Episode 847: Delta Mask Force One – California bans state travel to Florida, 4 more over anti-LGBTQ laws – LA County Officials Recommend Indoor Masks As COVID Delta Variant Spreads – Ways to Celebrate Pride Despite Cancelled Parade

Episode 846: Fun With Genetic Data – John Cena Ice Cream Chinese – Lightfoot, alderwoman clash at Chicago City Council meeting – RIP Beartaria. Your 400 dollars got you nothing

Episode 845: National Memorial – George Floyd statues vandalized in Brooklyn, Newark – Search Continues For Survivors In Florida Building Collapse – Karen the MOVIE

Episode 844: Got Nukes? – General Mark Milley hits back at uproar over critical race theory – Over 150 Hospital Workers Fired Or Quit Over Refusing To Get Vaccines – Family Members Concerned For Relatives Who May Have Been In Surfside Condo Collapse

Episode 843: Joints For Jabs – No Lockdowns Anymore w/ Ariana Grande & Marissa Jaret Winokur – Joints for Jabs – Officers Answer A Bizarre Call Involving A Tenant, A Landlord And A Bucket Of Poop

Episode 842: Van Life – Washington Square chaos – Biden mocked for his ’embarrassing’ admission – Brie Larson joins Van Life

Episode 841: Freedom Day Postponed – Jon Stewart talks about Covid Lab – Ivory Hecker talks about Veritas – E3 was terrible

Episode 840: AmaZen – Pfizer Begins Low-Dose COVID-19 Vaccine Trials In Young Children – ‘Concerns’ for Joe Biden’s ‘mental capacity’ raised amid gaffes at G7 – Amazon’s Amazen Kiosk