Forehead Fables
General Sam

I made this podcast to get women. It hasn't worked.

We got everyone from the Gamer Hole podcast on except for half of them, but good luck hearing anyone because this one is a mess.

music funny man plays entire soundtrack of bwade runner

The first of many, I'm sure.

This episode gets a little spooky

No guest. Only forehead. 

if these guests get any more famous we're gonna have to get someone on here that people actually care about

we let the guest speak once or twice

This one goes out to all the Christorians

It's not actually a mystery, Poob just tries to pull a fast one. Charborg makes his return to the podcast.

Special guest Omid on this wrapper crinkling filled episode. Blame Bryan.

Basically 2 hours of him explaining the various techniques he uses to poop in his pants.

We went elbow deep on the gamer hole and all we found was this homeless guy

The boys ambush Poob with fancy suits and business jargon

One of our moistest episodes yet. This is really a visual one so you probably should just go watch it on the main channel.

POOB IS BACK. He probably wishes he wasn't.

It was a long time coming but we finally got us a Misfit.

After months of harassing Sam & Bryan about his infatuation with Spoonkid, Sam invites him onto the podcast so Poob can finally meet his hero.

Two hours of a man struggling to breathe while his co-hosts watch on in horror.

After months of in-fighting, the boys find a therapist to try and mend their relationship.

this is the one where aqua hecked up his audio recording so you guys get to hear him through my discord channel.