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Texas Announces COVID Lockdown Is OVER Triggering Prominent Liberals, Biden Says Not Until NEXT YEAR. Republicans have consistently been on the side of keeping the economy running and Democrats have been for shutting everything down.Well now Texas has announced finally its over. The state will end the covid lockdown completely. In a covid lockdown update Governor Greg Abbott said it was time to reopened and the covid vaccine was going to help them get back on track.Biden however said that we will not see a return to normal until this time next yearSupport the show (

Texas GOP Endorses Vote To Secede, Republican Calls To Secede Has Democrats In Media Crying Sedition. Wyoming, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida have all seen some form of a call for seceding from the Union.But some of these calls are one person here or there and don't have that much of an impact. While they do point out that these calls happen every so often, Democrats and members of media fear this time it is different.In Texas a bill has been filed to allow a vote on secession and it has been endorsed by prominent republicans. The bill will allow Texans to vote on whether they should secede from the Union.This may be all talk, but Trump supporters and Democrats, not necessarily Biden supporters, are divided more than ever. To the point where both sides are now passively suggesting a peaceful divorce could be a good thing.Support the show (

Trump Hints 2024 Run Calling Melania "Future First Lady," CNN Is FREAKING OUT In Unhinged Article----Conservative Reporter Detained At Government Quarantine Facility, Aussies Propose Using MINING CAMPS. A reporter for Rebel news is currently documenting mandatory covid quarantines in Canada.While once said to be disinformation by reporters in Canada it seems forced covid quarantine sites have become reality.In Australia they are even proposing using rural camps and even old mining camps to detain those arriving internationallyWhile we may have it bad in the US you typically need only worry about Democrat run states like NY which recently saw fury over Assembly Bill A416 which would allow Governor Cuomo the ability to detain people at his own discretion, for the most part.Support the show (

Oregon Counties WILL Vote On Seceding Over Anger At Failed Democrat Policy And Far Left Antifa Riots. Conservatives in several key counties are hoping to create a state called Greater Idaho which would function the same as Idaho but withy expanded territory.Republican voters feel they are not being represented in Oregon as Democrats in Portland continue to favor only one side of the spectrum. While Far Left Antifa riots sweep their major cities the Democrats continue to provide relief mostly to cities igniting outrage among conservativesThe proposed policy would also move northern California into greater Idaho as well.Meanwhile in many other counties similar moves are being made.Republicans and outraged Californians also move to recall governor Gavin newsomSupport the show (

Woke Leftist Race Hoax Exposed, College Falls Into Critical Race Theory CHAOS Over False Allegations. At Smith College a woman complained that an encounter with police was racial discrimination but an investigation later revealed it was just not true.The woman was in an unauthorized area of the school and was politely asked by an officer what was going on. The officer apologized and that seemed to be it.But the school immediately started forcing people to attend anti-bias trainings and pushing critical race theory and other social justice issues which began to ignite serious controversy.Now one staff member has raised nearly $240,000 after complaining of a hostile work environment.The issue of antiracism and critical race theory seem to be escalating once again.Support the show (

Project Veritas Video Leak PROVES Tech Execs Plan Censoring Conservatives, Even Threaten Republicans. Salesforce, one of the biggest tech companies in the world is seen on video discussing the prohibition of messages that could incite political conflict.The executives even reference telling the Republican National Committee that they would not tolerate certain speech.The chilling nature of this is only expressed when you recognize the year of Antifa and BLM riots and the billions of dollars in damage that was completely overlooked. Much of this was fueled by fake news and media manipulation.If Salesforce only targets conservative ideas then people on the right will be economy restricted to such a degree they will struggle to ever resist far left ideology.Support the show (

FBI Confirms Congressional Reps Are Now SUSPECTS In Capitol Riot, Democrats Pushing For War With GOP. Democrats are pushing harder and harder for escalation now targeting GOP reps as suspects.The FBI may have crossed the line in seizing cell phone records from members of congress including man republican reps who have been accused to colluding or working with the rioters at the capitolSupport the show (

Democrats Just Tried FORCING Cable Companies To BAN Conservative News Channels For Supporting Trump. An FCC official responded in outrage saying it violated first amendment norms.Democrats are escalating their censorship demanding that big tech companies and cable channels censor conservatives.In a letter Democrats accused these outlets of pushing fake news and demanded to know why they still carried conservative news outlets Fox News, OAN and NewsmaxRepublicans can't be expected to do anything in order to fight back and Trump supporters know it.Support the show (

Democrats And Media Advocate For Executing Republicans And Treating The GOP As Enemy Combatants. The Website The Root is one of the top leftist publications on Facebook and the people interviewed are Democratic politicians and MSNBC personalities.The statements made against Republicans and Trump are so insane and absurd it makes me question whether these people are mentally fit.But its just another escalation we have seen before. Previously MSNBC personality Nicole Wallace advocated drone strikes against republicans and American citizens Support the show (

Facebook Just BANNED Basically The ENTIRE Country Of Australia In Most INSANE Act Of Censorship EVERSupport the show (

Rush Limbaugh Has Passed Away, I Am Saddened By The Vile Disrespect From The Left And Must Speak Out. News outlets reporting on the passing of Rush Limbaugh even went as far to denigrate and display vile attacks and disrespect.Democrats may have reason to criticize Rush Limbaugh but it is no excuse for gloating and insulting the man.Conservatives are not perfect but relishing in death is an exception not the rule. For Leftists it seems to be the rule and not the exception.We speak well of the dead in order to preserve the good we saw from them. We want positivity and goodness to prevail.Support the show (

GOP Reps Family DISOWNS Him For Supporting Trump Impeachment, Siding With Democrats BACKFIRES On GOP. Six of Seven Republicans Senators are facing backlash and censure over their vote to impeach Trump.One republican Adam Kinzinger was disavowed by his own family who wrote a scathing letter over his support for Democrats efforts to remove Trump, going as far to call for his removal from Congress.Democrats bet big against Trump and it seems that even though the man is not president anymore they have nothing left to offer the American people. Instead they just keep pushing the orange man bad narrative which now is meaningless.But a new poll offers hope to Trump's biggest supporters53% say they would vote for Trump as the GOP nominee for president if the primary was held today. Trump may be too old by 2024 but maybe that won't be enough to stop him running again.Support the show (

Trump WON Again, Democrats SLAMMED For Doctoring Evidence, Vandalize Trump Lawyers Home After LosingSupport the show (

Gina Carano Is UNCANCELLED, Woke Leftist Attempt To Ruin Her Fail As Ben Shapiro Announces New Movie. After Carano was smeared by woke leftists and fired from The Mandalorian and her talent agency UTA many thought it was the end.But in less than 24 hours Carano and The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro announced they would be working together on a feature film to be distributed by The Daily Wire.Democrats have long defended the idea of censorship on social media, demanding that bad opinions be removed. For too long conservatives and disaffected liberals have fought back by demanding the woke leftists stop but it hasn't worked.This is the wayCreating infrastructure to counter the woke mob's control over cultural infrastructure.Republicans are useless, the only way to win the culture war is to start fighting it by creating new culture. So long as the far left keeps trying to cancel people they will only help grow an alternate industry free from their oppression.Support the show (

#CancelDisneyPlus​ Trends #1 After Gina Carano Gets FIRED From Mandalorian Over Woke Leftist OutrageSupport the show (

Democrats Launch NEW Criminal Investigation Into Trump At The State Level Amid 2nd Impeachment Trial. The investigation stems from Trump's phone call with the Georgia secretary of state over election lawsuits.Trump had a legal settlement call that was recorded and leaked which resulted in a major controversy with Democrats accusing trump of trying to cheat in the election. While Trump is currently facing a second impeachment trial a second criminal probe at the state level has been announced. Trump is already under investigation in Manhattan over his company's business dealings.Media and Democrats in the end are just obsessed and angry. They will never let this go and Trump is a fool to think they would.Support the show (

Biden Suspends Trump Rules Blocking Chinese Propaganda And Infiltration Sparking Fear Of "Chinagate." Biden ordered the suspension of a Trump administration rule blocking foreign adversaries from our electrical grid. Another policy allows for Chinese propaganda in the US.Many people are scratching their heads at these moves considering if Biden thought they were bad or questioned them he could have left them until new rules were put in place.Democrats have mostly ignored or defended the moves claiming that Trump's policies were bad. Many Republicans and conservatives pointed out the moves are odd and claim its proof of Chinagate, that Joe Biden is compromised by China.But while those are interesting and odd Biden is currently having the US run drills in the South China Sea angering Xi JinpingSupport the show (

Biden BOOED At Super Bowl As People REJECT Call For Unity, Culture War Is Escalating Under Democrats. The top Democrat called for a moment of silence for lives lost to COVID but many were not having it.Many incorrectly thought that Trump was the cause of the culture war but in fact he was just a symptom. Many incorrectly thought that a vote for Joe Biden was a vote for a return to normalcy.But now in power politically and controlling nearly every cultural institution the culture war tensions are just escalating and the problems are only continuing to get worse.Support the show (

TIME Magazine Claims An Elite Cabal Conspired To Stop Trump From Winning, Manipulating Laws And News. They celebrate the news as though defenders of Democracy saved the day. They call it the Shadow Campaign that "saved" the 2020 election.Democrat elites, Political insiders,  Corporate Media, and Big Tech moguls are said to have been involved in a "cabal" in order to protect the "proper outcome" of the election.While they claim they did not explicitly want to stop Trump from winning, because of course they can't say that, they claim they were fighting against Trump's disinformationWhat is revealing is how Democrat lawyer Marc Elias is now claiming votes were not read by voting machines properly in a much similar way that Trump and his allies claimed, though not completely the same.The game is rigged by a cabal of powerful elites to ensure the winner of our election was their preferred winner. And that is not my opinion, its the claim by TIME MagazineSupport the show (

Democrats LIED About The $2,000 Checks Going To "Everyone," Dems Announce Stimulus To be Restricted. The new plan will see means tested $1,400 checks going out at an uncertain time.Those making over $50,000 will see reduced benefits.While most Trump supporters and progressives agreed that $2,000 checks were needed to save people during the COVID lockdown and economic collapse, it was actually Republicans who initially blocked the effort.Democrats promised these checks but now that they have won and are in control they immediately reduce the amount of the stimulus, making it supplemental instead of the full $2,000, and announce new means testing.While this is another opportunity for unity among left and right media is trying to drive the wedge by hammering at the Marjorie Taylor Greene storyA perfect distraction to keep you off base as they block the stimulus payments you need.Support the show (