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  • Staffan Rosell from PodX Group
    Sam Sethi spoke to CEO of PodX Group, Staffan Rosell.You can also read the interview here: https://podcastbusinessjournal.com/interviews/staffan-rosell/ and subscribe to our weekly newsletter about the business of podcasting
  • Lizzy Pollott, Acast
    This week, Sam Sethi speaks to Acast's SVP Marketing, Communications and Brand, Lizzy Pollott. We learn about conversational targeting and keyword targeting, and Acast’s view of the future.
  • The InFOCUS Podcast: Stephanie Valencia
    Stephanie Valencia is gaining widespread attention for her role as the co-founder of the newly formed Latino Media Network (LMN). It's first act: The purchase of 18 radio stations from TelevisaUnivision — including all of its AMs and FMs in Las Vegas, Fresno and the Rio Grande Valley. What's LMN's plan of action? RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief got the exclusive scoop from Valencia in this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM.
  • The InFOCUS Podcast: Byron Allen
    Byron Allen, the one-time comedian turned media mogul, is one of five recipients of a Leadership Award from the Broadcasters Foundation of America. Allen's acceptance of the honor will be remembered for a generation — he hammed it up on stage before delivering a poignant message to the industry VIPs in attendance. RBR+TVBR was there, and we have the full audio of Allen's speech in the latest InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.fm.
  • Dave Jones - Podcast 2.0
    Dave Jones discusses Podcast 2.0, a project he's working on with Adam Curry
  • Westwood One Podcast Network Executive Editor John Wordock
    John fills us in with his strategies on How To Keep Your Listeners Engaged.
  • Episode No. 16: Bill Prescott
    Humboldt County, Calif., has always been a unique and offbeat portion of the Golden State. And, the local economy is a fragile one. With the COVID-19 pandemic, what has that meant for media companies serving communities such as Eureka and Arcata? RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson gets the answer in this Coronavirus INFOCUS Podcast featuring a conversation with Lost Coast Communications GM Bill Prescott.
  • The PR Maven Nancy Marshall
    In this episode of the PBJ spotlight we interview the PR Maven Nancy Marshall. Nancy launched the PR Maven Podcast in September of 2018. As of February 2020, there are 75 episodes of the show, which you can find at www.praven.com or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.
  • Season 2 - Ep. #1 Who Are These Podcasts?
    In the PBJ spotlight on this episode -- Who Are These Podcasts? It's a show hosted by Karl. He'd rather we not use his last name, because, well, his show is basically all about criticizing other podcasts. And, as you'll learn from our interview -- that turned ugly for him once.
  • Ep. #17 - Lauren Shippen - Host of Bright Sessions
    Lauren Shippen iis the host of the award-winning podcast The Bright Sessions, she's keynoting Podcast Movement in August, and she recently signed a deal with Luminary for her new show The AM Archives.
  • Ep. #16 Bruce Wawrzniak
    Bruce Wawrzyniak has been podcasting since 2014. Now, he has three podcasts, yes three. They are: “Now Hear This Entertainment,” “Catholic Sports Radio," and “TASCAM Talkback.” And, he owns his own business, an entertainment company. How does he find the time to do three podcasts? Listen to our interview and find out. In addition, Bruce has great advice for podcasters on preparing great show notes, how to promote your show, equipment to use and much more. If you want to learn everything there is to know about podcasting, listen to the latest PBJ spotlight with Bruce Wawrzniak.
  • Ep. #15 - Sworn Satement Host Kristine Gill
    In the PBJ Spotlight today is a show called "Sworn Statement." Sworn Statement is a podcast hosted by Collier County Florida Sheriff's Department Media Relations Specialist Kristine Gill. And this is the first podcast that we've heard of where a law enforcement agency uses a podcast to help solve an active case.
  • Ep. #14 - Host of Upstate Unsolved Phoebe LaFave
    Pheobe LaFave works for iHeartMedia's WGY in Albany, New York. She's a True Crime junkie and when she was given the opportunity to work on a podcast about the 1998 mysterious disappearance of University of Albany student Suzanne Lyall, she jumped at it. We spoke with LaFave about why she got into audio, why she wanted to research and host this podcast and how it all came together.
  • Ep. #13 - Jaime ("Jemmy") Legagneur - The Florida Podcast Network
    Jaime Legagneur is the co-founder of the Florida Podcast Network, the host of several Florida based podcasts, and a giant bundle of podcast energy. She co-founded FPN with podcasting superstar Glenn "The Geek" Hebert from The Horse Radio Network. Both will be keynoting Podfest, which kicks off March 7 in Orlando. Here's our PBJ Spotlight podcast interview with Jaime Legagneur
  • Ep. #12 - Glenn The Geek Hebert - The Horse Radio Network.
  • Ep. #11 - Jacob Bozarth - Resonate Recordings
  • Ep. #10 - Michelle Basch - Host of Going Under
  • Ep. #9 - Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick
  • Ep. #8 - Jill and Allison - Olympic Fever
  • Ep. #7 - NPR's Bryan Moffett
    Podcast Business Journal Editorial Director Ed Ryan interviews NPR's Bryan Moffett about the release of NPR's measurement technology called RAD.