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Jackie ParrySports, Leisure


Practical, entertaining and informative stories. From adventures around the globe on a small boat to practical tips and advice from international commercial and recreational sailors.

  • Jeanne Socrates - sailing record holder Part 3
    Find out what the oldest person to traverse the 5 great capes thinks about knockdowns, potatoes, and onions What’s next for Jeanne? Find out here.
  • Jeanne Socrates - sailing record holder Part 2
    This is PART TWO OF THREE Jeanne Socrates talks about her set up on board, changing an injector underway and preparing for single-handing passages. She’s been upside-down fixing autopilot and plans for all emergencies. She asks the pertinent questions
  • Jeanne Socrates - sailing record holder Part 1
    Part one. (Part two and three to follow). If you'd like to watch the interview - copy and past this link into your browser (for the video) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2P-xVjWOw8 Jeanne shares some of her achievements and the story of her Austr
  • Lisa Blair Record Breaking Antarctica Attempt PART TWO
    We chat with Lisa as she hurtles around Antarctica setting a new record. She’s approaching Cape Horn… find out how she is coping and preparing for three forthcoming storms, and icebergs!
  • We chat to Lisa Blair as she hurtles around Antarctica PART ONE
    We chat with Lisa as she hurtles around Antarctica setting a new record. She’s approaching Cape Horn… find out how she is coping and preparing for three forthcoming storms, and icebergs!
  • Flopper Stopper in a Flap
    Right! All you blokes pay attention. Sheilas turn the page (or press pause!) .... or if you could wait a little while - cause this one is for the emasculated males. Last night we had a barney - of course, I was right like all good males invariably are.
  • Distil the Essence of Sailing
    Sailing oceans is not like a plane or car ride. Nothing is certain except a vast puddle of water and a great stretch of sky. The days pass, measured not in hours but in distance. It’s dynamic, fantastic, and petrifying all at the same time. There is rarel
  • Costa Rica's Little Gem Isle de Cocos
    An unplanned stop at the unwelcoming Isle de Cocos revealed a little gem. With imperative repairs, and stuck in the vortex of fickle winds and currents, we made way to the nearest safe haven, Isle de Cocos. Cruising boats aren't permitted to stop here.
  • Visit San Diego: War Ships, War Cries and Wannabes
    Join us in San Diego, from the Police Dock to Marina, and where I set up an office in the laundry. We put our guests to work on the Aries Wind Vane and anchor chain. And we made time to explore.
  • Visit Las Perlas with us onboard our sailboat
    For many reasons we had a sad farewell from Ecuador, heading for Las Perlas. On the way, we suffered equipment failure and gale-force winds, which meant we turned our bows elsewhere and explored a new destination. Come with us and visit Las Perals with us
  • Join us in Diverse San Francisco with (near) Calamities in California
    It crept stealthily, silently blanketing everything in its path. It looked soft, but I knew the secrets it hid and the dangers that lurked beneath its cotton wool subterfuge. No, I am not writing a script for a tacky horror movie, I’m talking about the fo
  • A Trip to Niue - A Jewel in the Pacific Ocean
    Niue is a country in its own right. The small island sits like a gem set in a gold of ocean. Situated approximately 230 nautical miles directly east of Tonga and 672 nautical miles east of Suva in Fiji, it creates a welcome rest sailing between Palmersto
  • Futile Thoughts, Towing traumas and Exploding Toms
    Itching to leave the States, ditch the mobile phone and collect more great sensual experiences we turned our bows toward Mexico. Coasting south we viewed jagged rocks standing tall and proud, lining white sugar beaches that are randomly scattered between
  • Angels, Goats, and Eloquence, in Aitutaki
    “Kia Orana - may you live long”, she adds, “enjoy the show and help yourselves”, comes the offer. “Only polite to do what the host asks!” The magic of Aitutaki, find out what I wanted to help myself to!
  • Sailing the World - Panama Canal Experience
    A shroud of mystery envelopes the modus operandi for traversing the Panama Canal. Gossip, rumour, and dare I say, a little tittle-tattle gave the crew of Mariah II some serious forehead creases as we approached the infamous isthmus.
  • Sailing the World - San Blas
    The level of tranquility of the San Blas Islands was a surprise. With the warm and fun welcome from locals, pristine beaches respected by the few that visit, the San Blas have a special place in our hearts.
  • The Essential Cruising Peacemaker
    Jackie was convinced I was a raving lunatic in need of sleep and external restraints; preferably off the boat and furthermore at a considerable distance from her very fair self. Imagine my shock, my horror, to find that my dearest thinks my keen judgement
  • Precision Performance by Marine Police and Volunteers
    “He’s lost at sea and unwell?” “The information we have,” the clipped, efficient tones state, “he is 55 years old, in a four metre tinnie. He has diabetes and rang his wife from a mobile at 7.15 am to say he felt ill. That’s four hours ago, the mobil
  • Being a Licenced Captain Carries a Heavy Responsibility
    ‘Turning back’ are two words that as a sailor do not bother me. But I have come across a startling number of sailors who would not consider this an option. To me, (and the crew of West Wind), the decision to turn back was the brave decision. It is a su
  • Tantalizing Tahiti - A circumnavigation of an Island
    In the 18th century, Cook was sent to Tahiti to study the planet Venus, Bligh has sailed to these striking shores. Robert Louis Stevenson’s father designed the lighthouse that proudly sits on Venus Point, while Mr Stevenson junior wrote the inspiring stor