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Alternative Shows featuring Electronica, Industrial, EBM, Folk, Ambient and everything else.

Value for Value ⚡️

  • DC1209 Be The Bad Vibes
    I have a summer cold, so this is just a mix tape of alternative tunes I've been listening to over the past month. … DC1209 Be The Bad Vibes
  • AHM Takeover – Lonely Piper
    Atom Heart Mother is away for another week on Hard Rock Hell Radio, so I thought I'd play a few of my favourite heavy, stoner, space, and psych rock tunes, as well as a few new ones that have appeared. … AHM Takeover – Lonely Piper
  • DC1203 Foreshadowing Happy
    A bumper crop of Electronica, Indie and Goth tunes this month on DarkCompass 2 … DC1203 Foreshadowing Happy
  • AHM TakeOver May 3rd 2024
    I take over Atom Heart Mutha this weeks for two hours of heavy psychedelic, stoner, desert, fuzz, and 70's vintage rock, and some doom thorn in too. … AHM TakeOver May 3rd 2024
  • DC1200 Heavy Gift
    A long track show with only 3 artist this time, some LP length tracks for sure. … DC1200 Heavy Gift
  • DC1197 Dare Nevermind
    Alt Show featuring new tracks from a long known band The Pocket Gods, as well as some great tunes from L.S.Dune, Hope Darling, Between You and Me, and more … DC1197 Dare Nevermind