Two's Complement
Ben Rady and Matt Godbolt

If you come to a fork in the road, take it! Two’s Complement is a programming podcast, hosted by Matt Godbolt and Ben Rady; two programmers who both grew up wanting to make video games. One of them did, one of them didn’t, but now they both work together despite coming from very different backgrounds.

Ben and Matt stop talking about testing, and everyone is relieved. Matt describes the process for reverse engineering microchips by stripping off layers of silicon to look at the transistors with a microscope. With this forbidden knowledge, he explains how to defeat the copy protection on a childhood video game. Ben pretends like he understands.

Ben and Matt trick another live human being into joining them on the podcast. Clare Macrae [] joins to talk about her work with approval testing, her experiences dealing with legacy Fortran and C++ code, and an upcoming Webinar she's doing on refactoring-to-testability using CLion.

Matt and Ben discuss whether the city of Portland exists, and decide they don't care. Ben argues that you should test your code manually. Matt talks about when government regulators made him build an observable system, and how great it was. Really, it was great!

Our first guest! We speak with James Grenning about his work (re)building embedded systems using Test Driven Development. Then we ask James about his involvement with the creation of the Agile Manifesto in Feburary of 2001, and find out how 'Agile' has changed over the last 20 years.

Matt and Ben talk about the eXtreme Programming engineering practices, such as Test Driven Development, and how to apply them in C++. Matt tests a widget and some grommets. Ben complains about slow build times.

Matt and Ben talk about how their careers were on the same path in the late 90's, but then diverged at a critical juncture. Then they talk about automated testing. Ben gets out his soapbox. Matt is a kind, patient soul.