Mike, Dave, and JoeMusic
Mike, Dave, and JoeMusic
Mike, Dave, and JoeMusic
Mike, Dave, and JoeMusic


Tabs Out is an all cassette podcast with a focus on experimental music and cassette culture.

  • Episode #191 | 8.12.23
    Id M Theft Able, Ivan Cunningham’s Freedom Pie, Lorenz/Reis, Averse Reaction, Angels, Traysh, Lucas Abela, Rully Shabara, Ramberto Agozalie, Smokedog, WUUUN, and a visit from Michael Potter
  • Episode #190 | 7.5.23
    Hole Dweller, Delaware Dan, Night Sky Body, Clang Quartet, The OT X-TET, Decade in Exile, Clan of the Cave Bear, and Anteater
  • Episode #189 | 5.30.23
    Kouns & Weaver, Mid Air!, Acid Mothers Temple, Charles Barabé, Luurel Varas, Pumpkin Witch, Another Dark December, Alex Jacobsen, Wide Color, Mallwalker, and a visit from Liz and Dwight from Crash Symbols
  • Episode #188 | 4.25.23
    Sombre Arcane, Eugene The Oceanographer, Alehoof, Deerhoof, Swamp-Ass, Potpourri Chartreuse Roulette, Therapissed., Erythrite Throne, Bad Trips, Cheree, and a call in from Nicholas of Weregnome Records
  • Episode #187 | 3.20.23
    Virgin Flower, Eniks Cave, Tim Gick, Morgan Garrett, The Electric Nature, Davide Cedolin, Heejin Jang, Sensational x The Dirty Sample, Chikiss, Swamp Horse, and Dan of Earth
  • Episode #186 | 2.24.23
    Hyphyskazerbox, Mid-Air!, L0-Tek Larry, Cocaine Apartments, Erang, Sungod, Skin Prisoner, German Army, Nick Stevens, Midnight Minds, N. Herztberg, Mustat Kalsarit, Snitz, “Another Minute” C1 compilation
  • Episode #185 | 1.24.23
    SynthFreq, Assorted Potions, Retrogoblin, Sandcastle, Queimada, Gnoll, Shayna Dunkelman & Javier Areal Vélez, Heroic Viking, Desolation Plains, Matthew Ryals, Meadow Argus, Mildred Bonk, and a visit from Nick Wolff of Old Stories
  • Episode #184 | 1.1.23
    End of year episode where we determine the top 200 tapes of 2022. Guests include Matt and Jen of Astral Editions, Peter of FTAM, Eamon of Strategic Tape Reserve, also joined remotely by Matty and Ryan. Played tracks by: Tim Thorton (4), Shells, claire rousay and more eaze, five Bubble criteria, Suncarcass, Desolation Plains, The Soft Pink Truth, Jeff Tobias, Heta Bilaletdin, Bardo Todol, and Moth Cock.
  • Episode #183 | 11.26.22
    Nirvana(1), Jeanne Vomit-Terror, Nose Bled, Synth Bard, Warren Enström, YlangYlang, Bastard Noise & Merzbow, City of Caterpillar, T.J. Borden, Himukalt, Weyes Blood, and Lou Reed.
  • Episode #182 | 10.10.22
    Bitchin Bajas, Yuckmouf., Programmed Hatred, Alex Homan, Barak Tor, Nunn, burnt-feathers, Anonymous Skull, Blank Thomas, Earth Logoff, and a call from our lawyer Delaware Dan.
  • Episode #181 | 7.31.22
    Maxwell Allison from Hausu Mountain stops by to celebrate 10 years of running the label. Plus tapes! SMOLYYAAN DRIPP, Daedelus, Snake Eggs, E+RO=3, Ted Reichman, Cole Pulice & Nat Harvie, Radiator Greys, Piper Greys, Black Hat, and Wobbly
  • Episode #180 | 7.3.22
    Adam Void, Urbanfailure, n o a h s t a s, Cabo Boing, Jeremiah Cymerman & John McCowen, Cecilia Lopez & Joe Moffett, Paradot, German Army, Catarrh Nisin vs. 6v9id, and Swordman Kitala
  • Episode #179 | 6.5.22
    Aaron Dilloway, Elementals’ Orrery, Gus Callahan, M.C. Schmidt, :RAH:, Bardo Todol, Ben Wheeler, Gnoll, and Andreas Brandal
  • Episode #178 | 5.5.22
    JThe Center for Understanding New Trigonometries, Problems, Joys Union Group, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson / Andy Heck Boyd, the Bran (Another Plight Of Medic's...) Pos, Zekarias Thompson, Shoeb Ahmad, plus tapes and a visit from C. Reider
  • Episode #177 | 3.13.22
    Jen Powers and Matt Rolin stop by to talk about taking over Astral Editions. Plus tapes from Bataille Solaire, Shredded Nerve, Blind Date, bleed Air, Bang! Bros, Ohyung, Carol Genetti & claire rousay, J.R. Bohannon, and Montgomery and Turner
  • Episode #176 | 3.26.22
    Bulbils, YAI, Budokan Boys, Jason Crumer, Kobold, Andrea Pensado, Peter Compo, Grimdor, Lexagon, and Marc Merza.
  • Episode #175 | 3.3.22
    Dear Laika, Stress Orphan, Forbes Graham, Caveman Coming, Jackson VanHorn, Imaginary Softwoods, Modern Lamps, Longmont Potion Castle, Avant-Bird, Two Dads Two Sons Emoji, Kaorinite, and a visit from Marsha Fisher of Gay Hippie Vampire/Activated Skeleton
  • Episode #174 | 2.13.22
    Drafting, PBK & C Reider, -otron, Chaperone, La Roche, Yassine Ould Nana, Vitalis/Computer, SW1n-Hunter, CC Sorensen, Maya Weeks, Aaron Oppenheim, and a visit from Andrew Weathers of Full Spectrum Records
  • Episode #173 | 12.19.21
    We close out the year with a little help from Angel Marcloid, Ryley Walker, Rachel & Grant Evans (Hooker Vision), Tim Thornton (Suite 309/Tiger Village), Headboggle, and Mike Nigro (Oxtail Recordings). Tracks by Fire-Toolz, ΜΜΜΔ & ALEM, Tiger Village, DIDA, Steve Gunn and Ryley Walker, Sparkling Wide Pressure, Bitchin Bajas, Headboggle, and Bastian Void
  • Episode #172 | 10.17.21
    Feminazgul, Paq, Raymond Cummings, Zack Dolin, John Carlini, Low, Jeanne Vomit-Terror, Suryummy, Ray Monde & J. Novick, Dok-s Project, Mistletoe, Fire-Toolz, Omni Gardens, SiP.