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Let’s face it. The pet industry is SATURATED. But, that’s where the confusion sets in. What’s right...what’s wrong. Too many options. This podcast helps you sift through the opinions and develop a clear point of view about what’s right for you and your lifestyle. We just chat, have experts on the show, and go out and try new training techniques & items.

  • Holiday Special feat. The Mindful Mutt & Community K9
    Join us for a special holiday episode as we reflect on the year and are joined by special musical guests! The Mindful Mutt and Community K9 join us after to share a few training and exercise tips for your pups!
  • Guest: Modern Day Dolittle
    Modern day animal communicator, Meg Dolitte, is trained under world-renowned animal communicator and author, Maia Kincaid, and has worked with animals across Canada, the USA, Europe and Asia. Listen in as she shares more about her abilities as well as readings for Sarah and Laurel's loved pups! 
  • Meet Sarah & Laurel!
    Hear a little about the founders of What is dog. 
  • Top 10 dog training myths
    We all know that everyone loves to be an armchair expert when it comes to dog training advice. What are the top 10 myths people share when it comes to dog training? Listen in to find out! 
  • Guest: Feed Thy Dog
    This week, we are talking to Savannah Welna of Feed Thy Dog! It’s safe to say that we’ve been a bit obsessed about what to feed our dogs lately. Savannah started “Raw, Fed, and Nerdy” on Facebook which provides education for pet owners wishing to take a DIY approach to homemade feeding. She is not only about feeding fresh, but also about using science to apply a custom feeding approach to each specific dog. 
  • Guest: Mindful Mutt
    Join us as we talk to DeAnna of Mindful Mutt. What happens when a dog walker takes a holistic approach caring for your dog? A whole lot of comfortable and peaceful pups. 
  • Guest: Animal Healer Ruth Hatten
    This week we sit down with the compelling Ruth Hatten! She has dedicated her life to animals and is an animal healer that focuses on nutrition, herbs, massage, reiki and advocacy. Talk about an expert!
  • Guest: Fitness with Fido
    This week we talk to Kimberly, the owner of Fitness with Fido! She started Fitness with Fido in 2015 as a way to combine her two loves, fitness and dogs. She provides fitness classes for you and your best friend to do together and on this episode provides us with a lot of great tips and tricks to stay fit with your loved one. 
  • What to feed your dog
    This is it! We've learned so much on this little mini-journey through food nutrition and have finally formed an opinion on what to feed your dog. Listen in to decide what's best for you! 
  • Kibble - yum or yuck?
    Have you ever wondered how kibble is made? The truth is kind of shocking!
  • The (non-boring) history of dog food
    Confused by what to feed your dog? We are too. This is the first episode in a series where we will go into the history of dog food, how it's made, the current options, and what a dog nutritionist recommends. We'll get to the bottom of this together. 
  • Sleeping beauty
    There’s nothing cuter than a sleeping dog. But there’s more to sleep than people may realize! Do dogs dream? Where should your dog sleep?
  • One paw forward
    Having trouble finding time to exercise both you and your dog? This episode offers some ideas to accomplish both. 
  • Guest: Leading life with your dog
    We're all busier than ever. How in the world do you have enough time to train your dog on top of everything else? We sat down with Ida Geering of Leader of the Pack Dog Obedience and learned so many tips and techniques for training your dog in the world you've created for them. 
  • Guest: To click or not to click
    Clicker training began to grow in popularity in the mid-1990s as an effective alternative to training that relied on pain, fear, and intimidation. A clicker is a small, handheld device that makes an unmistakable, distinct “click” noise used to inform our dog of the exact moment they’ve done something right. To learn more, Sarah and I went to Master Peace Dog Training in Franklin, MA for a clicker training session with the owner, Fran Masters. 
  • My dog's anxiety is making me anxious
    As busy parents, sometimes we have to leave doggo at home.